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We are Ford Nation

How the world sees Canada now


Craig Robertson / Toronto Sun / QMI Agency

So admittedly Canada doesn’t get much press in the world.  On the scale of countries with news to report, the Great White North ranks somewhere around Guam and Togo. That’s not to say there aren’t important stories unfolding in Canada—the tar sands, the northwest passage, Aboriginal issues, to name a few—but when it comes to the international news sections of the world’s press, Canada barely registers a blip (one exception being Al Jazeera’s in-depth coverage of the education crisis among First Nations).

That’s probably a good thing.  Deep down, most Canadians (myself included) secretly relish the cliché pegging us as nice, unobtrusive, if somewhat passive aggressive yokels. Hey, we’re the guys at the party everyone likes but the next day no one remembers, and that’s okay.

That used to be true.  Until Rob Ford.

Now, all is Ford Nation, and not in the sense Torontonians understand it. Canada is Ford Nation. We party, hard. We’re pink-faced, rotund, and sniffing or smoking or guzzling one drug or another. We stumble through the streets and say all the wrong things at all the wrong times. We’re the guy at the party everyone wishes would just leave and no one ever invites back.

Maybe this is just what Canada needs to shatter the nice-guy cliché. Canadian forces were lambasted in Afghanistan for being too soft on the Taliban in Kandahar. I argued instead that the soft approach was working, that winning over the local population was the only way to make the Taliban irrelevant over the long term. Our American and British allies saw things differently.

If only Rob Ford had been around then. Maybe he could have smoked enough hash and opium with Taliban fighters to lull them into submission, or ranted enough to at least make it look like Canadians are not so nice after all.

Too late for that, sadly. But the image of naïve innocence Canadians have inspired internationally for so many years is fraying. We are badass now, though not so much in the Clint Eastwood sense; more Chris Farley, minus the witty repartee.

And we’re making headlines, finally. I was in Islamabad a couple of weeks ago. My Pakistani friends thanked me, as a Canadian, for giving them some welcome distraction from all the domestic troubles they have to read about every day. “That Ford character,” one of them said over dinner, “paint him brown and he could be a Pakistani superstar.”

I’m in Kabul now. Afghans, thankfully, are less in touch with scandals in Canada than their Pakistani neighbours. But the Ford fiasco has made its mark here as well. Over dinner last week I told some international aid worker friends that I’d brought a bottle of maple syrup with me and suggested a pancake brunch to celebrate.

“Pure, 100% Canadian,” I said.

One of them looked at me and jibed, “Fantastic! Is the crack included?”

Thank you, Mr. Ford, for putting Canada on the map.



We are Ford Nation

  1. Dear Fraud Nation:

    I have opposed Mayor Fraud ever since he declared that funding AIDS programs was unnecessary, because he thinks only gay people can get it, and he isn’t going to waste money saving the lives of faggots like myself. However, when I’ve stated my opposition at various points along the way of this train wreck you call a mayor, I would occasionally get some raving lunatic posting the words TORONTO STAR in all caps, believing that that newspaper had such a vendetta against the man they endorsed for mayor that they would invent me.

    Nope. I don’t work for the Star. And it’s not just the Star that’s been talking about your beloved mayor. Jon Stewart’s been on this story as long as the Star has, and Fraud Nation is now famous from Belfast to Bombay. The Tea Party of the North has turned T.O. into the laughingstock of the world.

    And it does appear that guys like me that your mayor intended to kill through neglect- because you dont think my life is worth spending the money to preserve- are laughing last.


    • This comment was deleted.

      • Not before Ford’s heart gives out. Overweight, substance abuse, stressful job, yep, that’s a hat trick!

        • Classy, like barbara amiel…trash

          • I’m not the one trying to kill my heart. That’s Ford. I’m just pointing out a simple fact, that Ford is on a one way course to a massive heart attack. Assuming he doesn’t OD, first.

          • Let’s highlight that word; massive.

    • Steven harper is the most evil man in canada. He has destroyd our international reputation beyond repair. Canada went from the good guys to usa 2.0. Ford couldn’t hold a candle to the damage harper has done.

      • It’s Stephen with a “ph” Lawyers, doctors, Phds and other elitists will use”ph” Actors, singers, writers will use the”v”. regular hard working folks named “Steve” spell it with a “v”

        • Does Harper’s PH make him any more acidic than he woudl be if he spelled in with a V?

