Canadian kids sing along with Chris Hadfield as he prepares to return to Earth


TORONTO – Astronaut Chris Hadfield broke into song in his last video chat from space, with scores of Canadian students providing backup vocals.

The popular space man — who tweets and strums his guitar while orbiting the planet aboard the International Space Station — sang his support for music education.

Students from across the country tuned in via web link and many joined Hadfield in singing the theme song for the Music Monday campaign, which he co-wrote with Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson.

In Toronto, the crowd packed into the Ontario Science Centre erupted in cheers, giving the performance a standing ovation.

While fielding questions from students after the song, Hadfield said music has made him a better astronaut by teaching him to improvise and be creative.

Hadfield is due to return next week from a five-month visit to the giant space laboratory.

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