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Why do so many people still support Rob Ford?

Jaime Weinman considers a puzzling question


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Cards on the table: I was never a supporter of Rob Ford, because I’m a member of The Media and The Media is out to get him. However, when the crack allegations came out — at least before his non-specific denials and other shenanigans – I was at first reluctant to believe there wasn’t some other explanation for what was described in the video (because I thought “crack smoking Mayor” sounded almost like someone’s parody of Rob Ford), so I have at one point been unwilling to believe the absolute worst about him. This was, of course, mistaken, but at least that mistake makes me somewhat qualified to explain the thing that puzzles so many people: why do so many people still support Rob Ford, no matter what he says or does?

The first thing I think is important is the overkill factor: Ford gets accused of so many things that at some point his supporters may throw up their hands and not care about any of them. He does sometimes get made fun of for things that are not strictly relevant to his qualifications for the job, like his weight. His admitted drunkenness and drug use are, on the other hand, very relevant to his qualifications, but a supporter might just file them away in the same category as the fat jokes. If you like the man’s policies, or at least you think he opposes bad policies, then anything he does might seem like a distraction being raised by The Media to discredit him.

Second, throwing accusations against the accusers is a tactic that can work, even if you admit the accusers have a point. Doug Ford called for Bill Blair’s resignation the very day Rob Ford admitted Blair was right. It may sound like a screw-up, but in a way, it works by muddying the waters. A supporter might still associate Ford’s confession with the idea that the police are out to get him, or that they’re unlawfully holding back the video, or one of the other accusations that the Fords have thrown around. And that can create the impression that even though Ford confessed, he might have been bullied into it, or that a whole lot is being made out of one isolated incident, or that there is generally some conspiracy to drive him out of office by making him look worse than he is. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true, or even how much of a conspiracy the supporter believes there to be; the point is just that there should be some doubt left open even after Ford has admitted everything. A bizarre trick, really, but it works.

And third, and probably most important, support of a politician is often tribal, and support of Ford is particularly tribal, since he’s made his appeals more on feelings and attitude than specific ideas. It often seems that Ford is popular for the things he opposes or the particular concept he stands for, of the suburbs fighting back against the urbanites, the subways against the streetcars. If this fight is important to you, it stands to reason that the behaviour of a particular politician is less important than whether he supports and opposes the right things. That was Ford’s message in his “I’m not quitting” speech. He was elected to do a job and he will continue to do it, regardless of how loaded he gets, because the cause he stands for is more important than his ability to do anything about it. And that may be true. If Ford’s support is partly about the idea that it’s good to make liberals angry, then nothing can turn off a sizable chunk of his supporters. Well, not nothing. If he did something that made liberals happy, then that would probably lose him more supporters than all the crack and all the alcohol in the world.


Why do so many people still support Rob Ford?

  1. Rob Ford, should not step down from his position as Mayor of Toronto, the Toronto Star has a personal vendetta against this man. Why should he be bullied out of his position? I thought we are all in agreement against (anti-bullying)?. I am not upholding his behavior smoking crack and abusing alcohol. He needs to get help for addictions, “he is human and we all make mistakes”. “He who is without sin cast the first stone”. If Mr. Ford was a supporter of many of the immoral life styles that take place in Toronto, and does not support and advocate for minority children he would not be, victimized, scandalized, bullied and ostracized. The Toronto Star is destined to destroy this man, they purchased a video of Rob, with him in the privacy of his own home, using foul language. he can do what ever he please in him OWN home, he does not have to give any explanation to anyone for his behavior. Again, I say “he who is without sin cast the first stone”. The Star should be boycotted. And for all those late night show making a mockery of this exposure, I beg you “clean your own glass windows before you attempt to clean someone else’s”. I wonder how many of so called Saints and high and mighty Angels had to do a random drug test, would pass? not much I don’t think. So before we cast stone, and try to destroy this man we all need to pray that God will deliver him and he will be cures of his weakness. Mr. Ford, take time out to recover and get help for your addictions, but do NOT step down. Stand your ground.