          • No, it makes him more base.

      • I agree. Canada before Harper had a reputation for leading the world in terms of human rights and environmental justice. Before Harper, Transparency International consistently rated Canada as one of the least corrupt nations in the world.

        But it’s not fair to claim that Harper has transformed Canada into USA 2.0. Canada has grown economically, but not to the level of the United States. Canada still does not have the military strength the US does, nor does it even have it’s own space program. Bay Street is not Wall Street, it is orders of magnitude less robust. Health Canada does not command the global respect that the CDC does, or NIH for that matter.

        I say this because Harper’s goal may have very well been to sell out Canada’s strengths in the hope of developing American-style strengths to replace them, but he has failed in that project, He has certainly sold out Canadian principles, but he has not got what he bargained them away for.

        • Your last paragraph in particular is a bullseye.

        • Under Chretien Canada was ranked number 33 in peaceakeeping, behind Lagos….that didn’t fit the narrative however so the media pumped the lie that we were some kind of super peacekeeping nation…

          • Peacekeeping? Oh, you mean like how the War in Iraq was a peacekeeping mission. Tight, Baghdad is really….. peaceful… thanks to all those peacekeepers. Too bad Canada missed out on that one, huh?

          • Huh?
            Try to stay on topic…..

        • You must be young as anyone around before Harper knows that Ottawa, none of the parties really represent the people that make Canada work. They all bicker too much on how to spend more of other peoples money for votes.

          Canada doesn’t get respect as we are too incompetent and corrupt to deserve it. We are Mexico north. We have 5 layers of excessive and wasteful governments taxing us like slaves, (city/prov/Fed/FN and mafia). We reward bloat, idiocracy and dysfunctional with other peoples money.

          Sorry, but after living in 4 countries, this country is really a joke to me. Be hey, ignorant people are easy to lead.

        • Environmental justice?
          What’s that?
          Does it include naming your dog Kyoto?

      • Some of us actually prefer an abrasive, elbows-up foreign policy, as it gives us more influence, not less. The old Canada would have supplicated for approval and grovelled before every international gathering, desperate to be liked. My Canada has a spine. Too bad yours doesn’t.

        • We don’t HAVE elbows, and pretending we do is just silly if we want to get on in the world.

          Don’t confuse your macho fantasies with actual foreign policy

          • No elbows? Really? We sure got a lot of good progressive internationalist-types upset when we decided to unsign Kyoto, when we intentionally jettisoned (along with China) the Copenhagen talks, when we turned our backs on the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights. We manage to create a lot of whining and hand-wringing for a country with no elbows. The old Canada (pre-Harper) would have eagerly signed onto all those things with no regard for our own interests, and basked in praise and accolades from the usual sources afterwards.

            When Kevin Rudd first took over in Australia and signed onto Kyoto, he got a standing O at the UN. Several Canadian journalists wrote articles lamenting, “This could have been us.” As though adulation from diplomats and foreign policy flunkies should mean a thing to us.

          • How is that ‘elbows’? It’s just being backwards. Moreover it’s hurting us.

            Only a 2 year old shouting NO thinks it’s effective.

            They have to LEARN to play nice in the sandbox.

        • All balls and no brains makes Jack a dead boy

        • Agreed as every politician wanted to play big boy ego trips with other peoples money and ask no questions as long as the clavier and booze was flowing.

      • Odd then that people who study this and measure this rank Canada as number one in the world in terms of reputation.

        Look it up, not everyone shares your hate filled fantasies.

      • totally agree

    • Ya lost me at blah blah blah….

    • Aids is primarily a gay disease and can be easily controlled through a bit of self discipline by the gays.
      Yes yes, I know, the narrative is that there is a heterosexual aids epidemic coming any day now, but in truth they have been pumping that lie for years…

  2. Yeah, it’s a connected world anymore….not like the old days when it took quill and paper and a voyage of several months…..it only takes seconds now to lay it all out.

    And you can bet nobody is keen to connect to us for business or trade purposes.

    Because yes, we’re a Ford nation. Have been for some years now.

    Which is why the UN didn’t want us….and is instead criticizing us for our third-world conditions. We don’t like that.

    We get fossil awards around the world too. We don’t like that either.

    You think no one knows our scientists have protested on Parliament hill over being gagged and stifled? We’ve enshrined ignorance as a way of life.

    We are suspected….with good reason, there being several lumpy carpets…..of being war criminals in Afghanistan. Canada.

