WikiLeaks imitator QuebecLeaks launches in ‘la belle province’

All that’s missing are the government secrets


In a bid to jump-start his government’s sagging popularity, Quebec Premier Jean Charest inaugurated a new legislative session last week with a sweeping speech that included everything from a promise to deliver better English-language education to gloating about the international success of local artists like Arcade Fire and filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. But on the two topics atop most Quebecers’ minds—ongoing calls for an inquiry into corruption and the future of shale gas developments—the premier devoted next to no attention. That’s where QuebecLeaks.org, a new Quebec-focused WikiLeaks imitator, hopes to come in.

By its official March 9 launch, the whistle-blower clearing house hopes to have the type of sensitive documents that could pressure Charest’s government on any number of issues. “Our objective,” the site’s mission statement reads, “is to achieve complete transparency on the part of the Quebec government. There’s too much collusion, too much corruption, and too little action.”

Though currently accepting submissions—in a Feb. 25 Twitter post, QuebecLeaks admitted it had yet to land a big scoop—little is known about the people (or person) behind QuebecLeaks. But Québec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir hopes the website’s revelations will eventually make it impossible for the Liberals to keep resisting calls for an inquiry into alleged corruption. “Every new revelation,” he says, “undermines even the most  skilled politician’s ability to recover from these attacks.”

With his party trailing badly in the polls—the latest CROP survey shows the Parti Québécois with a 13-point lead on the Liberals—Charest was already facing the difficult job of righting the provincial Liberal party ship this spring. The last thing he needs is to spend the next few months plugging leaks.


WikiLeaks imitator QuebecLeaks launches in ‘la belle province’

  1. Quebec has not been a belle province since Trudeau took command of Canada and will never be the same again.

  2. Let him leak the complete hate and discrimination Bill 101 for the world to see and the racist reasons for its existance. He is breaking the law in Quebec by his naming it quebec leaks as no English names are allowed.

  3. bravo for Quebec! too many of our polititians are liars or , even worse, corrupt.While the Supreme Court condons the lying by polititians, it is unethical and insulting to the voter. on what basis is he to judge a parties platform if it can be changed at the whim of the now for four years ensconsed polititians. lets face it,- we bring a party to power whose leader then becomes de facto a dictator; just look at Harper!
    the only defense against this abuse of our democratic system are people in the know that tell us when we are being lied to by our elected government officials and their staff. institutions such as Leakypedia are a valuable tool to get to the bottom of things in a corrupt government. we should applaud any individual or organisation that helps to keep us informed and the government more honest. the media has failed us grossly in that respect , having themselves reduced to the lapdogs of the polititians. it is time for change!!

    • Quebec has always enjoyed de facto sovereignty; otherwise, we wouldn't be French, if the Anglos had their way. The result has been at least two provincial dictators since WWII: Maurice du Plessis during the Fifties and Jean LeSage during the Sixties.
      Democracy in Quebec was probably better served when Robert Bourassa, the Premier during the October Crisis, had to cry out like a damsel in distress for the federal government to send in troops. Bourassa was no great dictator, unless you want to compare Trudeau to a Hitler riding to the rescue of Mussolini after the Italian partisans ousted il Duce during WWII.
      We Quebeckers have always been more like the Italians than the Germans, however. Just like Silvio Berlusconi is resisting calls for his resignation after being caught practically in flagrante dilecto with teenage strippers, Jean Charest ignores calls for inquiries into corruption and shale gas developments. In the end, government is about garbage collection and making the trains run on time, right?
      At least Eliot had a soul. Many of us remember him saying "Just watch me" when the journalist asked him what he was going to be about the murder of Pierre LaPorte. But he also said before that, "Pierre LaPorte was my friend."

  4. Le plus il change des choses, le plus ils restent même.

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