Video: Toronto gets loud and proud for WorldPride

In the Church and Wellesley village, a celebration from all over the world


CityNews reporter Natalie Duddridge set up in the Church and Wellesley village to speak with people from around the world celebrating WorldPride in Toronto.

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Video: Toronto gets loud and proud for WorldPride

  1. Great.

    So along with the naked dudes groping each other, and topless Lesbians flouting under-arm hair, we’ll also be blessed with a virulent display of gay anti-semites.

    Ah well….at least the tax-money poured into this event means everyone is included. Unless of course you happen to be Jewish.

  2. …talkin’ ’bout “Loud n Proud”,
    why is it that Macleans sucks so bad with this horrible blogger, -it’s nuthin’ but a trackin Ad, it’s pretty disgusting.
    One minute you have an account, and the next minute, they want your facebook, gmail, …. account logins, … wtf ?

    hey Paul, how do you like this crap?, besides that nobody else does ?
    I dunno, I guess “sniffers” will always be paid sniffers.

    Macleans sucks.

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