University suspends six football players alleged to have sent hateful tweets -

University suspends six football players alleged to have sent hateful tweets


HALIFAX – Saint Mary’s University says it has suspended six members of its football team for allegedly tweeting messages of hate, racism and sexual violence.

The move comes after an online publication produced by students at the University of King’s College School of Journalism cited a number of tweets from accounts it said belonged to members of the football team.

A spokesman for Saint Mary’s University said Monday that officials have spoken to the football players and are trying to confirm if they sent the tweets as reported in UNews.

Steve Proctor said if a player denies he sent the tweet, the university will conduct an investigation.

“We’ve told them they are suspended,” Proctor said.

“If they’re denying that it’s their posting, then we’ll go back and we’ll say, ‘Let’s look and see what the evidence is.'”

Proctor said the university may also decide to impose further academic discipline.

David Gauthier, the university’s academic and research vice-president, said in a news release the tweets aren’t consistent with the school’s values, calling them “completely inappropriate and unacceptable.”

One of the tweets quoted by UNews said: “to that b**ch that bit me last night. Hope your dead in a ditch. you are scum.”

Another tweet included an offensive term for gays.

The university attracted national attention last September over a student-led chant that glorified sex with underage girls.

In December, the university endorsed a report from an independent council that contained 20 recommendations on cultural changes to prevent sexual violence and inspire respectful behaviour and a safe learning environment at the school.

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University suspends six football players alleged to have sent hateful tweets

  1. As a former student of St. Mary’s University…..I must admit to being somewhat confused with the attention being paid to a bunch of Jocks who use colourful language in their tweets. What is being investigated really? The fact that young men say and do stupid things, or the fact that young men are saying the wrong stupid things? As anyone who’s ever attended University in Canada can tell you………free speech died a long time ago in Canada’s institutes of higher learning….unless of course, you speak freely about those issues approved by the various lefty groups on campus.
    In fact, I recall reporting a group of students who thought 9/11 was just great……and the University Admin’s told me to basically shut up about it…..because the students in question were exchange students, and they were now entitled to free speech in Canada.
    I recall the posters in the men’s room; placed there by the women’s groups, which showed a picture of a man’s hand, wrapped around a mug of beer, with the caption, “This is where rape begins”………….
    Strange, I thought a hand around a mug of beer should have read, “This is where the guys get together and watch the game”
    Again, nothing was done about it…..
    We had speakers from the national Action committee on the status of women invade the main cafeteria in the student lounge, and they started spouting off at the men and calllig us all rapists and misogynists. They warned all the women present that 70 % of them would be victims of sexual assault, and that the only true love that a women could find…..was with another woman.
    Of course, me…..being me, started to heckle them and ask where they got their statistics. They didn’t like that, and I was the one who was told to leave.
    Yeah……..have some students cheer terrorism…that’s fine. Have some groups put up posters insinuating that all men are rapists once they get a beer in their hand…that’s just fine. Have some feminist nut-jobs of the lesbian persuasion come to the campus and try to recruit more members by calling all men rapists and misogynists….and that’s just fine.
    Make a couple of ill-considered, and offensive tweets that didn’t really hurt anyone…and it’s off with their heads.

    • So I guess if the b*tch in question was your wife, mother, daughter, or any other female member of your family it would be okay then…

      • The only thing I can say about this is there are some men in this world would make your mouth your downfall if you say that to any woman in my world or their!!

        • Hmm…..
          I think I know what you’re saying….and I think you know what you THINK you’re saying……
          But what you wrote……isn’t saying that.

          • Well let me say like this:”if you call any women in my circle , my mother,daughter,sister,aunt or any women in area of this circle then you will feel my anger!!!

          • Ok……you’re still not quite there, but I admire the effort.
            That being said, I will agree with the general premise of your post. I was raised the “old fashioned” way myself. Hold doors, never hit, always defend / protect, and don’t swear in front of them.
            And it shouldn’t matter what “circle” they are in… applies to them all.

      • I never once said it was okay, nor do I condone what they tweeted. I just think it is an over-reaction to suspend, or otherwise penalize, given the other activities that go on at many Canadian Universities.
        My point was about the double standard.

    • Did you learn grammar, punctuation and when to capitalize words at St. Mary’s? Because if you did, the school really has worse problems than hateful Tweets.

      • There is a difference between a paper for the prof….and an online forum.

        • Sure, a paper for a prof would be more formal. But even on an online forum random numbers of….periods…..for no reason and Capitalizing Words that You’re not supposed To capitalize makes you look stupid.

          • Not to mention apostrophe’s when you’re supposed to pluralized. For most people with a university education, these things would be habits. Not you.

          • ignoranus!!

          • Hmmm…..I thought about what you said…and I DON’t reAllY care.
            If you find it displeasing to the eye, then by all means, don’t read my posts.

          • Good for you! You’re a big boy, you can do what you want, just because the English language is written one way doesn’t mean you have to write it like that! Doesn’t mean you didn’t go to a failure of a university.

    • Well this just show how some men can be dumb,which is nothing new in my line of work,beside some men just don’t don’t get it until you get on their case,beside some of them will soon learn that if you do wrong you will pay for it down the road of life.

      • Again, I think I know what you are saying….and I think I agree with the premise of what you’re saying.
        I just don’t think it is the job of a University department to punish folks who abuse their freedom of speech….because based upon what is happening, it is clear freedom of speech doens’t apply on Canadian campuses.

    • I don’t see where kicking a sad bunch of ignorant clowns off a football team, even at St. Mary’s is a free speech issue.

      • They are getting kicked off the team for “speeching” Selena… is it NOT a free speech issue.
        Particularly when some of the speech that goes on at various Universities is far more insidious than what these dolts tweeted.
        Again, the censors only recognize free speech when it suits them….for anyone else…..not so much.
        That being said, when I was a student at St. Mary’s….the football players actually were, for the most part…….ignorant clowns. On that we agree.

        • I bet you wouldn’t say that to their faces :)
          Seriously though, sure, take away their jock-straps, but national news ? this is NOT.
          by showing the “tweet-police” of the university admins are doing their job is just plain silly, and a waste of university resources -of which they already waste enough of.