Do you believe the allegations Conservatives tried to prevent people from voting in the last election? -

Do you believe the allegations Conservatives tried to prevent people from voting in the last election?


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Do you believe the allegations Conservatives tried to prevent people from voting in the last election?

  1. In the long run it will be Bob Rae who apologizes.

    •  You must be drunk, punk. *lol*

  2. it’s a slippery slope if we let this pass. We live in a democracy and the right to vote and to have a fair vote was fought for by our military . People die all over this world wanting freedom and the right to vote . Let’s show them what it is to be Canadians and stand up and demand we get to the bottom of this and let the chips fall where they may .

    • And maybe it’s a case of someone crying wolf.
      Sorry – but in this day and age, anyone who picks up a call from an unidentified number, is a rarity.
      Who’s to say that someone in the Liberal or NDP party thought that by pretending to be conservatives, and pulling this stunt, they would be able to fool people into thinking there was something fishy going on.
      And to bring it up now?

      • Duh, that makes allot of sense.  Were you calling about Vic?

      • I picked up the call. I got the direction to change my polling station. And the only party that my household had told we were NOT voting for was the conservatives. (there are 5 of us with varying views.) Over 31,000 of us picked up the call. You think we are all liars?

        • Wow – 31000 people ? Seriously?  Can’t believe so many would answer an undentifiable call…did you mark down the phone number?
          And who did the 5 people in your house tell they weren’t going to be voting Conservative??   Sounds kind od fishy.
          I wouldn’t call you ALL liars, but there is a certain amount of mass hysteria that happens when people think they have a chance to be part of some big conspiracy- they wouldn’t want to be left out.

          Some people will do or say anything to get a chance at their 15 minutes of fame.

        • I don’t believe that 30,000 plus people actually got such a call.  I do believe that some people did.  I’m curious just how many of these folks actually got out and voted.

    • Karen, our right to vote was done at the stroke of a pen, not the swing of a sword.   Please review your history and do not confuse us with the US.   Vote fraud is also an issue all over the world.   Why not here?   You honestly think that the NDP, Liberals, Green Party, Rhino Party, Communist Party and all the other register political parties in Canada would not cheat to get votes if they thought they could get away with it?   Wake up…

      • When you so easily ascribe dishonesty to others, you say something about yourself.

        There are many Canadians who live by high standards of honesty.  They have a right to resent your suggestion that everyone has as little integrity as you appear to have.

        • You must be out of your mind. The main parties to subscribe to this are Bob Rea and his NDP’s or is it Liberals. Guess they’re about the same.

          • If you knew anything about cognitive dissonance, you’d understand that your criticism of the other parties is nothing but knee-jerk conservatism.
            it’s unfortunate that so many Canadians are routinely made fools of by their partisanship = “my party, right or wrong” thinking.
            All of the intelligent, honest, hard-working, decent people are not found in any one political party in this country.  Every one of the parties has highly respectable members and representatives, just as all of them include people who leave something to be desired.
            If one of us is out of his mind, I can assure you that it is not yours truly. 

        • You had better take a close look at the world we live in. Honesty,integrity or ethics no longer exist in the workplace, or government at any level. You would have a hard time finding those qualities with children in grade school because of greed and I’m me generation

          • You are allowing ytourself to be carried away by cynicism.  I don’t know how you may have been disappointed in your dealings with various people, but I can assure you that the great majority of those with whom I come in contact demonstrate honesty and integrity.
            Yes, it’s true that I number few conservatives among my close friends.  It is probable that I would share some of your misanthropy, if I spent more time with Stephen Harper supporters.  They are, by and large, of dubious quality..

      • This comment was deleted.

        • I don’t  know where you live but I live in BC where we have had the NDP lie to us many, many times.  I also have a strong feeling that the Cretien gov.t slipped a few pretty big ones past us. (We all know they did if we read and think at all.)  There are people who will cheat for political gain in every party I am sure.  The temptation is too great and too many of the politicians who want to be elected are in it for their own good or they become socialized to the political norm. 