    • So crack smoking, public drunkenness, threatening murder and associating with criminals is a moral lifestyle? Just what kind of lifestyle is it, then, that you consider immoral?

      • He admitted smoking crack, and his drunken antics should preclude him from holding office until he sorts himself out.
        That being said, what does it say about the list of previous mayors, when a fat, drunken, non-Justin Trudeau, obnoxious guy manages to run the city better under the influence…than did David Miller and his predecessors while sober?

        • Hahahaha. Exactly.
          His opponent in the election admitted he smoked coke. The people who voted for him are now outraged that Ford followed his example. Ford should say he is gay (although the third video will make that hard to swallow ;-)

        • Please quantify “better”. Many of his proposals were voted down; many of the more successful changes introduced by this council were done over Ford’s objections. Not being a Torontonian I haven’t been following it too closely but my impression is that, for all the noise he makes, he’s not really the one running the show.

          • Hey Keith. If youre not from TO, then you dont know about the Garbage collection he privitized. He squashed the UNIONS. I lived in Toronto for 32 YEARS and this is the best mayor we have had. I know it doesnt say much.

          • That’s all ya got? Wow – the man’s a frickin’ superhero!

          • This is exact reason why someone want him to go. Torontonian’s should wake up, support Rob who did so much right thing for us. it is time for us to do the right thing for him- Support .

          • He is the best because he quashed unions – wow – sure let’s put down working people and lower our taxes by a penny a year – oops we have to raise them to pay for the subway which Robbie really wants

          • Unions are hard working people… Youre right. Our Subways are embrassing. I hade a relative come from Paris and their comment about our transit system was dégoûtant. We could thank the TTC wages for that!!!

          • Our subways are disgusting are roads are disgusting are public schools are disgusting and the list goes on.

          • John,
            There was a point in my dad’s life, when we were kids, he worked 3 years at 2 jobs to finally get one week of holidays. Do not think for one minute that we can not be returned to that? He fought, unlike you (I suspect) so that we could all have a better life and for that reason he supported unions. The thing that I find galling and so short sighted is, whether you understand it or not, those who were NOT in unions still benefited from the gains that unions made for their members. Please tell me you are not so arrogant and egotistical to believe that YOU got paid what you were worth because YOU were just such a wonderful employee and deserved everything you got.
            People who support this mayor because he is saving them money are delusional — his ilk might save you 10 cents for every dollar they are actually taking away from you. Believing this man, who is from a rich and privileged background, has you best interests at heart is just downright stupidity.

          • Hey moron. I own my own company. I work 340 days a year. So your dad’s UNION job didnt help me.

        • He has not “run the city better” than anyone – Ford’s administration is a joke – He trashed transit policy and has foisted a subway plan on the city which will raise taxes etc etc etc etc. He has done diddly all the while caliming he has saved the city’s finances – incidentally debt is rising under Ford – just one more Ford fabrication….
          The drugs and drunkeness and not coming clean until forced are just part of the deceitful way he operates – he should go

      • This comment was deleted.

        • OK; if we ignore that, then we eliminate the “threatening murder” bit. There’s lots more I can add in instead, if you’d like – you know, like racial & homophobic slurs…

          My objection to Ford has actually less to do with his politics than they do with the man himself. Being a first-class idiot and out-of-control addict is not a left/right thing.

          In the comment you replied to, I was addressing Sandy’s statement “If Mr. Ford was a supporter of many of the immoral life styles that take place in Toronto, and does not support and advocate for minority children he would not be, victimized, scandalized, bullied and ostracized.” If I’m reading it correctly, Sandy supports Ford because of his bigotry. And I was therefore asking which is more immoral, in his/her eyes – homosexuality (I’m assuming that’s the “immoral life style” being referred to), or Ford’s bizarre and highly unprofessional behaviour and apparent lawbreaking?

          Are you, like Sandy, OK with Ford’s breaking the law and making your city a laughingstock?