    We aren’t boy scouts anymore….we aren’t seen as civilized people making the world better….we are seen as Ford Nation. Ignorant, belligerent, hopped up on oil and bullshit and keen to tell everyone else how to live.

    And yet in denial.

    Yes, it gets serious folks…and it’ll get worse.

    • Are you for real! The only people who will judge this country by your rant are people like you who judge the WHOLE by mistakes of the few.
      Every Country has or takes a different direction in their course of history, good bad or indifferent.
      I just love how you use Ford as a replacement for Harper in your statements,as usual your bias shows up.
      It all boils down to making sure that you get out an vote, and your vote should be for what is best for the Country not your personnal bias.
      Okay, now go to the attack like you allways do to people who respond differently to your B.S.

      • You read the article? Yes, we are being judged by it.

        And Ford and Harper are both upper middle-class. They simply promote different images. Good cop, bad cop. Both images get them elected. Mainly because there are voters like you.

        • I read the article, and thought it was idiotic. Not a bit of evidence to support his own personal opinions. Ridiculous journalism. I’m as anti-Ford as can be, but I am pro good journalism. This stank.

          • Well I guess you’ll have to email him in Kabul and say so. That and Islamabad are where he heard this.

        • Hey Emily remember when old Fish Face Pete Trudeau roamed the world and the CBC and the TS went on and on and on about the world prestige he was bringing us and how he made us all the world darlings

          Well what a load of BS. And as if we need to be the darling of a pack of vicious dictators

          But nevertheless when he passed on and finally got a shot at the River Styx, the only world clowns to show up at his funeral were Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro. What a joke.

          • Back from Florida Q?

    • “We aren’t boy scouts anymore….we aren’t seen as civilized people making the world better….”

      Actually,Emily we were never seen this way–this notion that good little Canada was once respected as the boy scouts of the world is sentimental and naive hokum. Canada has mostly been invisible to the rest of the world.

      • Yes, a maple leaf …and what it stands for … is well-known around the world

        Not everyone is uneducated.

        • The notion that Canada is pure as the driven snow is nonsense.

          • Well since no one said that it was………

        • Here we go again with your argument or excuse of “Educated”.
          Please free to define for us what that really means on your Planet.
          All i know is that when someone calls you out on your comments, the “Educated comment shows up.
          You might be educated but you sure do not have any “common sense”.
          Your problem is that your Partisan bias is allways more important than what is good for the Country, now before you rant on me I do not vote for any particular party, I allways try to vote for the party
          that tries to do what is good for the Country on a whole.
          Having said that i do realize that one Party cannot in all reality please everyone.
          Mayby you should put your Partisan bias asside and you will not be so angry at others who have a different perspective.

          • Well on Planet Earth….education is a requirement. It’s what keeps you alive. Why you would resent such a thing, I don’t know.

            I don’t belong to a party, and I always vote for what I think is the best for the country….and education is vital.

          • Define education, please we all want to know.

          • Everyone but you already knows….elementary, secondary, tertiary

          • A few weeks ago, a professor from the University of Calgary died at Nordegg, Alberta of exposure. He got lost in a snowstorm while out with a friend hunting. He was apparently doing something he loved and there is no doubt he was a smart man…in terms of his schooling. He had a PhD in geophysics from MIT.

          • Sainthood? No. The simple truth is a good education at an ivy league university might not keep you alive.

          • Oh I see….making a large salary and being able to raise a family with all the advantages…that’s not survival?

            Or were you thinking of snowshoes and canoes….and cowboy hats?

          • I was thinking common sense and real life skills are worth their weight in gold because at some point you might break down somewhere in the winter or end up in a plane crash….no matter how rich you are or how well educated and then you need those smarts and those skills. Look up David Kootook (Marten Hartwell).

          • Common sense and ‘real’ life skills from a couple of centuries ago don’t do neurosurgery, or create the ISS, or use stem cells, or photograph the birth of a star.

            We aren’t in pioneer days HI….never will be again…and nobody spends their life worrying about being in a plane crash.

          • People who live in remote areas or are driving long distances on country roads certainly do worry about breaking down and being abandoned in the winter. It even happens to people who are skiing out of bounds. Some people end up lost due to being led astray by their GPS. Knowing enough not to take a road trip into the back country during a heavy snow fall warning doesn’t make you a “pioneer” but it is more common sense than the PhD from MIT had.

