Charges against Brazeau a 'letdown', 'extremely appalling,' Harper says -

Charges against Brazeau a ‘letdown’, ‘extremely appalling,’ Harper says


VANCOUVER – Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he feels “let down” by the circumstances surrounding Sen. Patrick Brazeau, who has been charged with assault and sexual assault.

Harper, speaking at a news conference in Vancouver, says he considers Brazeau’s situation “terrible,” “extremely appalling” and “disappointing.”

He’s quick to note, however, that most people in the Senate are hardworking people who take their responsibilities very seriously.

Brazeau, who was arrested Thursday at his home, has been freed on bail after spending the night behind bars before a brief court appearance today. A court order prohibits publication of the victim’s name.

Brazeau spoke briefly and quietly in court and appeared subdued while filing the paperwork for his release.

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Charges against Brazeau a ‘letdown’, ‘extremely appalling,’ Harper says

  1. Canada, again, is let down by harpo, for appointing brazeau in the first place. Now we got a con, collecting his pay, while waiting to become a con.

    • Your logic if an employer hires an employee and that employee misbehaves badly its the employers fault. Brazeau is a 38 year old grown man he takes no responsibilty