      • Threatinhg murder. Please idiot… I talk like that whenever the Yankess or the Red sox come into town.

        • Ah… you’re THAT guy.

    • An excellent demonstration of the author’s three points, thank you.

    • Sandy, you must change your medication.

    • In the modern-day Sodom & Gemorah known as Toronto, specifically the (416), all that in a normal universe would be viewed as immoral, perverse, depraved, etc….is exalted, venerated and celebrated. While all that, in a normal world with a moral compass, would be considered virtues (e.g. self-reliance; respect for tradition; faith in a higher power; individual rights and autonomy as preferable to collectivist social engineering; Christian values; respect for authority and order) are constantly denigrated, mocked and ridiculed.

      The hedonistic and self-absorbed narcissism–the main reasons Toronto is despised throughout the rest of Canada; not because we’re allegedly “envious”–is gradually eroding the moral core of that mess on the shores of Lake Ontario, as this Ford hysteria amply demonstrates.

    • Sandy (and your ”he who is without sin cast the first stone” call), I thank you for the opportunity…

      You see, concerning illegal (or legal for that matter) narcotics, I am without sin. And concerning threats of violence (and murder), I am again without sin. Also, in reference to drunken stupor and irresponsible decisions made whilst in this state, there too I am without sin (in fact, I have seldom ever been even moderately inebriated in my life). Driving under the influence, without sin, as is the case with domestic abuse… The list goes on…

      In which direction may i cast my stone? I find these sins quite deplorable and incredibly dangerous. I want no part in them and will hold those guilty accountable for their transgressions. If you’ve been asked to lead and govern, and you commit such sins, I insist that you recuse yourself from such a position, you are unqualified and in no state to be up for the task…

      Aye, you can very well accuse me of other sins (and you’d be right on some accounts – ie. in my lifetime, i have lied,etc…). However, I most certainly have paid the consequences of my actions. It is now time for Rob Ford to pay for his and let Toronto move forward (and not disgracefully backwards).

      Quit defending the indefensible. I assure you, if I were to be found smoking crack, I would most certainly be losing my job – rightfully so.

  2. Well what I hear alot from Rob Ford supporters is that the guy is relateable. Should we conclude that a lot of them have an alcohol and drug abuse problem?

  3. It’s because of his accent. He sounds like an ordinary guy. He doesn’t have an educated accent. It’s about social class.

    • I’ve always been amazed his voice isn’t more of an issue, because its so high-pitched an whiney. Especially because of the latent homophobia and anti-effeminate attitude in himself and his voter base (note the “fag” comments in the crack video re: Trudeau).

    • You are right – it is the sound of his voice and the fact that he can only use four letter words said incredibly slowly. The irony is he is not working class, not even remotely connected – he is a priviliged child of wealth and actually acts like that – hence his disregard for traffic laws, his public drunkenness etc.

    • He is the first son in a very well-off family. He is the epitome of the upper class, whether his supporters believe it or not.

  4. So much in politics is about reassuring people on ‘the other side’ of an issue that you have their best interests at heart. The T-Star had photographers peering over his home fence from day 1 of his term. At this point there is literally nothing he could do except kill me to lose my vote. It has 0% to do with my feelings for him, and everything to do with the prejudice exhibited by his opponents. They are not trying to catch him for my benefit.

    • The name is appropriate.

      • It’s a great name, but still beside the point. Other than getting rid of Rob Ford, what do his opponents have that I can get behind? Nothing really. The issues have not changed since the election. This is about stealing an election cycle from the winning faction.

        • What has Rob Ford done since the election that you could get behind?

          He certainly hasn’t saved you money.
          He hasn’t followed through on many of his promises.
          He hasn’t worked a full day in the office.
          He has brought down the reputation of the city.
          He has consorted with criminals.
          He has abused and offended others who through no fault of their own came into close proximity of him.
          He has abused people on his radio show.

          None of this was caused by anything the Star did, they just reported what he did and he goaded them on. What did anyone think was going to happen?
          What happened to that fame Conservative doctrine of personal responsibility?