      • “Vote fraud” is all over the world………………… that makes it okay????????????

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Eat me moron

  3. what a hoot! first the libs have to apologize for the vikileaks and now the conservatives have to apologize for the robocalls, it’s better then a soap opera!!!! so stay tuned as there will be more drama i’m sure the NDP will want in on this because it gives lots of air time to the parties!!!!!! brahahaha….

    • And Pat Martin is being sued for slander and unfounded attacks against RackNine, he also put the NDP on the Titanic in Alberta, with his Edmonton Hillbillies slur.  What a fool!

      •  Awww did some Edmonton redneck hillbillies get their little ole conservative hey eating feeling hurt????   AWWWWWWWWW   Go back to suck on your mama’s tit ya redneck idiot

      • Good luck with that LOL.Cons always want to sue it is their way of trying to stfle any critics

  4. My how the Liberals get uptight over the dirty tricks that they have played for years suddenly bite them in the arse. Nobody has proven anything yet. Maybe the Libs did this to themselves to stir up shit.

    • They prevented people from voting or irritated them into voting AGAINST the Liberal party???  Brilliant theory.  That’s what politicians are known for — the great desire to lose power.

      • What gives these charges credibility is the persona that Stephen Harper has built over his years in politics.  His visceral hatred of the opposition, his hostility to those who fail to knuckle under to him, and his deep nastiness combine to make the accusations seem eminently reasonable.
        He need not have had a hand in the activities.  He can certainly be seen to have inspired them. A columnist has spoken of Conservative underlings “channeling” the P.M., at once a nice choice of diction, and a horrifying prospect. Canada does not need thousands of ugly Harper clones polluting the body politic.

        • Must be a Liberal wanna be NDPer

          • In well over fifty years of marking my ballot I have never voted Liberal or Conservative.  Nor would I ever consider doing so.  They are two peas from the same ugly pod, appealing only to voters with the most selfish motives.

            Hillel:  “If I am not for myself, who will be?  If I am *only* for myself, who am I?”
            Answer:  A Canadian Liberal or a Conservative.

            You have earned the “selfish”lable.  Now wear it.

      • Makes as much sense as the Conservatives doing this in areas where they have a huge lead.

  5. From Conservative supporter, to hang the guilty bastards in two elections.
    Lack of positive support for injured vets, abetting the Gliberal gutting of Military and Civil Service Pension funds.
    Need I mention the destruction of NRC and ignoring their Housing Standards for houses sent to Attawapiscat

    • First of all
      – the vets will do o.k.
      – civil service and GOvernment as a whole is to large
      -NRC did it to themselves, like the wheat board
      – If anyone should be hung for that mess in Attawapiscat, it should be the Native Leaders, their greed created the problem

  6. I think the media bias is to assume and hope that senior conservative party members are responsible and frame every “news” story to imply guilt so that they are harmed politically regardless of the facts.  It is not reporting, it is irresponsible use of the power of the media with it’s own agenda.  Politics in north america has gravitated to perpetual mud slinging and the left leaning media has only the thinnest vanier of ethics.  What is the difference between misleading phone calls and misleading reporting?     

    • This comment was deleted.

      • So misleading reporting is alright in your books!!!!!! You must be a Lie…beral

    • You poor soul!  It is clear from your complaint that there you can locate no media outlets that support the political right.
      When did the Sun newspapers shut down?  I had not noticed that.
      Did the Sun television network not get off the ground and start broadcasting right-wing extremist propaganda?  They certainly announced their intention to do so. And you cannot live in the Toronto area, where Radio 640 dispenses hard right piffle twenty-four hours a day.

      Your complaints about a left-wing media belong where the sun fails to shine.  Wake up to reality!

    • How many left leaning news papers are there in canada.Mcleans publishes articales touting the consertivates as the be all and the end all up untill after an election and then when it is safe to print some thing near the truth we get some of it.