          • Well if you want to live in the boonies that’s your problem

            Skiing in off-limits areas won’t make you a good living either….or develop new antibiotics.

            Really HI….get a grip.

          • Emily, you don’t realize that not everyone lives in the province you do with the high population and the good roads you have. Survival skills, common sense and formal education are not mutually exclusive thank goodness or all those healthcare workers in the far north would be in dire straights.

          • Oh I’m very aware of it…..but panning education is a sure way to stay underdeveloped and backwoods.

          • Do you think survivorman has a PhD?

            His camera school training didn’t train him for the outdoors, it was actually BEING in the outdoors.


          • I think you missed the point Pat. The man with the PhD from MIT died from exposure because he went out in a heavy snow fall warning ill equipped. A PhD does not ensure common sense when it comes to everyday survival.

          • How ironic of you to change your definition
            of educated, from many of your previous opinions.
            In the past, opinions of yours you refered to educated meaning University. I remember you arguing with others that students/grads of trades schools etc were not considered as educated.
            The real you still believes this to be true, you gave the right definition on here but you still don’t believe it.
            Oh, and by the way i have allways known what educated meant and i certainly never shoved it anyones face to fortify my argument, only a self centered individual would resort to this.

          • The definition is the same now as it’s always been….university. It’s right there in the post.

            Trade school people have a trade, a job skill

          • anything that involves the concept of learning in all facets (muscle memory, mental etc)

    • Wait a minute, where is the nasty stuff about the Quebec values charter and all the political corruption in that province? How many mayors in Quebec were accepting kickbacks from construction companies. Emily, my dear you seem to skipping over stuff that doesn’t fit your agenda of “blame all of Canada’s problems on the Cons.” Also, the UN has taken Canada to task on other issues. What about Canadians propensity to smoke too much pot? We aren’t just hopped up on oil….we are mellowed out on BC Gold.

      • LOL now you’re trying to make stew and it doesn’t work.

  3. Rob Ford is a man of many cravings, but nothing, not even crack cocaine, gets him higher than his international fame. His ego just about blew up from overindulging his attention habit this week when he dramatically wore a football jersey and discussed his wife’s private parts like the world was his locker room, only to later drag her in front of the cameras like a prop.

    • Great summary Aero, I think you got it exactly right.

    • == drag her in front of the cameras like a prop

      I’m not trying to be vulgar, but it struck me that it was something like an Instagram food photo – showing everyone what he has at home. Contemptible behaviour.

      • Perhaps he will have Mrs. Ford pose for the centerpiece int he upcoming issue of Hustler magazine.

      • hahaha +1

  4. I completely disagree with this article. Canada’s reputation has been sullied by Ford’s despicable behaviour. This doesn’t make Canada “bad-ass”, this makes Canada an utter embarrassment. And to whitewash the situation in a polite and Canadian way by light-heartedly laughing it off is to let Ford off the hook we’re trying so desperately to skewer and remove him with.

    • Uhm this guy put us on the map for bad bahavior. Harper has put us on the map as non caring, cold evil people. I would take ford as prime minister over harper in a second

      • Are those our only two choices?

        • when your mind only thinks in black and white… well yea
          sigh @ fordnation

      • “Harper has put us on the map as non caring, cold evil people.”
        What a complete load of rubbish. According to the author of the article, Canadians are internationally “pegged as nice, unobtrusive if somewhat passive aggressive yokels.” Even having had Harper for Prime Minister for seven years hasn’t given us the reputation as evil.

      • That must be popular in the rest of the world then since Canada is ranked number one in terms of reputation.
        Whatever Harper is doing they must like it!

        look it up…

        • Source please.

    • If all it takes is a crack-head mayor making the news and being pilloried by late-night talk show hosts to embarrass you as a Canadian, then you didn’t have much pride or confidence in this country in the first place.

      • all it takes?

        wow… suburbanite much?

    • I think maybe the internet is ready for that sarcasm font now.

  5. Answer me this London Mayor Joe Fontana has 3 Criminal charges where are the
    cries for his dismissal, Ford has no charges..??

    • Doesn’t fit the narrative….

  6. The problem is I left Canada because of the cold weather and precipitation. The high taxes, making it from one paycheck to the other. The people are nice though. But as funny and innocent as Canadians are, I’m going to continue living with the uptight, stupid Americanism.

