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Wildrose leader Danielle Smith says people need to be let back into High River


HIGH RIVER, Alta. – The leader of Alberta’s Opposition Wildrose party says it’s time to start letting people back into their homes in the town hardest hit by flooding.

Danielle Smith, who lives in High River, south of Calgary, says displaced resident are at their wit’s end and she can understand why.

She says much of the town is untouched by flooding and she actually defied the mandatory evacuation order for four days — staying in High River to help rescue pets.

The province says as many as 300 people who have refused to evacuate High River in southern Alberta are making a bad situation worse.

Dave Galea (GAHL’-ee-ah) of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency says these people are running out of drinking water and food since rising water hit the town of 13,000 last week.

The province says 80 per cent of the town remains without services and the waste water treatment plant isn’t working.

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Wildrose leader Danielle Smith says people need to be let back into High River

  1. This is a very irresponsible thing to say while first responders are rescuing people who ignored the evacuation order. Tensions are high enough without this.

  2. Trust Danielle to try and stir up controversy where she should be instilling
    calm. The people who refuse to vacate should be fined as they are
    rendering it more difficult for the emergency crews trying to fix things.
    There is a disaster in the town and playing politics is disgraceful. The
    sewage system is NOT working. What do they think is happening when they
    flush? The water system is NOT safe. They will be the first ones to
    cry foul when they are sick and need extended help. She should have flown
    off with Stephen Harper…. they are both useless. Kudos to Mayor Nenshi
    and Alison Redford for having the health and welfare of all Albertans in mind.

  3. thank god the Prairie Princess is not the premier…what an irresponsible position to take…but no risk of her ever being held responsible for anything. She can just spout off and criticize to her hearts content. Oh and thank you sooo much for saving pets, and now giving no considerstion to the emergency responders who ARE responsible for the safety of PEOPLE in High River….it would be wise for her not to stir any more on her Phone In Town Hall tonight….

  4. I suppose it is possible that Danielle Smith is just terribly naive and dim witted and really doesn’t understand that safe water, sewage, utilities, health services, and a food source are required in order to keep a community functioning. She is either just stupid or we have to admit that a leader of a provincial party is simply a vindictive political opportunist trying to take advantage of a natural disaster at the expense of the people she was elected to serve.

  5. Danielle is extremely irresponsible, self-serving and opportunistic and can kiss good-bye
    any support she ever had from our family. Does she not realize that she and
    every other person refusing to follow the instructions of the first responders
    and those who actually know what they are doing is putting all of those
    extremely brave and heroic people at risk? She obviously has not thought this
    through…what a pathetic excuse for a leader. If she does come to her
    senses, she will get out of there and work with the (exhausted!) experts – REAL people without political agendas – to solve some of the critical issues the town will be facing for a very long time. If not, shame on you, Danielle. The public will never forget your embarrassing behaviour during this horrible time.

    • If I were desperate to save my home, obeying the authorities would be the last thing on my mind. Some people who refused the orders actually did manage to save their homes. She speaks for her constituents, who are desperate to get back to their homes to salvage what they can.

  6. I see how resources are put towards the Stampede. High River should be first priority. These families will lose everything due to mold = can begin in 48 hours. The Halliburtons, pumpers from oil companies should be there (and some are) but working in force to pump out the water! Let them back in I beg you. Don’t make it political Ms Redford

  7. Her claim to fame will always be the boob on the bus, nothing more, nothing less. What she has done is unforgivable.

  8. Danielle is such a dumb batch its incredible.
    she cares more about
    her political agenda and will use any situation to help further her
    career. before you listen to anything that comes out of this ditzes
    mouth, remember that she is the same person that thought feeding tainted
    beef to the homeless would be better than throwing it away…

    family and i are part of the evacuees from high river that are waiting
    to go home, if its still there. but we are smart enough to know the
    extent of the damage to the town and just how unsafe it is. we are not
    just talking about flooding here people. there is a mix of river water,
    silt, sewage, propane bottles, carcasses, downed power poles, gas lines,
    broken debris, glass, sink holes, immense structural damage… not a
    good place for my family, i’ll tell you that!

    if you can’t get into your place within 24 hrs to clean it out then it dont matter if its 2 days or 2 months after that point.
    you can’t just start pumping the water out of your home without it
    going somewhere. like on the street to wind up in your neighbors home or
    where there is a big body of water! think about it…. that’s why they
    built the makeshift berm and have been pumping like crazy.

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      • The media should be at arms-length from politicans. Is about 2.5 ft, not minus 5 inches. True, finding out doing the right thing doesn’t usually get you rich nor should be rewarded with a family or low corporate/income taxes leaves you frail and bedazzled.
        I want Danielle to go to heaven. I’m worried she will go to hell. I think the best way for her to gain redemption in gods eyes is to pleasure my whims lest her neocons wings of wax be melted, as she grows older and realizes all rich oil guys do is golf and all poor de-crowned de-daycared future researchers do is violence and prison. For the good of the world she should have a PI track me down, take me to a hotel room and strip naked.