  7. I think even bring this voting issue up NOW? If this is true why didn’t people complain right after the Election? I  certainly would have. It just seems the opposition partys are  doing anything to create  mistrust with the puplic.
       Kris Morrison

    • They did, Elections Canada has thousands of complaints.

      • Elections Canada investigating this is a joke isn’t it? They can’t do anything if they find something…an electoral in the ridings have to take the ACTION – file charges (legal ones); and the people (voters) in the ridings involves should be raising MAJOR hell asking that the police expediate their investigation for CRIMINAL CHARGES get processes within the constraints of the fime factor. Raise hell and follow through..Harpo needs to saddle up his horse and head for the hills (the hills in Alberta)!!!

    • You need a short course in the duties of the opposition in a Parliamentary System such as ours.
      It is their responsibility to hold the government’s feet to the fire. That is how they earn their salaries. It’s what the public depends upon them to do.

      Were you equally distressed, when the Conservatives were in opposition, finding ways to question the behaviour of the government?

      What makes me think that you were not?

    • People did complain right after the election and Elections Canada started working on it right away ~ in Guelph.

  8. The unhealty obsession Steven Harper has with destroying the Liberal Party of Canada is so toxic that it would not surprise me to discover that conservative operatives have been blinded by their leaders obsession and have possibly placed their party in jeapordy.  Add to the mix the determination to secure a majority and one ends up with the perfect toxic political cocktail.    

  9. Harper has been accused of many things but no one has ever accused him of being stupid. I can’t imagine him being involved in  something like this –knowing what the backlash wound be when it inevitably became known.

    • what do you mean “no one has ever accused him of being stupid. Not true- I did that on a number of occasions. OK so my opinion doesn’t count.

      • hahahaha, you’re not the only one…. but very funny reply!!!!

      • First true thing posted here.  Your opinion only counts at the voting station the rest is just argumentative.

    • No where in this is Harper accused of authorizing this.  But he set the bar when he held the Liberal party responsible for stealing monbey in the Sponsorship scandal.  The Liberal party was held responsible by the CPC and the electorate for the actions of a few criminals.  Even though there was no policy implemented by the party itself to steal the money.  All the government of the time was trying to do was argue the opposing viewpoint to the PQ in a fight to breakup Canada.  But since the party was held responsible, this is no different.

  10. Why is it such a big deal ? Just because Pat Martin has a hizzy fit doesn’t make important.

    • Why is it such a big deal? Let’s see: It’s against the law. It is a violation of the very democratic principles on which this nation is founded. It further erodes the trust Canadians have in our politicians and our electoral process.

      …need I go on?

  11. From a government who will prorogue parliament to avoid a non-confidence vote, anything is possible. 

  12. this should be properly investigated, then let the axe fall where it may.
    it is time for the people of canada to vote by phone or computer.
    should one not know how to vote by computer, go to your local
    library and they will help. this site has to be very safe like
    the banks have.

    • If people are too lazy to get their butts to a polling station and show proper ID, and their faces- then they don’t deserve a vote. Hackers find new ways to manipulate data every day.

  13. Finally, someone got caught! Look for culprits in all parties and punish. This type of campaigning is much too much American for our taste!

  14. Yes, every party gets involved with some questionable practices, but the conservatives under Harper have taken it to another level entirely. Take away the party names and put the same issues in the paper and you would think the culprits were an 3rd world tin pot dictatorship. As a western Canadian, I bought into the “the west wants” in message that the conservatives predecessors sold us. Now I feel duped as I see them tell half truths, outright lies in Canada and outside our borders. I am traditionally a proud Canadian, but I just don’t like the direction we are heading. I just hope there is something left after this term for the next party to govern.  

  15. First of all….where’s the proof?  Second, why now?  Third, if the Conservative party was behind this, why would they target Liberals when is was clear the NDP were going to post the biggest gains, and the Liberals were going to get tanked?  And Fourth, the NDP would also stand to gain from this.  Is it not possible they, or their union supporters who are no strangers to dirty tricks, could have been behind this just to make the Conservatives look bad?  Just sayin’.  

