Canadian woman, daughter caught smuggling $59,000 in their bras


DETROIT – U.S. border agents say they have caught a Canadian woman and her teenage daughter trying to cross the border with $59,000 hidden in their bras.

The Detroit Free Press and the Windsor Star say a complaint was filed Tuesday in Detroit federal court against a 51-year-old woman.

The complaint says border agents detained Moura El-Asmar and her 16-year-old daughter at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel on their way to Detroit Metropolitan Airport for a flight to visit relatives in Lebanon.

Agents found $15,300 in El-Asmar’s purse. A pat down found “a bulky mass” in her bra that led to the pair’s hidden cash.

The Windsor-area woman is charged with cash smuggling and lying to a federal agent.

Her daughter isn’t charged.

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Canadian woman, daughter caught smuggling $59,000 in their bras

  1. why can’t you take your money with you on a trip ?

    • Because the law says so. You must declare any cash over $10,000. Customs have no issue with you taking over $10,000, as long as you declare it. Any honest human being would do so, only criminals don’t because they can’t justify the cash. Warren Buffet declaring and taking a million in cash over the border no problem, guy is worth billions. A 16 year old girl with tens of thousands of dollars in cash, with no verifiable source of income, a problem.

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