Do you have Grey Cup fever? -

Do you have Grey Cup fever?


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Do you have Grey Cup fever?

  1. People who love the grey cup don’t read macleans yo

  2. Used to be a damned good excuse to get toghether with “the gang” – drinks, pot-luck supper, etc.
    Getting so long in the tooth that “the gang” has either died off or spends their time in Florida for five months!
    Too bad; was, for me, the one fixed social highlight of the year.

  3. Yes we always watch the Grey Cup (and we read Macleans yo)….and Mr. Roberts, maybe it’s time to find some NEW friends, younger people or come & join us, we’ll be doing pot luck & having the gang over! Gonna be good now that Calgary is in! Woo hoo!

  4. It’s funny how “not in the least” is winning. The Grey Cup, and the CFL in general tend to get a lot of flack, insults and expressions of apathy from Canadians. But, the ratings for the Grey Cup are always through the roof. Canadians may say one thing when it comes to the Grey Cup, but they are just hiding their true feelings.

  5. Who doesn’t get “up” for the Grey Cup… Must be a bunch of Toronto people taking part in the poll. It’s a Canadian Tradition for God’s sake. Get your heads out of your butt’s people!!

  6. I used to watch CFL. Then they moved over to TSN. I do not have cable so I do not watch it. I do get NFL on the antenna.

  7. justin beiber fans don’t read macleans either