    • Rack9 has been a service used by Conservatives, not by the other parties, for a few years now. So unless you’re suggesting the NDP are organized enough to come up with a multi-year plan to hire a robocall company and use them legitimately on behalf of the CPC up until the last election, you’ve got more thinking to do.

      And if you *are* suggesting that, might I suggest we elect the NDP right now, because that’s more foresight, imagination, and organization than I’ve seen any party exhibit ever.

  16. Eric

    At the end of the day what does it matter which Party was responsible.  In the end it likely was some  misguided zealot who was the author of the call orders.  I can’t understand if the call centers were making the calls why it is such a mystery who authorized or paid for the bill for their services or was it a freebie?  Not too likely!!

    • Are you serious? What does it matter? A misguided zealot- with the database from the Cons indication supporters and non supports? Boy you Cons can certainly come up with some creative reasons why the NDP or the Liberals would make these phone calls. A coincedence that all those who were called were not Cons. lol

  17. All riding where there was any phony phone calls should be recalled and a new election called.  Regardless of whether the calls made a difference or not.  This action is the start of the decline of our democratic system. It cannot go unpunished.

  18. Everyone is going on and on about this issue (especially the media). Are Canadians too stupid to realize that if they are in the wrong polling station – hey go to the proper one!! Did anyone not really vote because they had been misdirected? Really?

    • Same thought struck me.  However, that still leaves the question about those who tried to deliberately mislead trusting voters, of whom there used to be many.

    • Yes. There’s a story right here in the blogs section of Macleans about an old man who walks to get around, and by the time he got to the “new” polling station and was told that wasn’t right, he was simply too tired to continue on.

      • So where were the volunteer drivers? in my polling stations, all parties have a few hanging around wanting to help elect their candidate in any way they know how.

        Sorry – that argument and story are just too stupid to believe.

    • Once again, missing the point here.  Trying to interfere with someones right/ability to vote by impersonating “elections canada” is illegal.  Let this one go, what will they try next?

  19. How many of these people claiming they received a call supposodly from elections canada actually did, and can prove it? How many are just looking for their 15 min. of fame?
    I received a call but my , sso go fish.wife and I had already voted in the advance poll, and we both voted concervative, and our riding elected member is NDP so go fish.

  20. Has anyone consider that this was just the Liberal party up to its nasty tricks and using Empty headed Bob Ray and his empty headed goons in the NDP.  Though now a Liberal you can be sure the ache for his former alegiance still exists.

    • Again, unless you’re suggesting a multi-year plot by some other party to hire Rack9, use them on behalf of the CPC for a few elections, and then turn around and send in Pierre Poutine, you’ve got more thinking to do.

    • a) Rae was not the leader of the Liberals at the time
      b) Why would the Liberals deliberately damage their already-shrinking vote count? You think they wanted to finish behind the NDP?

  21. I believe the conservatives were so desperate for their majority they would have done almost anything to win last May. I do however think that a public inquiry would clear the air and that they cannot be declared to have been involved until a public inquiry proves whether they were involved and if so in what capacity. It does make no sense the liberals would up set their own voters. Harper is great at spinning things to blame the liberals and NDP for everything. The most disturbing part about the conservatives is how they attack anyone who questions them like calling those who disagree with a bill on privacy being with pedophiles. They are very clever at diverting the attention to other issues. I do believe it is a sad state of affairs and if they do not have a transparent public inquiry it will be a blow for the democratic process in Canada. 

  22. The only party who could get an advantage by misdirecting voters would be the Conservatives
    They wanted a majority pretty bad !

  23. A bully like Harper….of course I think he’s responsible.

  24. No one knows which party these calls emanated from; only that it started and spread from Ontario.
    Canadians shouldn’t judge or ascribe blame, particularly partisan blame, until and unless a perpetrator can be positively identified.
    It shouldn’t be Canadian to be bandwagon jumpers to suit your agenda.
    Let the facts come in.

