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Wynne urges Ontario Liberals not to go negative in election expected next spring


HAMILTON – Premier Kathleen Wynne is urging Ontario Liberals not to go negative in the next provincial election, which is expected as early as next spring.

Wynne told about 500 Liberals at a provincial council meeting in Hamilton that there’s a lot of pressure to engage in what she calls the politics of division, and said she wants to change the tone of debate.

In her first address to a Liberal convention as Premier, Wynne said she does not want the party to get dragged into being mean or engaging in personal attacks like she has been subjected to.

Wynne said she can take the attacks, but insisted Ontarians don’t want the negativity or to see their politicians fighting and pointing fingers so Liberals will show people that there is another way.

The Liberals are meeting to begin their process to develop policies for the next election, which will include asking the public for ideas.

Wynne defended the Liberals’ 10-year record in government and said they had turned Ontario around.

“I’m not going to let anyone diminish these accomplishments or rewrite the history of our contributions,” she said in a speech to the party faithful.

The Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats say the Liberals are reaching out to the public because they’re out of new ideas, especially on ways to turn the economy around and create jobs.

But Wynne said the Liberals intend to set targets for each sector of the economy to make sure there are proper supports to help businesses grow and expand their workforce.

“We cannot slash our way to success,” she said.

“We are investing in people. We are investing in infrastructure and we are supporting businesses by creating an innovative and dynamic environment where everyone can succeed.”


Wynne urges Ontario Liberals not to go negative in election expected next spring

  1. Libs don’t have to do anything…..Hudak and the Cons take themselves out.

  2. Wynne’s right on the money, by gol! Down with all the negativity! I’m POSITIVE I’m not going to vote Liberal next election!

  3. Turned Ontario around? For the worst yes, most of our manufacturing sector has been obliterated, unemployment numbers are up and we’re a have not province for the first time in it’s history. Certainly nothing to be proud of.

  4. Don’t see how it’s possible. Tim Hudak says some really goofy stuff … it would be really hard not to bring it up. Hudak: ‘blah, blah, blah’, Wynne ‘He’s just saying blah, blah, blah and putting his fingers in his ears’; press ‘Thought you promised to stay positive’.

  5. “The people don`t want negativity.“ What
    hypocritical drivel. Dalton didn’t do attack ads either because his third party
    election friends like the Working Families created and funded by the unionized
    construction industry and the Teachers unions, do all the dirty work and
    outspend any individual party doing it, just to keep the Libs in power. How
    about a little election finance reform Ms. Wynne, like we have Federally and in
    Toronto, as called for last spring by the Chief Electoral Officer
    when he reported the exponential increase in third party spending up to $6.7
    million in the last election. Smile all you want Premier but the Liberal party
    is very dirty as no one should believe that the private sector construction
    industry is spending $millions out of the goodness of their hearts or that they
    are not racking in $100’s of millions in monopoly profits at a direct cost to
    the taxpayer, gained from Toronto and other municipal tendering monopolies
    protected by you. Welcome to Quebec everyone.