Do you have Stanley Cup fever?


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Do you have Stanley Cup fever?

  1. Too bad that the regular season could not be 65 games….Playoffs would start in March…
    Hockey & Basketball playoffs are too long….unlike baseball & football which are completed within 1 month….Too many teams in playoffs in hockey…..should only be 8…
    with top teams should have 5 playoffs games out of 7….

  2. NHL = (N)o (H)ope (L)eft. A thing of the past in my books!

  3. Millionaires versus Billionaires.

    No interest anymore.

  4. Go Sens.
    I love the habs also but the 2 game suspension for a legal hit given out by Brendan Shanahan was to appease the Montreal fans. If the refs in the heat of the action called a penalty or expulsion from the game I can understand that as we are human (refs) but to review the hit 100 times such as Shanahan and company did know that the hit was well within the rules and to give a 2 game suspension undermines the rules of hockey. Just a bad NHL league review call—to appease the Habs and the fans,

  5. not gonna watch until there is a Canadian team in the semi finals

    • You ARENT a true fan at all then pal

      • for starters, I’m not your pal and I like CANADIAN hockey, not the crap with American refs and American billionaires deciding the winners before its even started

          • What do Kessel and the Titanic have in common?

            They both look great until they hit the ice! GO BRUINS!

      • And what’s so great about being a “true fan”?

  6. nascar on ice

  7. its the playoffs….anybody who doesn’t have stanley cup fever is not a true fan. Its as simple as that.

  8. Most of the Canadians I know could not care less about hockey to be honest. We do humour the few that do though to a point to be nice.

    • Ovi, I guess it’s a Canadian thing to be nice to morons….

  9. All professional sports, whether during playoffs or regular season, are a pitiful distraction for many who associate themselves with overpaid athletes (whose claim to fame boils down to quick reflexes & eye-hand coordination) and need to get a life!

  10. Sports is nothing more than a ‘diversion’ for most people…whether that be hockey, baseball or golf etc….Same with the ‘arts’ movies, theatre….Laugh when people complain about salaries of the players, movie stars?? like Brad Pitt(0 Talent) make 10-20 Million per movie good or bad….nobody says anything about that….

    Nobody is obligated to watch hockey or whatever nor patronize the arts…..these are hobbies……Problem with hockey is that there has been too much expansion…teams in FLorida, NY Islanders, Nashville, Phoenix, Carolina should have been dissolved years ago…Never mind putting teams in Canada….when and/if the Canadian dollar goes back to 75c or less, teams in Canada like Edmonton & Winnipeg will be in trouble…Steve M

  11. None of those options apply to me. Go Hawks

  12. Don’t know what these shut ins are talking about. Hockey is alive an well for Canadians that live in reality.

  13. Nothing like playoff hockey! I love it. And, I won’t sully my own team or fans by talking smack here, but my team isn’t listed on the poll :-)

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