    • Fact: Calls went through Rack9
      Fact: Going through Rack9 requires an account.
      Fact: RCMP investigated Rack9 on behalf of Elections Canada
      Fact: They then turned from that to investigate the CPC who have an account on Rack9, while the other parties do not.
      Fact: The guy standing over the body with the bloody knife is probably the one that did it.


        This was what I silently predicted when I heard about this scandal. The
        U.S. has a decades long prediliction towards messing in other countries
        politics, war or no war; not that this is known to be what happened here

        I do know that as a Canadian, I get ten or twelve robocalls a day
        touting debt consolidation that ARE U.S. based firms using dummy
        Canadian area code phone prefixes to hawk their ‘services’. The Canadian
        do not call list doesn’t protect us here from their cash hyenas, and
        their U.S. ‘Do Not Call’ list excludes Canadians from registering; so
        it’s open season on us, which stinks considering the state of the U.S.

  25. If you knew where to vote, then you go do it, and don’t pay attention to any phone calls advising differently.  Who would call you in particular.  It’s all being blown out of proportion.  After all, the responsibility is your own, and you should not blame others for you not voting.  You can actually vote at any polling station with proper identification.  So, bottom line, get back to governing, and stop this crap.  

    • No, you can’t vote at any polling station. At least, you shouldn’t be able to, or how would they know how many times you’ve voted?

  26. I’m stunned at the posters who don’t care. It seems we don’t have much power with one little vote among so many, but democracy is a wonderful thing. It supports our freedoms to speak out, to meet with others and sometimes to change our government.

    We need to know who impersonated Elections Canada and punish them to the full extent of the law – fines, taxpayer contributions to election expenses and jail time. This is a crime – very different from name-calling and spreading gossip – not criminal offences in a democracy.

    I value my vote and those of my fellow citizens. Find and punish those who tried to subvert democracy.

  27. What are our constitutional options if we find that the Conservatives won the election through fraudulent and illegal robocalls.

  28. There is no doubt that an investigation by Elections Canada should be held. But now, how much are we, the taxpayers, spending per hour in wages, etc., for this nonsense to continue. Bring up the issues; turn them over to the appropriate agency- and get on with it.. There are such things as governing the country, and these ‘chosen’ people spend four afternoons per week, plus research time, picking at each other. (Maybe they need the pink shirt campaign too!)

  29. Americans live with this kind of dirty poltics but even they expect something better from Canadian
    politics.  Nita

  30. A couple of points to remember about Mr Harper and the Conservatives:
    – When first voted into power they passed a bill stipulating that elections be held every four years, then promptly broke their own law.

    – They are the only government in the Commonwealth to be found in contempt of Parliament for failing to disclose details of the costs of expensive items like the F-35s and the law-and-order agenda.–committee-finds-harper-government-in-contempt 
    We shouldn’t be surprised if they are found responsible for the robocalls trying to prevent citizens from voting.

  31. How many of the people reporting having received these phone calls are for real and how many are just lookinmg for their 15 minutes of fame? I received one of these calls,but I’m not reporting it to election canada. My wife and I had already voted in the advance poll and we voted conservative. Our elected  MP is NDP. Go fish.

  32. Are all Canadians STUPID ??? and why are we letting on that we are . Didn’t everyone receive a voters card ? Isn’t it up to you to know where to VOTE . And are you that simple that you would change your mind just before you vote ? One more Q Didn’t more people vote in the last election then in the one before ?

    • According to Elections Canada, only 2% more Canadians voted in the last election compared to the previous one.  Voter turnout has been steadily dropping since 1997. 
      As for the voters card indicating where to vote, yes we all get one, however, if “Elections Canada” phones you on election day to tell you that the location has been changed, until now,why would anyone have reason to doubt the caller?

      • When you recieved the call changing your polling station what did the caller say?

  33. My riding was one of the ones that this allegedly took place, and I feel like my vote was invalidated by this.

    • Did you recieve questionable phonecalls Nancy?