          • He saved me and another milion people $70/year, the car tax.

          • Oh you simple soul, while he was busy waving that shiny object in front of you to attract your attention what was his other hand doing? Your debt is increasing, so enjoy that $70 and invest it well so you can pay off the debt with it.

          • His other hand was holding a bottle of vodka, I suppose, but who cares?
            Let’s privatize some city services, get rid of some useless unionized city workers. Garbage collection seems to work very well. Let’s stop spending money on crap. And there are so many ways to make money (sell some naming rights for the subway stations or parks; oh, what an outrage!).

          • You nailed it.
            What matters isn’t in life as in politics is one thing – that you have the maximum amount of money in your pocket to do what’s really important – driving and shopping.

          • You really missed that didn’t you?
            He was increasing the city’s debt while he was distracting you, so that money you got will have gone when you are called upon to repay the debt that you and your man incurred.
            Or are you that kind of Conservative who doesn’t mind racking up debt as long as someone else picks up the tab. They seem much more common these days – Harper and Co are prime examples.

          • I agree we should be taxing stupidity, but you would be broke.

          • Your lack of self awareness is painful

          • youre good. He hasnt saved any money. Go drive your bike on the bike lane while working at your comfotable union paying job.

          • Small business owner actually, but you are free to imagine that anyone who disagrees with you is what you think they should be.

      • yes so is yours. Union loving, bicycle driving, left leaning j**&*&.

        • Like a scratched record hey?

  5. Conservatives think that a gay couple that never breaks the la, or engages in any scandalous behavior is immoral. The mayor of Canada’s largest city can smoke crack cocaine, issue death threats and threaten the job of the police commissioner and still be a moral paragon, provided that he protects the moneyed interests.

    • The police commissioner was out of line. The fact he checked with his lawyer before making the statement tells me Blair knew he was crossing the line. Who was his lawyer? Clayton Ruby?

      • how is this in anyway a coherent reply to the point Waldorf made?

      • No; Blair knew idiots would be looking for ways to come at him for telling the truth – typical, knee-jerk “shoot-the-messenger” stuff. He wanted to be sure he didn’t leave them any legal grounds to do so.
        You can bet a career cop treads VERY carefully when the person in his cross-hairs is his boss. He – and his officers doing the investigation – will have gone out of their way to carry out the investigation in a way that will stand up to any scrutiny when the inevitable accusations of bias begin to fly.

  6. Rob Ford has some personal issues, that is for sure. He recently joined the club of famous politicians/drug users: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Justin Trudeau…

    But while media devotes 90% of their attention to his personal issues, they have long forgotten and forgiven our Ontario Liberals for wasting 1/2 billion dollars of taxpayers money. Seems like if you take a puff of crack and have a few shots of vodka you are a bad guy, but if you rip the public off for 10xSuper7 jackpots you’re still ok. Rob is far from perfect, but where are the real issues?

    • There is a BIG difference between marijuana and crack. Ford himself admitted to pot use and no one sought to have him turfed for it.
      There’s also the issue of whether the usage interferes with the ability to do the job. To anyone not blinded by uber-partisanship, it clearly IS affecting Ford’s.

    • Why do you think has the media ‘forgotten and forgiven’ the Liberals over the gas plant scandal? It has been covered extensively and will continue to be covered extensively as there are more developments.

      Ford ends up in the media spotlight because he keeps doing crazy stuff. Things die down, then he does something else spectacular and vaults himself right back to the top of the news cycle. This whole thing will be written up in public relations case studies as how *not* to deal with a crisis. Does he bear no responsibility?

      The media isn’t some sort of monolithic entity. There are papers other than the Star. The Sun only recently suggested Ford should resign and Christie Blatchford is still defending him at the Post, But they’re not going to ignore the car wreck happening in front of them to re-report stuff that has already come out in the gas plant scandal.

