Video: Thomas Farr on why faith has a place in foreign policy

Religious freedom is essential to stabilizing struggling democracies


Thomas Farr is the director of the Project on Religious Freedom at Georgetown’s Centre for Religion, Peace and World Affairs. He also contributes to the Washington Post‘s “On Faith” blog.

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Video: Thomas Farr on why faith has a place in foreign policy

  1. Unsupportable conclusions and a paternalistic attitude seem to be a mainstay of the “pro” side in the office of religious freedoms debate.

    So far two stupid articles in favour, one decent article against. 

  2. I am afraid the Professor Farr is perpetuating a major part of the problem with the Office of Religious Freedom (OFR) in the U.S. and its developing mirror in Canada. He alludes to the need to present the case for religious freedom to all states, but does not recognize that in many of the states he criticizes, atheists suffer just as much as religious people do. Oh, I know he may argue that he is including atheists in the concept of religious freedom, not an unreasonable concept in itself, but he never mentions non believers except in that vague implied context.

    The Canadian government will just follow the U.S. down a religious path  unless it recognizes and includes non-believers’ rights on an equal basis with religious rights beginning with renaming the OFR to something inclusive of non-believers; for example, Office of Freedom of Conscience or Office of Philosophical Freedom.

    Until then, the OFR is nothing more than a political play for votes from the Conservative base.

    Doug Thomas
    President, Secular Connexion Séculaire

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