Conservative MP short-circuited in bid to condemn sex-selective abortion


OTTAWA – A Conservative MP’s bid to have Parliament condemn the practice of sex-selective abortion has been short-circuited.

A House of Commons sub-committee that oversees private members’ business has deemed Mark Warawa’s motion to be non-votable.

That means the non-binding motion will not be debated, much less voted upon, sparing Stephen Harper from another embarrassing split in Conservative ranks over an issue the prime minister has promised his government won’t re-open.

Warawa is vowing to appeal what he calls the sub-committee’s “shocking and undemocratic decision.”

He can appeal to the procedure and House affairs committee to overturn the sub-committee’s decision.

If that doesn’t work, Warawa could then appeal to the Speaker of the House of Commons, triggering a rare secret ballot vote by all MPs.

Warawa says he’ll appeal the decision “as far as necessary.”

“Motion 408’s call to condemn discrimination against women and girls (through sex-selective abortion) is definitely in order,” Warawa said in a statement Thursday.

“The idea that members of Parliament aren’t allowed to express an opinion on any subject is beyond belief.”

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Conservative MP short-circuited in bid to condemn sex-selective abortion

  1. We live in a democracy, do we not? Why is this issue voted as non-votable? Millions of Canadians consider this issue important. Why is discussion constantly bing muted? Canada is no longer a democracy, that’s why.

  2. Leona Aglukkaq, Niki Ashton and Libby Davies have already publicly condemned sex-selection abortion. It’s a no-brainer.

    The same committee deemed M-312 to be votable. I guess unborn girls are easier to throw under the bus.

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