  7. What is “so many”? About 30% of the population? How about applying Occam’s razor: they’re a bunch of freaking idiots…

  8. Ford Nation is a product of a siege mentality, so anything it collectively percieves as an attack will only make it more cohesive.

    • You are partially right, but I reckon it’s because they view the whole thing the same way that they would view a hockey match. No matter how dirty or cheap their team gets, it will always be their team and the opponents are always the enemy.
      You see the same thing when some thug cheap shots some-one on the ice and then apologises and cries about it. All the fans of the thug’s team declare it over and then start belittling the real victim.

      Brand Loyalty despite the evidence is everything, that and a healthy helping of cognitive dissonance.

      • Politics in general, sadly. At least online.

      • I think it’s the opposite of cognitive dissonance. If anything, Ford Nation has shown a remarkable ability to hold two apparently conflicting views simultaneously without any difficulty.

  9. “And third, and probably most important, support of a politician is often tribal, and support of Ford is particularly tribal, since he’s made his appeals more on feelings and attitude than specific ideas.”

    Exactly. Because, if folks were thinking logically and not with their emotions, they’d recognize that there’s no way this guy can continue. He’s a crack smoking drunk who hangs out with criminals. And lies a lot. Who is going to do business with him? Council has abandoned him, even his allies. Who, in their right mind, is going to work on ANY project or initiative with him at the helm? Even his biggest fan must recognize that Ford’s ability to get anything done as mayor from here on out is gone.

    And if his most redeeming quality is his ability to make liberals angry… he’s doing a piss-poor job these days. Liberals should be giddy having Rob Ford as mayor. He’s setting back the conservative agenda with every day he’s in there.

  10. he tells a certain type of “low engagement” voter exactly what they want to hear. Politically, it can be a very desireable position to be in because, as we’ve seen, it allows you to get away with an enormous amount.

  11. Huh. If Vlad the Impaler spouted the thoroughly modern mantra of
    lower taxes, better roads, Big Union Bosses, (maybe he did ?) the
    surly peasants of Transylvania would leap to the stakes.

  12. Your third reason is the only reason that matters. The first two are trivial. The third is it. Tribalism. Tribalism makes us all think stupidly. Note, that does not read it makes “us” stupid, but it certainly makes us “think” stupidly. Can and does happen to everyone, to varying degrees. Intelligence is no defense to the dumbing-down-of-thought power of tribalism. The most intelligent of people can and have had their thinking buckled over onto its knees in a crippling display of poor thinking performance.

    Tribalism was a crucial evolutionary necessity to get us this far. It’s need today is minimal. The sooner we all find ways to evolve beyond it, the sooner we’ll get good government and the sooner we’ll all be able to equip ourselves with better tools of thought.

    If you don’t find what’s going on in politics right now (particularly in Ontario provincial Toronto municipal and our federal government) somewhere on a continuum of entirely offensive to fully depressing, then there is a highly likely chance you’re suffering from the thought-poisoning effects of tribalism. Let it go. Try voting for a different party just once. Really! Please believe me, you’ll find not living under the artificially induced hate and anger of manipulated partisan tribalism among the most liberating of experiences.

    • Tribalism? Oh, yeah! Try using tribalism in explaining the electoral success of Obama. You will be called a racist in a nanosecond.

      • Not every electoral success has the same cause. The point of the article was to explain why people still remain loyal to a man who has no capacity to run a major city.

  13. I don’t care for Ford as a person and I definitely don’t agree with his policies. That said, the progressive and humane step to take is to convince him of the need for help and let him take a leave of absense. I would hope that such treatment would be afforded to all working people and I don’t see why the Mayor represents an exception.

    • I think you are quite right. I keep making comments about him in the hope it will part of a wave of public pressure which helps convince him to get help. the moment he seeks treatment, I will leave him alone.

  14. Ford supporters are tired of the cookie cutter politicians getting presented to us as the next best thing. They all support the same causes, they all hang out at the same clubs, they all dress the same and they shriek and yell and cry when somebody gets passed their gated community. Basically it’s a finger to the ruling elite in the city. Toronto had its 1837 Rebellion against the Family Compact. This is the latest version. It’s the equivalent of the Italians sending Beppe Grillo to Parliament.

