Do you object to Rolling Stone’s latest cover, which features a photo of alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? -

Do you object to Rolling Stone’s latest cover, which features a photo of alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?


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Do you object to Rolling Stone’s latest cover, which features a photo of alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

  1. The cover photo is marketing that is clearly working.

    • Wasn’t it Justine Trudeau our very own “HAIR” guy that said these Boston bombers were just feeling left out and we need to address the root cause.


  2. The best part is that all of the people who voted yes know that it is an “alleged offense”…so even though he has NOT been “proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”, they are offended…”just in case.”

    I bet they just LOVE the idea of the government recording their phone calls, internet traffic, and installing “smart meters” to report on your power consumption, too? I mean…what better reason to do anything than “just in case” right?


  3. The backpacks do not match the one he was wearing in the FBI video. I want to see the evidence that led them the FBI to conclude it was these guys. Too much does not add up in this story.

    • Bullshit!

      • It sure is easier to scream bullshit than taking a look at the evidence available at your fingertips.

  4. Give me a break. “Alleged offense” means nobody wants to dance through a lawsuit with some bottom feeding shyster.
    I guess finding the guy hiding in the boat and all the evidence is not proof to some people. What IS your world really like?

  5. Regardless of whether this young man is guilty, Rollingstone is using his image to sell magazines. Although I haven’t read it, knowing RS, the article is probably well written. I have no problem with RS reporting on the backstory, but regardless of who is responsible and why, people are dead and seriously injured. Using this cover image is in very bad taste.

  6. Who cares about marketing strategies, lets start thinking about Victims and their families instead of how much money a company can make. This cover is in poor taste and if I saw my childs killer on the front page of a magazine I would be devastated! Does everything have to boil down to money? What about our consideration for the feelings of the people who are suffering this tragedy!

    • If it were Time or, well, Macleans, rather than RS, would that make any difference?

  7. Print media has a long tradition of splashing huge photos of high-profile criminals on their covers and front pages because (A) it’s news and (B) it boosts sales.

    What makes it such a powerful cover is that he looks like a harmless pot-smoking teenager in a garage band—not like a cold-blooded murderer. That unfathomable dichotomy is the underlying theme of the very well-researched and well-written article. So, I’d argue the cover is a slam-dunk.

  8. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev does not look like hairy, brown, fat Khalid Sheikh
    Mohammed, the so-called architect of 9/11. Tsarnaev is nonetheless
    accused of heinous crimes. Seeing his handsome, boyish, American face
    stirs in our guts an uncomfortable dissonance. He does not look like
    “the other.

  9. Then, Hitler’s picture should never be posted? Or Stalin? Or Castro? Or Bush? Showing a face does not mean agreeing with what the guy in the picture does or did. Zimmerman’s picture, Trevor’s killer, has been on TV, newspapers and magazines. Do they glamorize him?

  10. I think it makes a statement about beauty and fashion. Any magazine can make any person – good or evil – look like a glamorous, desired object.

  11. Needs a “Don’t give a crap” option.

  12. The cover of Rolling Stone is a powerful reminder that monsters are cleverly disguised as human.

    • Maybe this will remind people to look past the pretty “HAIR” that the Trudeau lovers have been promoting and concentrate on substance.

      Charging charities for speeches while skipping work and already being paid handsomely by the taxpayers, shows us the lack of character and moral compass of our “HAIR” would be emperor.

      • Yes, Rolling Stone was really making a comment about Canadian politics with this cover. Uh-huh. Yes, sir!

  13. lol @ all the crazy Tories literally grasping at straws: trying to connect Trudeau with this story.

    So fail

  14. Boston Bombing = false flag operation

    Tsarnev brothers = cia agents (look it up)