  34. Canadians wake up to the real Harper government agenda.
    They are reformers to the core.His cabinet members follow his directives
    without question.He introduced american style “dirty politics” into our
    country,two years before the last election and look at the results,
    these robo calls are just begining.The death of Jack Layton was
    a windfall for the Harper hacks.
    All canadians should stand up and tell Harper to take his american
    politics back across the border where that “CRAP” belongs.
    A proud retired soldier. 

    • Name calling and nasty smears don’t solve anything Traynor.
      As a retired soldier, YOU of all people should know better.

  35. It seems to me that it is just too convenient that it was the robocall company that the conservatives use that most of these calls seem to have come from. Now if I were to do this I would use a  company that a different party uses. It could also have been done by some group like anonymous.

    • Waiting patiently for answers.   Who’d have thunk  vikileaks involved liberals.

  36. There seems to be a “Rush to Judgement”!  here.  I thought our judicial system believes in the assumption of innocence until proven otherwise.  Lets wait for the Election Canada do it’s investigation.  There’s a whole lot of anecdottle stories out there which may be an irritant for some people. That doesn’t make it illegal. Many people receive calls during an election including me, but all it was is some party helper asking for my support. That doesn’t make it something to complain about! 

    • They didn’t just call people. They called people and represented themselves as Elections Canada, which is illegal.

      • Did they call you Thwim?

        • Nope I live in Calgary. Do you believe absolutely everybody who says they did is lying?

          And if so, where do you get your deals on tinfoil?

    •  This wasn’t a call from “some party helper asking for my support” I live in an Ontario riding where the Liberal incumbent kept his seat and I received one of these calls advising me that my place to vote had been changed (to a very inconvenient spot downtown) which seemed kind of fishy to me. A while later the MP’s office were frantically calling  people to advise them that this was a hoax.

      • Good,  glad you weren’t stupid enough to fall for hoax calls.
        Hope you phoned to complain right away not 10 months later.  If you have caller ID that may also have been helpful.

  37. We believe that Parliament has very important things they should be looking after instead of bringing up allegations that are not helping the poor and meager earners of our society.  It seems our Parliament has become a stupid — not getting down to the business of the people when they open Parliament — why do we elect people in — I thought it was to look after the affairs of the people……

  38. Welcome to iranada

  39. Anyone or group that messes with my Right to Privacy,Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms,my Internet,(by changing the name at the last minute,of a law),calls its own citizens “Child Pornographers” just because we know what they are trying to do and we disagree with them,sits in a locomotive tooting a horn and then does absolutely nothing for those workers as well as all the other companies that are leaving, and now this government are partly to blame for the via-rail disaster in ontario where people were killed and in-jured,pipe line fiasco, G7 brutality in Toronto,it goes on and on.”THIS IS NOT MY CANADA” I have to agree with Justin Trudeau.This government -Impeachment!

    • Disgusted, you need to brush up your English grammar. Just try reading your first sentence aloud. Do you know what a main verb is? Have you heard of noun-verb agreement (“anyone . . . are” is disagreeable).

  40. Having watchewd how Harper conducts Politics this is not a surprise. Canada should be suspended from sending observers to other countries to verify that elections are deemocratic. There is nothing democratic about  the current gouvenrnement

  41. In the last Australia Federal election it has been proven that many of the votes cast for the ALP Labor Party were by dead people some more then 2 years. They do not have a real democracy as voting is compulsory. henvce corruption.

  42. Could Stephen Harper be suffering from some kind of psychological obsessive disorder…?

  43. Properly investigated – YES!@!! And by the RCMP who are able to lay charges – where Elections Canada don’t do that type of thing. Electorals in the ridings can lay charges and have their ridings legally investigated can’t they? The truth is on a time clock isn’t it?? Elections Canada will take too long. Harpo and his cons should be put into a period of moritorium, sit on their hands until the truth be KNOWN!@!!

  44. If YOU wait until Elections Canada does their investigation – there is a time factor #1 where whatever they find (and whatever they find can’t be prosecuted by them anyhow) has to have action within a certain time period. I say hand off everything to the legal system – RCMP, Ottawa police and other authorities so they can PROSECUTE.

