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‘Whose idea was this?’

Fatigue begins to set in as Charles and Camilla brave another cold, damp day in Ontario


'Whose idea was this?'The royal couple left the damp and cold of Newfoundland yesterday for the rain and cold of Ontario today. They’d barely walked onto HMCS Haida, tied up in Hamilton’s harbour, when the skies opened. “Whose idea was this?” Prince Charles jokingly asked. At least they got their first Canadian walkabout out of the way before the rain started falling. In sharp contrast to the small number of people turning out to see the heir to the throne and his second wife in Newfoundland, at least 2,000 Canadians manned the barricades in Hamilton. The couple was there to visit Dundurn Castle, built by Camilla’s great-great-great grandfather Sir Allan MacNab.

Charles and Camilla personally greeted all 400 guests at last night’s official welcoming reception at Toronto’s art deco masterpiece, the Carlu (known to older Canadians as Eaton’s seventh floor). Sources say that while Camilla—who wore a spectacular gold and emerald choker with her blue cocktail suit—seemed a bit more fragile than she appears in pictures, she and Charles dutifully shook hands with every person. By then, the 60-something couple was no doubt coping with not only fatigue but also jetlag; their jam-packed day had started in Newfoundland more than 10 hours before.

Today finds the royal couple twirling around southern Ontario before a ceremony at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Stadium to present new regimental colours to the Royal Regiment of Canada and the Toronto Scottish Regiment (Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’s Own). It should be a spectacular sight if the rain holds off and the wind doesn’t whip.

Thursday, November 5, 2009 (Hamilton, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Toronto)

Late Morning
Their Royal Highnesses visit Hamilton’s historic Dundurn Castle, built by The Duchess’ ancestor, her great-great-great grandfather, Sir Allan MacNab, Prime Minister of the Province of Canada from 1854-56. They plant a tree in commemoration of their visit.

Their Royal Highnesses tour national historic site, the HMCS Haida. They will meet with volunteers and veterans, open a small museum and unveil a plaque commemorating their visit.

His Royal Highness visits the Niagara College Teaching Winery. Following a tour of the new Wine Visitor and Education Centre facility, His Royal Highness joins a reception and unveils a plaque commemorating the Royal Visit.

His Royal Highness will present colours to the Royal Regiment of Canada and the Toronto Scottish Regiment (Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’s Own) at Varsity Stadium in Toronto. Their Royal Highnesses will meet with members of both regimental families, including serving, retired and civilian supporters


‘Whose idea was this?’

  1. one has never seen a couple of freeloaders work so hard for a few meals and some hand shakin…now go home most high pauper hating royalty…you have been such wonderful snotty nosed troopers

  2. You'd think the cemetary would have employees do that sort of work.

  3. I find your comments despicable.. – how dare you insult these two people.. – you may not agree with them but how disgusting..
    wherever you come from and whoever you are kindly keep your horrible comments to yourself..they do noone any good….
    least of all you

    how do you know how much these 2 people have suffered and gone through..???? or are you perfect instead?? perhaps..but I doubt it.

    • I thoroughly agree. Show a little respect please before you ruin our Canadian good name!

    • I also agree. Even as a RagingRanter how dare you be so rude!

      • Loyal Royalist, rude? Perhaps. I was making fun of a photograph. Lest you were left with the impression that I believe the royals (any of them) have it easy, think again. I wouldn't trade places with them for anything. They have to stand there, day after day, year after year, pretending to enjoy themselves while participating in the same boring, meaningless, empty, symbolic ceremonies and awards presentations. And did I mention the complete lack of privacy? There is no compensation on earth that could convince me to do the same.

        In this picture, they've somehow been hoodwinked into shoveling dirt. They look like nothing so much as two people filling in a grave. (And no, I haven't even bothered to figure out what they are doing.) At times like that, they must really hate their jobs. I don't think people appreciate how little control they have over there lives. If they don't make 250+ appearances per year, they're roundly criticized by the rabid British press for not pulling their weight. If they show up for some charitable cause for 10 years running, then take a pass on the eleventh year, they are vilified for it. (God forbid they should have any control over their own time!!) If anything, they are to be commended for being such good sports. Royal-haters can get stuffed.