    • Uh, Rob Ford is the rich, ruling elite.

      • It’s like Keyser Soze said, “The greatest trick the devil ever played was to convince the world he didn’t exist.”
        The greatest trick that the neo-Cons ever pulled was convincing a significant portion of the world that they weren’t the elites.

        • Oh man are you deluded. The elites are the Liberal progressives around the world. They come under various names – Liberal, Democrat, Democratic. The greatest trick that the progressives have played was convincing a significant portion of the world that they weren’t the elites.

          • No pretending they’re not isn’t a big part of their brand.
            Buying old pickups to campaign in, giving speeches condemning the “elite”, donning plaid shirts for ads, adopting simplistic slogans like “common sense,” these are characteristic tricks of the conservative wing of the ruling elite.

          • Hardly, because every member of Ford Nations knows that they are the elites or so they are told.

            Inheriting a business from Daddy (Ford), getting your degree after doing nothing (Harper and his cabinet), getting welfare from rich men for make believe work in their “think tanks” (Harper), being elected in a safe seat after substituting in for the existing candidate because you were deemed more worthy than them (Harper).
            Yeah no elitist entitlement there, salt of the earth all of them..

          • No you are deluded – do you really believe there are no conservatives who are part of the financial elites of this country. If you actually believe that you need counselling.

      • I didn’t say rich. There are two kinds of people – the ruling elite, and the rich but not ruling elite. Ford is the latter. The ruling elite are the Thompsons, and the Torys, and their various hangers ons with their personal house organs TorStar and G&M. Ford is just rich.

        • Right.

          Ford is ruling and elite, but not the ruling elite.

          • And it isn’t like he built what he has that makes him rich either. Daddy did that.
            So entitled as well as elite and ruling

          • Have it your way.

    • Dude, you are the trouble with Kansas.

    • Ford is a cookie cutter politician – he plays the outsider card as any good tea party or old reform members would do.That he is a member of the financial elite in Canada has escaped the notice of the followers of Ford

  15. A few things should be clarified. First, Rob Ford’s continuing support is not about “Ford Nation”. His approval ratings were 44% in the last poll. That represents a large swathe of the electorate – more than the percent of Torontonians that voted Conservative in the last election, for instance (those are also higher approval ratings than Obama or Harper have).

    Second, Canadian polls rarely clarify between approval and favorability. If you asked a question more specifically framed around job approval, Rob Ford would fare poorly. If you asked a question framed around personal favorability, I think Ford would fare well because many people see themselves in him.

    Third, voters often exhibit a tendency to rally around the flag during crises. Attacks (e.g. Pearl Harbor or 9/11) are the most obvious examples, but in fact people may rally in any situation where they believe a crisis is under way. Harper’s support soared during the 2008 coalition crisis, for instance. Eisenhower once got a bump in the polls after having a heart attack (while Clinton gained after the Lewinsky revelations). I believe that is part of what is happening right now for Rob Ford. I don’t think that Ford’s approval ratings reflect genuine approval for the job he’s done as mayor.

    • Wrong. They exactly reflect his job approval. People deal daily with the city hall and they’ve notice an improvement in customer service. Ford has asked the city staff to do exactly that: improve customer service. And it seems it worked and people noticed it. That’s what’s very frustrating about this situation: his ideas are good and are working.

  16. I work in New York City and this guy sounds like a love child of Ed Koch and Marion Barry who gets adopted by Steve Lonnegan. Um, you Canadians can start Googling now. Hey, I had to do it last week to find out what “rolling up the rim” is.

  17. My fave comment is the first one, from Sandy, about how the Toronto Star is “bullying” Rob Ford and how he shouldn’t step down as he struggles with his addictions. Uh, no… the job of Mayor isn’t a 40hr work week thing; you are the Mayor all the time. There’s no “oh, this is an appropriate time to get into a drunken stupor and see where the night takes me.”

