Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson urges Rob Ford to step away from limelight


VANCOUVER – Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is advising embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to step out of the media glare.

Robertson said it would be best if Ford gets out of the limelight, when he was asked for his opinion by reporters during an unrelated media conference on Wednesday,

Robertson said it is up to the Ontario government now to take any action to empower Toronto’s city council to deal with the spectacle created by Ford.

Ford, who admitted to smoking crack cocaine after months of denying it, was stripped of most of his mayoral powers earlier this week by his fellow councillors.

Robertson said it’s unlikely a similar situation would occur on the West Coast, and the drama surrounding Ford has not distracted the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Big City Mayors’ Caucus from its advocacy work.

Still, Robertson advises his Toronto counterpart to “do the right thing.”

“I think the sooner that the issue is resolved, and Mr. Ford steps out of the limelight, the better for Toronto and the better for Canadian cities,” Robertson says.

“It’s been a really difficult chapter and I think Mayor Ford needs to do the right thing. He’s getting a lot of signals to that effect, and I think that will serve his city and our country.”


Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson urges Rob Ford to step away from limelight

  1. The thing about Rob Ford is, he’s got to keep upping the ante. he can’t back down at a time like this. That would be anti-climactic.

    This whole thing began with a shock. Gawker failed to buy the video and it looked like it was lost for all time. Then, everything started to escalate. And each time, Rob Ford has kicked it up a notch. He’s escalated the situation with ever more outrageous behavior.

    If he backs out now, everyone will declare him a has-been, a once-was scandal that nobody wants to talk about anymore. He’s perilously close to obscurity. Even Jon Stewart has declared him “over-exposed”.

    Now, Rob Ford has to blow this whole thing out of the water as hard as he can. He’s got to do something so over-the-top that people can’t ignore him any longer.

    Your next poll should be open-ended. “What Should Rob Ford Do Next?”

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