Vancouver 2010: Dude, that torch looks a lot like…

Bombardier will construct 12,000 Olympic torches—one for each of the torchbearers


Olympic TorchCanada’s 2010 Olympic torch—unveiled with great fanfare Thursday morning in Whistler—is white, and wavy and impressively long—“inspired by both the lines carved into the snow by skiers shushing down the mountains and the undulating beauty of the snowy Canadian landscape,” says the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC). Although not noted in the news release, the torch reflects another key aspect of the Whistler-Vancouver way of life, as an astute scribe from Sun Media noted: “When lit,” writes Bob Macklin, “it will resemble a giant marijuana cigarette.”

Holy Regabliati! An epic fattie. Is this part of the plan—along with all those out-there sports like ski and boarder cross—to appeal to the new generation of Olympic fans? Note to Michael Phelps: come north, dude, it’s time to embrace winter sports.

In any event, it’s a torch rolled full of great meaning, released exactly one year to the day before it will spark the Olympic cauldron at B.C. Place during the Games’ opening ceremonies. “The Vancouver 2010 torch design is like Canada,” Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee said in Whistler Thursday, “young, exciting, innovative and welcoming to everyone who sees and holds it.” The stainless steel and aluminum shell is decorated with a red maple leaf cut out and engraved with the Games motto: “With Glowing Hearts/Des plus brillants exploits.” It was designed by Bombardier, which will construct 12,000, one for each of the torchbearers who will carry the flame 45,000-km journey through more than 1,000 communities in most every reach from the country. It will even reach as far as Canadian Forces Station Alert, less than 900 km from the North Pole. For that reason, Bombardier designed it to operate in rain, sleet, snow, wind and in temperatures as low as -50 C.

Canadians can apply to carry the flame through programs run by Coca-Cola and RBC—joint sponsors of the torch run. Applications can be made here and here.

The striking white, blue and green torchbearer uniforms, which each participant gets to keep, were created by fashion designers Vivienne Lu and Tu Ly for the Hudson’s Bay Company. They are set off nicely with a pair of red wool mitts—inspired by “classic homemade Canadiana and the knitting skills of grandmothers across this country.” A white maple leaf is knitted into the palms, “visible to the crowds when the torchbearers wave.” Whoa, these guys think of everything.


Vancouver 2010: Dude, that torch looks a lot like…

  1. RBC’s done a great job promoting the Olympic Torch. Awesome ads with their brand character running across the country with all the torchbearers. Check out their site: rbc.com/carrythetorch

  2. Am I ever looking forward to the games … most especially as they are in my neck of the woods here … where ” The Rock Meets The Water “!

  3. WOW… awesome uniform! Tu Ly has done an amazing job again this year! Congratulations!

  4. Holy cow, it is a giant doobie.

    Too cool.

  5. A country of stoners running around in hazmat suits… awesome.

  6. Not to spoil the mood but is there any other possible way the feds can pump money to Quebec. I thought Bombardier made snowmobiles, planes and trains, all heavily subsidized by the taxpayers from the ROC. I wonder how much 12,000 of those phallic/dube symbols cost? Cheers.

  7. Not funny. This is almost as embarrassing as our drunken premier’s face in all the newspapers.

  8. Never mind the torch as Metro and 24 Canada’s Olympic Network as Good & Martin give the Olympics an offical send off with the Olympic Logo in the backgound that is made out of stone that very closely resembles a crucifix. Kinda fitting in a way as its said the Olympics is going to be the death of the poor and its doing a pretty good job of it. As kids in BC are forced to the streets to sell their souls for survival as BC receives failing grades for the worst treatment of Children in the country and this is five years in a row and is no doubt why another child dies only last week.

    • I just love the gushing comments how the olympic torch will “touch every family, every child in the Country”. What a pile of BS. The only thing every family will be touched by is the enormous bill for security and interest on over priced loans on venues that cost five times origional estimate. All the money and most of the work was done during the “good times” and is now not available to be spent as part of the stimulis package during the coming depression. Cheers.

  9. A sad waste of money. I guess this is what this country now stands for. Glitz before poverty. Hope someday all those involved the olympics go hungary.

    • Don’t hold your breath. Those snake oil salesmen and Ponzi scam artists have likely already run out the back door with suitcases full of money and will be trolling around looking for the next townload of rubes and suckers to prey on. God, will people ever learn. We just finished paying for the Montreal Olympic fiasco when we were “awarded” these games. Will likely take longer to pay off this spectacle. About the only thing Halifax has done right in the last number of years was pull the pin on the Commonwealth games when the price balloned to 2.3 billion from origional estimates of 500 mill. One lone man got on the internet, did some research and embarrest the hell out of the local politicians and we bailed before it was too late.

  10. Looking at that torch, for some reason, makes me wonder how the Jamaican Bobsled Team will fare in competition.

  11. Naw, too flat on the sides to resemble a doobie. They resemble cricket bats more than a joint.
    Whoever first stated that is just trying to stir-up controversy. Next thing they'll be saying is the "Lookout" is a dead ringer for the Jetson's house…oh, wait… it is!

  12. Just controversy and hype. The torches looked fine and were quite stylistic in my mind.

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