Video: Justin Trudeau on why he wasn't going to run -

Video: Justin Trudeau on why he wasn’t going to run

The Liberal frontrunner reveals what ultimately changed his mind




Video: Justin Trudeau on why he wasn’t going to run

  1. How exciting did you get to touch “The Ones” hair??

  2. Trudreamy : )

    • Ah, see, you’re half way there already. :)

      • Oh no, do not even get me started about this. Let’s get ready for the coronation of Trudreamy, sigh!

        • I thought we wanted a clean race, no “coronation”s.

          • As of yesterday I would have thought it was an unfair coronation, today if McGuinty rumors are true it will be a race.

          • McGuinty rumors are untrue.

          • Dunno about that, I guess we will see what happens, the LPC is clearly divided on the coronation so they need someone willing to take on Justin.

          • Thing is, the guy even said so himself a gazillion times. “I am not going to run,” and “The party needs some new blood.”

            Don’t tell me the rumors about him are more believable than his very own words.

          • Trudeau said the same thing over and over again, they all do, that’s politicians for you ; )

            So no, I don’t take his word for until the fat lady sings.

    • You’re in love.

      • Oh God no, I am being sarcastic! : )

        • That’s what anyone in love says.

          • Haha DO NOT get me started : )

          • Started about what?

          • Seriously. Started about what?!! Tell me the answer now.

          • About why is so wrong for him to run for the leadership. It’s unfortunate the LPC are supporting this, although I’ve heard not everyone is happy with this.

          • Has there ever been a leadership race where everyone is happy with the outcome?