Conservative Peter Penashue accuses Liberal rival of double dipping -

Conservative Peter Penashue accuses Liberal rival of double dipping


ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Federal Conservative candidate Peter Penashue accused his Liberal challenger of inappropriately spending public money during a debate in the byelection for the riding of Labrador.

Penashue alleged during the debate in Happy Valley-Goose Bay that he recently found out that Yvonne Jones was double dipping and her salary had to be garnisheed as a result.

Jones said Penashue’s allegation was a lie, adding that her salary was never garnisheed, and she challenged him to prove his accusation.

A spokesman for Penashue, who did not specify the nature of the alleged double dipping during the debate, could not be immediately reached for comment.

The May 13 byelection was called after Penashue resigned over 28 illegal election contributions.

NDP candidate Harry Borlase is also running.

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Conservative Peter Penashue accuses Liberal rival of double dipping

  1. Penashue’s desperation knows no bounds. He is shameless in his pursuit. That is not the type of person that should represent Labrador.

  2. Garnisheed means the salary was seized against her will. I would guess if there if anything this is some irregularity in payment that was paid back voluntarily by salary payments, not garnisheed.

  3. PP give me a real! How desperate are you at all? Get a life and hopefully it won’t be in politics!

  4. What a bonehead this twerp is..typical lying cheating CONvict at election time.

  5. What do you expect from a crook? Harper’s buddy. Isn’t it odd that the Conservative party coughed up the 50,000 Peter was forced to pay back. How could he pay it back when it was the party that paid it. That Peter guy is a real crooked politician, he must have some dirt on Harper that keeps Harper on his side. Otherwise, why would Harper support a complete crook the way he has, both financially and his personal endorsement.