    Even if we pretend that no single thing about him is enough to make him step down, there’s a case to be made about the mountain of missteps he’s taken. Surely there’s enough embarrassment to deter support?

    But as you said, political support IS tribal. If George W Bush can be “elected” and “re-elected” then yes, there is power in attitude, moreso than in ideas.

    I guess the only thing to do is to use him against himself in the venue of the suburbs. I’d start trying to organize school visits and events where he can be shown to be unmanageable and misbehaven in front of the people whose support he is abusing.

  18. Yes Almighty Toronto Star. You are a desperate newspaper . You lost 70 million dollars last time I checked. And your relentless pursue of ROB FORD is shameful. Why dont you go after the Liberals and Wynne. THEY STOLE 1.50 BILLION dollars from us. BUT yet I dont see you on her lawn harassing her. I am ashamed that as a little kid, I used to deliver the Star. Back then, when you guys were important, people actually read your newspaper. Now, you are like a gossip-tabloid style of newspaper.

  19. Start of Rant.

    ROFL-There’s an easier explanation – The Ford Nation is made up of the stupidest people in Toronto – an unholy alliance of drug dealers, thugs, bigots, racists, organized crime figures, and hard-core drug users. Who’d have thought that demographic makes up 20% of the population. They are in denial. They are ideologically incapable of critical thinking. They are like religious zealots. They hate anyone that isn’t stupid like them. Why mince words and pander to these idiots. They’re not listening anyway. They want a Godfather figure running things. There’s another term for them – neo-fascists on par with Golden Dawn in Greece. The only difference is they aren’t as upfront about their beliefs as Golden Dawn.

    End Of Rant. (notice I didn’t threaten to tear anyone’s throat out)

  20. Ha ha; I just watched the Star’s video on Robbie, he is obviously drunk but if you listen carefully he’s doing a UFC or WWE impression where he’s in a ring and describing how he will take out his opponent, another voice says those guys are pros, Ford says it doesn’t matter! he even mentions donations from the fight. The Star paid $5000.00 for this???
    I think Michael Cooke needs counselling as much as Ford does as he clearly has issues.
    I mean really, Ford has substance abuse problems but the Star newspaper and its staff has had a clear personal problem with Ford from day one, maybe that’s why he is getting drunk and on drugs?

  21. I am not a resident of Toronto, however I find any person in public office that behaves such as Mr. Ford unacceptable to be a pillar of the community. His actions do not stand alone, there are too many train wrecks in politics. I also feel very strongly about the example they display for our youth. Young people today have so few real mentors that they can look up to. Mr. Ford needs help and he needs to do the right thing and step down!

  22. Rob should take a vacation. It’s loss of Toronto but good for long term especially to recover his strength and focus on next four years.
    Go Ford go, be tough and healthy . Torontorian needs you.

  23. Agreed, Ms. Weinman! Agreed! Any politican who pisses off leftists and limp-wristed, PC- Liberals is A-OK in my books! Got to rehab Rob, sober up and then get back to work! And, don’t let the lefty ankle-biters in the media and on council deter you.

  24. “Why do so many people still support Rob Ford?” Simple, is spite of his personal problems he’s the best mayor Toronto has had for decades.

  25. People are dumb or Conservative suppporters are dumb?

  26. It’s not war against Rob Ford; it’s Rob Ford’s war against the truth.

  27. Rooting for Rob

    Rob Ford smoked crack, he’s not taking it back
    He’s a smooth operator under heavy attack
    He doesn’t have lack of support on his track
    He’s a man of the people, his partying whack!
    But just let him lead then voters are freed
    To determine the justice this citizenry needs
    May my word be the seed of rebellion indeed
    I say Rob is better than all others with GREED!

    Ray Gonzalez

  28. Thank you Rob Ford supporters, for bringing to our attention that it is definitely time to re-evaluate the median IQ of people on this continent.