Woman charged with impaired driving causing death in triple fatal crash

Catherine McKay, 49, of Saskatoon is due in court this morning


SASKATOON — RCMP have charged a woman in connection with a crash near Saskatoon that killed three people Sunday.

Constable Matt Hiscock said Catherine McKay, 49 of Saskatoon was remanded in custody after being charged with three counts of impaired driving causing death, and was scheduled to appear in court Monday morning at 10 o’clock local time.

Police said a 34-year old man, a 33-year old woman and a two-year old boy died early Sunday after their Hyundai Elantra was struck by a Jeep Wrangler as it tried to cross Highway 11. The two adults were pronounced dead at the scene, and the boy died a short time later in hospital.

A five-year-old girl who was also in the Hyundai was being treated for serious injuries.

Police said the driver of Jeep was treated in hospital, then placed in custody.

The crash remains under investigation, and the names of the victims have not been released.


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Woman charged with impaired driving causing death in triple fatal crash

  1. How many more innocent people have to die at the hands of drunk drivers? When will the Canadian Judicial System start to convict and sentence drunk drivers who are responsible for the loss of life?
    There is no reason why a person who has been drinking should get behind the wheel of a vehicle. This woman took the lives of four people. She gets to live, drink and continue her merry way while the victims have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Drunk drivers are the scum of the earth.

    • Government only cares about tax greed and its bloated bureaucracy and Orwellian state. We trivialize loss of life, 16 months for DUI murder of two parents, orphaning 5 kids… made me sick to see such injustice, yet it happens time and again where drunks get off so light.

      Bet if the victims were relatives of MPs, MLAs, judges, they would get more time.

  2. Sad, she will get so little time for killing 4 people, ruining so many lives….and like others, get off so light. Our injustice system needs to be changed.

    RIP victims, condolence to survivors.

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