    • Enjoy bankruptcy if you get sick!

  7. I know it’s really unpleasant for a lot of people in Toronto but in terms of world opinion alone I don’t think he’s hurting us. It makes us more relatable, assuming he doesn’t get re-elected, as the the ‘paint him brown and he’d be a Pakistani superstar’ quip shows I think. We have a bit too much of a reputation as the boy scout. It’s like in the ’72 super series, I think it was Lafleur who the Russian goalie Tretiak said intentionally slipped coming onto the ice in the first game to break the ice, to show the Russians they weren’t playing gods. Ford is us falling on our arse on the ice for once – it looks good once in a while.

    • That was Phil Esposito, Lafleur was not on the team for the 72 series.

      But if Tretiak said that, it doesn’t make sense . . . the Russian players already knew they weren’t playing gods, as by that time they had won 2, lost 1 and tied 1, outscoring Canada 17-14; surely the Russian crowd knew that as well.

      • That’s interesting. Esposito sounds right, as I remember it Tretiak said it was the first time they went on the ice since it definitely wouldn’t make sense otherwise even after the first game. Maybe he misremembered it. It’s been a long time since I’ve read his book so I could be out to lunch too. I remember the first time I read it I literally believed it when he described Kharlamov as breaking the sound barrier splitting the defence in a game.

  8. Again, Toronto mistakes itself for Canada. Good thing the rest of the world doesn’t make that same mistake.

    • Ask them if they can name another city besides TO or VAN… lol

      • That depends on who “Them ” is .

  9. Oh, please. You’re supporting the notion that someone should insist on marginalizing an entire country based on the antics of one person?
    Keep in mind that Mr. Ford hasn’t been charged with any crime. I suppose he may be guilty of lacking in sophistication and may overindulge in alcohol. Even so, this doesn’t appear to have interfered with his administrative track record or ability to handle Toronto’s finances.

    • I think the point here, is that a lot of people voted for Ford and Harper, and we are being, rightly, judged for that.

      Also, he has not handled Toronto’s finances well, or not nearly as well as he thinks. His garbage deal was in a city that already had privatized garbage services, his union deal was with a union that had already agreed to a wage freeze, he is plunging the city into debt for a tiny subway extension, while a fully-funded transit network was completely trashed – along with all its sunk costs. He is not the first mayor to balance the budget – that is required by law. The city has the same credit rating that it did under the previous, gasp, left-wing mayor. He did not save us a billion dollars, because we are paying more in fees and getting less for it.

      • +1
        Forget political leanings, atleast Miller had a vision

  10. Ridiculous – people in the world don’t know and don’t retain much about this. Do you know much about the latest scandal in Denmark? Will you not be going to Paris or Rome because of what politicians there have done? The very thought is silly!
    Rod Ford is a buffoon. But the media has been against him, and his sins have been fodder for the press. Recently there was an article about the number of divorces among MP’s. Do you have photographers in the driveways when the MP’s come home with their mistresses, and publicly humiliate them and their families for their dalliances?

  11. What I will never forget about this CRAZINESS , is the Toronto people, bashing the Fords and thei family the way they do, is TORONTONIANS are VERY, VERY nasty people.

    • Ford is from Toronto, so ford is nasty?

      fail logic from the usual conservative staffers

  12. More hand-wringing nonsense about our “international reputation”. Who gives a rat’s ass what the internationalists are thinking of us? Is anyone seriously not going to invest in Canada, or Toronto, because they see Ford on TV? What self-respecting (let alone successful) business person or investor would ever make a decision based on what he saw some crazed mayor say on the evening news? Anyone who believes this will have any larger effects on our economy has no clue about how business decisions are made. Not surprisingly, the usual suspects in this thread are saying exactly that.

  13. Since he already is a well known celebrity by now, he should go to Hollywood, and then in turn laugh back at Toronto on a bigger level, …….

    • Hes too stupid to be able to play a non speaking role as a crackhead, even though its a character he can really get into.

      • And yet somehow he does a better job than the last two liberal mayors…what does that say about them and the media who covereed for them?