  45. I got many calls from that blowhard Bruce Hyer (NDP) who takes credit for everything and does nothing but bog down parliament with his idiotic private members bills, but you don’t see me crying about it and running to Elections Canada about it.

    • You have missed the point. The issue is not that people “got many calls”; the issue is that they got fraudulent calls that disenfranchised them.

      • Did you get fraudulent calls , John?

  46. Just another trick organized by the Conservatives to ensure that they got a majority so they could change Canada in a manner that, in Stephen Harper’s words:  “we will not recognize it”

  47. Every candidate who won a seat in a riding where these robocalls took place should be removed from office and there should be a new election, all costs paid for by the PCs.

  48. I have never liked or trusted Bob Rae! Remember when he was Premier of Ontario as NDP leader!  raised taxes [biig times], closed hospitals, [ to this day NDP does not want to admit they closed hospitals under crazy Bob]

  49. How about laying charges agaisnt the other parties 4 snooping—–like—they–didn’t want anyone 2 get into anyone elses computers etc. etc.—–so–how pure are they!!! Just the thoughts of rae or justin being in power–is enough 2 make one ill!!!! This thing is so out of hand– do U really think any party would be so dumb as 2  do a thing like this?? Some disgrunteld bunch that is upset with the out come of the elections– did this–the brass at the top knew nothing–think about  it!!!  Mars 

  50. The Conservative government has declared a ‘war’ on opposing viewpoints.  Recently they have consistently put limits on debate in the House of Commons  and tried to pass a bill that violates our right to not be subject to unreasonable search.  They refer to their election headquarters as the ‘war room’.  Several CPC members have stated that they wished to destroy the Liberal party.  They are increasingly using language that insinuates that those who oppose them are criminals.  It is not unreasonable to believe that voter suppression is a tactic they would use to maintain power.

  51. please please do  not let this serious breach to democracy just be dismissed by the sob who calls himself our PM,we have lost so much in the eyes of the world,get to the bottom of this before this government takes us down deeper into the mud ,these conservatives dummies have really lost their way ,no wonder harper tries  to run the whole government from his office.

  52. every act they undertake indicates a win at all costs attitude.

  53. The problem with the conservatives is that they are right-wing zealots for the most part.  They believe that anyone who disagrees with them are the enemy.  They will stop at nothing to win, even if it means undermining the entire democratic process.  And yet, Canadians continue to elect them?  If this latest scandal doesn’t turn the tide and wake Canadians up, I fear for the future of our country.

  54. This not a very reliable poll. I have voted three times and I have never even been to Russia.

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  56. This debacle illustrates yet again just how subject to manipulation and primitive our election system is.  The majority of the world’s democracies long ago went to proportional representation and mixed  election systems because these mean that every vote does, indeed count.  Even with their massive campaign of fear mongering, their false claims about “fiscal responsibility” (when they are,creating massive deficits) and their huge and sophisticated machinery, less than two in five of the less than 60% that actually voted actually chose the Conservatives.

    It is time to end the perverse logic or and bizarre arithmetic by which such an outcome can be called a “majority” or an “elected” government.

    In the mid-1990’s Japan moved to proportional representation, and suddenly woman MP’s appeared in what had been an all-male parliament.  As the new eon dawned, our Kiwi colleagues voted, overwhelmingly (despite the stong opposition of both major political parties), to maker a similar move.  As a result result, politics there have changed indigenous Maori and environmental issues are finally being discussed intelligently.

    Electoral reform will not solve all our political, but it will, at least, end disastrous policy lurches that have made it embarrassing to be a Canadian during the last decade. And it would give us all a meaningful vote.

    • Sorry Mach, PR is too complicated for the average voter to understand and it still is subject to political party manipulation. A much simpilier idea is ”run off” voting that pits the two top finishers in a riding (if no candidate receives 50% of the vote the first time) two weeks later. This ensures that the candidate elected to office receives the support of the majority of voters.

