Do you have plans to celebrate Earth Day? -

Do you have plans to celebrate Earth Day?


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Do you have plans to celebrate Earth Day?

  1. The trouble with making more of these alleged “specific-purpose days” is that it seems to give people an excuse to ignore the problem “the day” is supposed to represented for the other 364.

    If we cared about anything, wouldn’t we care enough to actually make things change for the better, instead of patting ourselves on the back for “saying we care” one day a year, just because someone put that day on a calendar?

    • Though I ‘get’ your point, I respectfully disagree. If we didn’t have Earth Day, there would never be a time where tens of thousands of people (50k in Montreal on Sunday) could congregate and talk about what they do to make ours a better planet.

      That said, I know that positive action is required on a daily basis just to tread water, let alone improve the situation. Inaction, of course, means further decline.

  2. I make every day Earth Day. It’s not one particular day to me.

    • And this SHOULD have been one of the options in this silly vote. Who makes up these questions- and answers ???

  3. It’s a disgrace 81% polled said “No, it’s not their thing” The earth is everyone’s outdoor home and if the majority take it for granted, it won’t be able to continue to sustain our lives and the ECOnomy. 90+% of our economic wealth comes from the earth. Connect the dots, if we continue to destroy the earth by pollution, overfishing, mining, etc. we are only destroying all species including the human race.

    • If you only celebrate this day that is a disgrace. It should be something you live everyday. I do not run around on one day saying I care and I would hope that that is the majority of the 81%.

      • I voted “No”, though I fully agree with you. I try to do my best all year long.

      • I was surprised by your response Nancy as I didn’t interpret the question the same as you. Since I celebrate Earth Day every day, I assumed those who responded negatively didn’t celebrate the other 364 days. I agree with you, it’s needs to be a daily, sustainable choice protecting the earth and I role model this 365 days a year. I volunteer 4 days a week – with our local eco group, speak at schools, start zero waste programs at several events, lobbied to have bottled water banned and lobby different levels of governments on waste management, need for tree protection, water as a basic human right, opposition to tar sands, etc. You likely do your part too, since you were disgraced when you thought I only “cared one day a year”. I invite you to read Sea Sick by Alanna Mitchell. It is an amazing book on our global ocean and how we can not survive on land if we destroy the ocean. It is the best eco book to explain what we all need to know now.

  4. Drill, baby, drill!

    • You a dentist?

  5. Celebrate Earth Day? No thanks, I’m too busy at my job, you know…. working. I don’t have time for new-age religious celebrations.

  6. I spent this Earth Day shoveling snow. So much for Global warming.

    • Tell that to the polar ice caps and the disappearing South Pacific islands, schmuck.

      • The Earth’s been cooling for over ten years straight.
        Maybe we should heat up our relationship with a (CO2 emitting) candle-light dinner, some roses and a bottle of wine.

        • The polar ice caps and rising sea level disagree with your pseudo-facts.

  7. J’aurais peut-être aimé célébrer. Mais j’ai constaté l’an dernier que cette journée est monopolisée pas des groupes de pressions, devient un outil pour manipuler la masse en faveur de positions anti-gouvernementales.

    Un peu comme la Saint-Jean, le drapeau du Québec… Les plus actifs savent comment exclure ceux qui ne demandent qu’à vivre paisiblement.
    Ils ont une ou des causes. Grand bien leur fasse, je peux comprendre et respecter. Mais il faudrait aussi nous laisser un peu d’air.
    Alors je célèbre la terre à ma façon, avec le compost, le recyclage, le potager, le jardinage… sans faire de politique mais en continuant de me tenir au courant des enjeux, environnementaux ou autres.

    Francine C. Boivin

  8. That’s like asking if I’m gonna “celebrate” the anniversary of the Holocaust. Stupid f***ing question.

  9. In another 5 – 10 billion years the earth will be vapourized by our dying sun. Prior to that it will become either too hot or too cold to sustain life.
    Plan your affairs accordingly.