Do you support Bill C-31’s changes to the Immigration Act?


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Do you support Bill C-31’s changes to the Immigration Act?

  1. Bill C 31 (a sonnet)
    In June, approved by the House of Commons,
    This new Bill entered the House of Senate
    To be debated, then Royal summons
    Will decide the ultimate legal fate
    Of the lowest class of poor immigrants.
    False claims mean that officers could deport
    Foreigners or imprison. Welfare grants,
    Medical treatments cut off, the airport
    Is safer than jail for war refugees!
    Cruel governments sometimes persecute
    Ethnic minorities, ending their lease
    On the land or if needed, execute
    Them and instead of protect, imprison
    Along with smugglers, who commit treason!

    • all good reasns for a good bill for our country.

  2. It’s unlike MACLEANS to pose such a loaded question. The term ‘human smuggling’ is undoubtedly something that came out of Prime Minister’s Office. A large number of these people are in fact refugees (remember that word?), with legitimate reasons for leaving all they know, to flee to Canada.

    • we do not need half of the refugees we let in.we need educated people with the skills we are short of.people that can get work fast and contribute to our country.we do not need the dregs of asia and africa.

  3. The new legislation will make our refugee system faster and fairer, while
    targeting the foreign criminals, bogus refugee claimants and human smugglers who
    exploit our immigration system. It will work to put a stop to those who take
    advantage, while at the same time, help provide protection for those who are
    truly in need.

  4. To immigrate to this country you must be willing to wait your turn. Be of good health. Be willing to wait 5 years as a landed immigrant without committing any criminal offences,(If convicted of a criminal offence you & your family if any to be removed immediatley to your country of origin), know how to speak ENGLISH, and willing to serve in the armed forces.

  5. it is in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was drafted by a CANADIAN, and “enforced” by the UN to guarantee all people everywhere the right to seek asylum from prosecution.

    • the bulk of so called refugees are here for economic reasons. to live off our welfare and health services……………then later to bring in “auntie” and “granny” and maybe some future young male bombmaker.

  6. The new legislation will help to deter especially those who seek to enter via organized smuggling operations by boats such as the Ocean Lady in 2009 and the Sun Sea in 2011 to gain admission as refugees, unfairly jumping the legitimate list of persons with skills waiting to gain entry through the normal channels. Those who were smuggled by boat were Sri Lankan Tamils who failed in their attempt to carve out a separate state for Tamils from this tiny island to create a second exclusive mono-ethnic homeland for themselves, and bypassing the Tamil homeland in the State of Tamilnadu located in Southern India, just 22 miles by sea, where they are culturally and linguistically linked. Moderate Tamils live side by side with members of the majority Sinhala community in the capital city of Colombo and most parts of the island enjoying equal rights, and have no intention to migrate. It is the extremist group that fought to establish a separate state at the behest of the Tamil Tigers designated a terrorist group by Canada that is able to pay $45,000 for a perilous sea journey by boat to Canada, and expect VIP treatment at this end after having broken all the rules. There are over 26 million refugees worldwide according to the UNHRC who are lingering in refugee camps for periods in excess of ten years, awaiting to be processed who also deserve to be considered ahead of the queue jumpers.

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