      • So you’re saying the average Canadian voter is dumber than the people in all those nations that have adopted some form of proportional representation?

        “Run off” voting is a rather expensive proposition. It would make more sense to rank from most to least favorite and if no candidate manages to get 50% of first-place votes, then add in second-place (or even third-place) votes until a candidate cracks the 50% mark.

        My favorite approach, if we aren’t going PR, would be to officially add “None of the above” to the ballot. If the incumbent loses to the NOTA vote, s/he must step aside and a byelection must be held. Where there is no incumbent, and NOTA finishes first, the runner-up gets to sit for two years (assuming the government doesn’t fall in the interim), after which there is either automatically a byelection, or a voter refererendum on whether the member gets to stay for the remainder of the term.

  57. Unfortunately for the Conservatives their track record indicates that it’s reasonable to asume that Robocalling to perpertrate dirty tricks is certainly something they’d be capable of doing. Conversely, neither the N.D.P. nor Liberals seem to have the money or organization to pull something like this off.

  58. Conservatives’ blustering in Parliament only makes it look like they have something to hide.
    MPs should drop the issue for a while and wait for the results of the investigations by Elections Canada and the police.

  59. If someone for whatever reason gave me the wrong address, I would go to the original address mailed to me, which would be in my neighbourhood, not far from my house. Why is it the Conservatives fault that for whatever reason someone had to lead some voters astray?

    • Our family rec’d voter cards prior to the election.  Cards were correct.  Had a call asking if we got the calls and we knew were to vote, yes, fine, no problem.  Another call with MP’s name & number registered on caller ID.  Answered automated introduction (his name & party CPC) asking if we wished to join a townhall conference call.  That’s it….
      No trickster calls rec’d.

      Did you hear about the Muslim women harrassed going inside to vote, yelled at by a bunch of thugs (in their language) to vote Liberal.  Wonder where the Toronto police were hiding or if this verbal attack was reported to Elections Canada.  Doubt it, they were likely afraid for their lives.

      My thought is,  why the hype 10 months later.

  60. Bring on  proof !!!  Who gains using jackboot propaganda?    Take a serious look @ Count Ignati, & family history.  Take off your brain drained blinders see (THINK) for yourselves rather than believing lamestream media indoctrination hype. 

    Connect  dots, follow clues.
    Clue 1   —  May / 1003 misc. complaints to Elections Canada…

    10 months (massive MSM hype)  later, over 31 thousand.  What’s wrong with this picture folks?

  61. I don’t like your question it is too narrow in scope.  I believe in the old concept innocent until proven guilty. While I have no doubt that the Conservative are the ones but lets see the proof.  For those found guilty prosecute them too the full extent of the Law.  Further, declare the ridding effected vacant and sue the persons and the party for the full cost of any re-election.

  62. Can you be the PM from one of those new super-jails?

  63. Democracy in Canada is headed down the drain!

    • True,  how can we be a ‘democratic country’ when a separatist (Bloc) provincial party is allowed  to be part of the federal system representing only one province.   Who (what party) came up with that undemocratic plan?

  64. The more the CONS deny they did anything wrong the more I am loving this.  Number one the call center is one that only deal with political parties that are right of center…so they would never allow themselves to be hired by Liberals or the NDP.  And since Harper has a tight reign on what happens in the party and what is said and done…I have no doubt in my very intelligent and free thinking mind that He knew about it, chose to look the other way as long as it meant he would be Prime Minister again and this time with a majority so he could turn this country into a carbon copy of  The USA.  As an Extremely proud Canadian I have this message to those that think that is great and for Harper.  If you like their politics and policies so much GO MOVE THERE and leave Canada to those of us who love what she has always stood for!  We don’t need to be like the USA in fact we NEED to be different!!  I hope when the RCMP and Elections Canada are done with their investigation that the LIBS, NDP force The GG to close parliament and have another election and this time the rednecks aint winning nothing!

  65. too many accusations and not enought proof…