        None of this is back-pedaling. If you don't like my first comment, I could care less. It's just that I think most of the ceremonial crap they are forced to endure is beyond ridiculous, and if I can make fun of it, I will. If you read my comment as an attack on the royals instead of an attack on the mindless absurdities they must endure day after day, that's your problem.

    • Absolutely, "freeloaders" is most appropriate. These two are descendants of inbreds, miscreants and adulterers. Unelected they made their fortune from oppression and slavery. They continue to feed off the public troth because blind people such as some of these above know nothing of history. Read some history for God's sake!

      • I'd invite you to read some history. Or perhaps, at least to try not to be so completely ignorant. What you have said simply demonstrates the depth of your ineptitude to comprehend even the most basic elements of the role they play, and of the history of these fine people in relation to our great Nation.

        • You know, it's possible to "read some history" and still not be a complaisant sycophant.

        • Wow! Now that was impressive little William, but be careful you don't pop a blood vessel trying to sound so intelligent. It was WILLIAM II of Orange who married his first cousin Mary in order to cement an Anglo-Dutch alliance against the French in 1670.
          It was Andrew Parker Bowles Duke of Cornwall who eagerly surrendered his then wife Camilla to liaise with his Royal Highness Prince Charles under his very roof.
          "basic elements" There you go little William! Cant get more base than that. Read some history and disappear.

          • Pino,

            Brigadier Bowles was never Duke of Cornwall–that is a title which belongs to Prince Charles.

            As you say: read some history!


          • William III, not William II. William II was the son of William I.

      • The British Empire was also the first great power to ban the slave trade, and the first to actively protect her subjects in the colonies from being enslaved by others. But of course it simply isn't polite to say anything good about colonists, especially colonists of the British variety.

  4. Apparently Ms. Treble needs to look at a map, as she doesn't seem to realise that Newfoundland is Canada and thus the "people" in Newfoundland are also Canadians and the walkabout in Ontario was not the "First Canadian Walkabout."

    It's amazing to see how many people are so uneducated as to keep adhering to the belief that Canada starts at Halifax and ends in Vancouver. I would figure that Macleans, as Canada's national news magazine of choice, would have some sort of basic requirement for common sense amongst its contributors. I'm disappointed, but sadly not surprised.

    • Halifax? Vancouver? Damn…I thought Canada started in Gatineau and ended in Ottawa…

    • I personally wasn't aware that there existed any thing that would dare call itself Canada outside of Toronto. Call it a failure of our educational system. Speaking of which, why has any instruction regarding the roles and responsibilities of the Canadian Monarchy seemed to have been completely dropped from our educational system?

      • That is a good question Matt.

        If you study the history of Canada properly, you have to include the Royal families, The English and theFrench !

        And if you take a wider view of North America, you would also have to include thw Spanish and the Dutch, who played a major role in the history of our neighbors to the south !!

  5. I would have preferred he left his woman at home. She will never be my queen. Funny how history regarding this type of matter has changed. Edward VIII gave up the right to the throne for his woman, everything was done to divert those laws and rules when it came to this woman. Charles will be King by right of birth, let's hope she never calls herself queen, it makes me gag that people refer to her as Her Royal Highness, which they removed from Diana but for the same offences gave to Camilla. Courtesy, I'd rather throw up. Never, never, will she be queen.

    • Anne, I doubt she'll get the title of Queen. Prince Phillip could have been made King, but decided that it just wouldn't be worth it. Too many Brits would complain about a Greek prince becoming King of England simply by marriage (even though that sort of thing was the norm just a century or so earlier). I would assume Camilla & Charles will make the same sensible decision, if only because it just wouldn't be worth the fuss it would raise.

  6. Good for Anne. She has been a mistress and an adulteress, but she'll be nobody's Queen.


    • yes!