  14. I was taking a first aid course on Friday, and the instructor went on and on about how “ashamed” she felt that this guy was Canadian, and how he was making us all look like “fools”. I didn’t bother arguing, but I couldn’t help but note what a silly – and uniquely Canadian – attribute this is. We actually feel shame or embarrassment on behalf of other Canadians. This goes hand in hand with that other silly Canadian hang-up – being offended on someone else’s behalf. I don’t know if this due to immaturity of national character or what, but we should probably think of growing a spine at some point. I can’t imagine, on my worst day, feeling embarrassment or shame because some crack-head mayor who happens to be Canadian is being lampooned by late-night satire artists. And I’d say the same thing if Ford were mayor of Ottawa and not Toronto. How does Ford reflect on me, or on any of us? He doesn’t. Period. If your national pride is so fragile (facile?) that a Ford can embarrass you, you never had much to begin with. Let the rest of the world have fun with it. They’ll go back to what they were doing next week or next month, and not give Canada a second thought.

    • … you don’t live in Toronto do you?

  15. Ford is fighting for his survival as a Mayor, yet Toronto’s majority wants him to quit – stay away from vodka/cracks – it changes your brain cells!

  16. I don’t live in Toronto, but have found the barrage of anti-Ford presentations over the years quite sickening. In the last mayoral election Toronto’s media endorsed a person who had blown a billion dollars – plus minus some millions – on eHealth. That is evidently not so bad. And now they put private mobile phone videos out for all to see, and call this “journalism”. I have been in business meetings where the CEO and others have used language that they for sure would not want their wives, children or pastor [if they have any] to hear. The lesson learned is that one must be incredibly careful, and not permit mobile phones in business meetings…

  17. Odd how the media doesn’t exert the same effort on the latest $2.5 billion dollar lawsuit the province is facing or how a pedophile was a high up in Wynne’s education department.
    Instead we’re supposed to think that some guy getting drunk and saying something dumb at a party has never happened before.
    It apparently is more important to the media than checking into and informing us of how a pedophile was allowed to be advising the education department.

    And drunk as a monkey Ford is STILL a better mayor than the media’s last two favourites….

  18. When will the media quit bullying Ford?
    Do we need a national conversation on the bullying done by the media?

  19. Some facts for the deluded haters here:

    ” June 28, 2013—For the third year in a row,Canada has been ranked No.1 as the country with the best overall reputation in the world.The ranking, derived from the Reputation Institute’s annual Country RepTrak™ report, saw Canada keep top spot ahead of Sweden in second place and Switzerland in third.”


    • Bwahahahahaha a private business specializing in image management for the corporate sector. Get real dude.

      • So Sweden and Switzerland are ****holes?

        • You went wrong starting at your name….Jesus WAS a hippie.

          • Nah, he was a tradesman, a carpenter if I recall correctly….

          • Long hair, sandals….said make love not war…..preached about sharing and caring.

            A hippy, a pacifist, a socialist….and a Palestinian.

          • Hippies and socialists are greedy and violent, and so are Palestinians.
            Pacifists, not so much…

          • “Long hair, sandals…said make love no war….”
            Emily, why are you applying hippie descriptors from the 1960’s to a man that lived during the time of…Jesus to prove he was a hippie? You can’t use his appearance and philosophy against him when his appearance was typical for any carpenter during the time when he lived. Heads up: There were no hippies during Jesus time. Jesus could only be a hippie if he were born around the time you were.

          • If you’d follow a thread you’d know why.

  20. Torontonians now knows what it feels like to have Pauline Marois as a Prime Minister. Except in the form of an overweight drunken slob.

    Suck it up.

  21. I support Ford. As he hasn’t stolen from us like other mayors, senators and MPs. Ford doesn’t do inflated contracts for low rent like other councilors. Ford isn’t ashamed of being a commoner, drinks and parties like one too. Doesn’t have the better than commoners mentality and isn’t a statism manage the people type either.

    For has the other corrupt politicians, union cops and union greedy civil servants in a snit, as well as mafia as they all don’t want a lose canon behind closed doors when dirty deals are made.

    Looks like media too, after all Canadian media is about helping the statism government managing us like sheep. Lots of back end influence to vilify Ford as he represents the commoner. How dare a politicians in Canada behave and rule like a commoner…..

    • But that’s why the left hate him, he doesn’t steal.
      To them corruption is a feature, not a bug…

  22. If he wants the media to lighten up all he has to do is declare that he is on a hunger strike, we all know how sympathetic the media are to hunger strikers.
    And the best part is he could still eat all he wants, the meathead media would never question someone claiming to be on a hunger strike.

  23. Rob Ford no more defines Toronto than Bob Filner does San Diego. This too shall pass.