F-bomb lands C-51 activist in N.S. court

Civil libertarians worry case could call Canadians’ right to political protest into question.


HALIFAX — A Nova Scotia man will face trial for allegedly shouting a four-letter word into a megaphone, in a case one civil libertarian worries could call Canadians’ right to political protest into question.

Joseph Currie was one of three activists arrested last year during a Halifax protest against the former Harper government’s anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51.

The 26-year-old father was charged with “unlawfully (causing) a disturbance … by swearing.”

Lawyer Gordon Allen says his client has no criminal record and in some ways the F-word was “appropriate” given the widespread use of obscenities to voice political discontent.

Josh Paterson of the B-C Civil Liberties Association, who also participated in country-wide protests against Bill C-51, says he’s concerned about restricting what people can and cannot say when criticizing the government.

Halifax police Staff Sgt. Mark Hobeck wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the case, but said the patrol officers made a “discretionary decision” based on the complaints they were receiving.

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F-bomb lands C-51 activist in N.S. court

  1. Somebody needs legislation to introduce the Star Chamber into Canadian Law and a protestor has to keep a civil tongue in his head while on the megaphone?

    While our good guys aren’t into red hot pokers and lopping ears, they aren’t above paying somebody a couple of million bucks to help ‘set the scene’ to catch an evil-doer, or ship you off to a friendly dungeon if needs be. Or just making sure you won’t be boarding a return flight, as easily as the one you left. Or just slipping in to ‘see how you’re doing at work’.

    Golly, they’ll be expecting us all to stop ‘horking loogers’ on the streetcar, again, or not spitting the feenamint paste on the sidewalk. Maybe the problem was the megaphone, because ‘f*ck” (and its derivitives) is one of the most commonly-heard words in Canadian society.

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