Women’s issues debate cancelled without Harper, Mulcair

Up for Debate, a coalition of dozens of women’s groups and other organizations, had scheduled debate for Sept. 21


Organizers of a debate on women’s issues say the event won’t go ahead as planned because the Conservative and NDP leaders won’t participate.

The debate, scheduled for Sept. 21, had originally been envisioned as a live broadcast debate with all five major party leaders.

But a spokeswoman for Up for Debate, a coalition of dozens of women’s groups and other organizations, says that has now been cancelled because Stephen Harper — and therefore Tom Mulcair — won’t participate.

Mulcair has said he won’t take part in any leaders’ debates without Harper.

The NDP says Mulcair was the first of the major party leaders to agree in principle to the debate and has been working with Up for Debate, looking for other ways to highlight women’s issues through the campaign.

Debate spokeswoman Melanie Gallant says organizers are now looking into doing one-on-one interviews with the leaders and releasing the videos of those interviews at an event on the date the debate would have gone ahead.

The five main party leaders will take part in a French-language debate Sept. 24 at the Radio-Canada studios in Montreal.

The three major party leaders will also debate foreign affairs issues in the Munk Debates Sept. 28.

Harper, for his part, has rejected the traditional debates run by a consortium of the major broadcasters. He has also agreed to a Sept. 17 Calgary debate sponsored by the Globe and Mail and Google Canada and a French-language debate on Quebec’s TVA network on Oct. 2.

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Women’s issues debate cancelled without Harper, Mulcair

  1. 52% of our hard-working taxpayers…..ignored

  2. Can you blame them. Surrounded by a mob of screaming fembots blaming everything including their period on Harper.

    • Wow….don’t take those pills by the handful, dude.

    • Lespaul would like to remind everyone to vote Conservative!
      Don’t forget him when you’re marking your ballot.

    • You and the Donald should get along well. In Canada we actually have ladies that care about the future unlike Mr Harper and his ilk. Harper is scared he will get called out and look like the redneck he is. You on the other hand have already shown us your true colours.

      • Harper is appearing in five debates.

        Plenty of time to ‘call him out’.

  3. Before I buy a can of soup, I can read the label. We can’t continue to allow political parties to decide what we know before we vote. We have a right to know who you are, what you will do and what you won’t do prior to voting.
    • corrupt politicians operate where the rules are weak
    • there are simple, proven rules to stop them
    • we need to make sure those rules are present as basic standards in all levels of government, all the time

    Sign up, participate, nominate the Most Trusted Canadians to run it.
    We are so much more than our government.

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