Canadian actress Ellen Page comes out as gay at Las Vegas conference


LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Oscar nominated Canadian actress Ellen Page has come out as gay, declaring that hiding her sexuality has caused her years of suffering.

Page went public Friday night in Las Vegas during an emotional speech to the Time to Thrive conference — an LGBT (lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual) youth event sponsored by the gay advocacy group Human Rights Campaign.

The 26 year old Halifax native said she was “tired of lying by omission,” and that her fear of coming out had caused her spirit, her mental health and her relationships all to suffer.

The audience stood and applauded when she told the conference “I’m here today because I’m gay, and maybe I can make a difference to help others have an easier and more hopeful time.”

Page said she felt she’d been put in a difficult position by a film industry that places “crushing standards” on actors.

“Standards of beauty, of a good life, of success. Standards that I hate to admit, affected me,” she said.

The star of such hit movies as “Juno,” “Inception” and “X-Men” said that all people, regardless of their sexuality, “Deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise.”

Page won the hearts of moviegoers, and also an Oscar nomination, playing a pregnant teenager in “Juno.”

Jennie King, director of sales and marketing for Neptune Theatre in Page’s hometown, said the local film and theatre community was celebrating the actress on Saturday.

“It’s really inspiring to know that the community is standing behind her,” said King. “She’s sort of set herself free to go and liberate herself and take on wonderful new projects and be a spokesperson… for our city and for other young people that are experiencing the same kind of challenges.”

Twitter users responded to Page’s coming out speech with tweets describing it as “inspiring,” “beautiful,” “moving,” and “awesome.”

And “House of Cards” star Kate Mara tweeted “Hey @EllenPage…Be my Valentine?”

Page’s speech was linked through her Facebook page and had received more than 28,500 likes, and nearly 3,000 comments and shares by mid-morning on Saturday.

Many commenters praised Page for coming out with one suggesting that Page’s speech should be “played at every high school in North America.”

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Canadian actress Ellen Page comes out as gay at Las Vegas conference

  1. Well then how did Michael Sera get her pregnant then? huh? huh?

    • Magic.

    • Immaculate conception.

  2. The sex appeal of a wet noodle and the worst host of Saturday Night Live ever,90 minutes of no laughs while looking like a pompous 12 year old boy,a career of lifetime channel movies awaits her.

  3. I am now announcing I am straight and would like to share it with the world. Would you please give me a month celebrating my sexuality.

    • Actually, what you just announced is that you’re someone with absolutely no understanding nor empathy toward the amount of discrimination faced by folks that don’t share the same sexual orientation as the majority.

      • Actually, what was announced is she’s ‘different’ and wants it to be known.

        LGBT activists want ‘equal’ treatment, but keep harping on how they are ‘different’.

        Here’s some advice.

        No one cares who you sleep with.

        You didn’t know she was a lesbian?

        • If only nobody cared who others slept with. The existence of such organizations as Westboro Baptist Church, Courage International, and North Star International proves you’re quite wrong in that assertion, unfortunately.

          And every time a good person steps forward and says, “Hey, me too”, it serves to weaken the stigma against these people and the fear that they have that someone might find out and judge them.

          If you don’t like this people announcing these things, that’s fine. You’re under no obligation to laud them for doing so. But until there is no reason for them to stay hidden, until there’s no group thinking that being homosexual is something that needs to be managed or cured, then going that extra step and telling them to sit down and shut up is in essence reinforcing the idea that they should be ashamed and stay hidden. And it’s a prick thing to do.

          • You’re confused.

            What people are getting sick and tired of is the continued whining of the LGBT community, at every opportunity.

            What those kook fringe groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church, Courage International, and North Star International put out is merely a drop in the bucket compared to the LGBT groups, continuous whining and crying.

            If you think the haters are so prevalent, then go count up how many times gay rights/coming out stories are in the news compared to those irrelevant fringe groups.

            They barely register in the MSM.

            Proves you’re quite wrong in your assertion, unfortunately.

            Every time someone steps forward to declare who they have sleep with, their cause becomes less relevant and more annoying.

            No one cares who you sleep with.

            “… weaken the stigma against these people…”?

            What stigma?
            The ONLY issue is the one the LGBT community is creating for itself.

            They want ‘equal rights’, yet they want a ‘separate’ school.

            Which is it?
            Pick one.

            “…fear that they have that someone might find out and judge the.”?

            People are JUDGED?
            Say it isn’t so!!!!

            News flash for you sparky.
            People are judged on EVERYTHING.
            It’s been going on since the cave man days.

            Well thanks for pointing out my rights and freedoms to have my own opinion.

            I can laud or criticize anyone I like, and they’re free to do otherwise.

            Even if they’re completely and utterly wrong.

            No one says they have to hide, but why is there a need to broadcast it via a news conference?
            Show some class, and decorum.

            What are people afraid of?
            Show up with the date of your choice.

            There’s no need to force it down people’s throats.
            That’s a prick thing to do.

  4. good for her! why would people care with who you sleep? it’s none of our business, One thing I know for sure is that the gay people are good peaceful people who mind their own businesses, wish I could say the same for heterosexual people,

    • “why would people care with who you sleep? it’s none of our business…”?

      So why did she feel the need to broadcast it?

  5. Bought milk yesterday just as newsworthy

  6. it seems to be cool to be gay these days

    • It’s more annoying, than cool, nowadays.