Do you support Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s 2013 federal budget?


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Do you support Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s 2013 federal budget?

  1. Whatever the government come up with in the budget, you can be guaranteed the little guy will get screwed and not kissed.

  2. No guts budget. Download costs onto the provinces, ignor fat MP pensions, ignor silly servant abuse of sick leave and promise infrastructures project funding for 10 years…..nice ..with any luck they will be gone in a couple years

  3. Does nothing for me, for youth, for the unemployed, Aboriginals, or for future generations in this country. Ideology trumps good economics once again. I guess Flaherty will get the positions of his choice when he’s out so he can wreak havoc elsewhere.

  4. YES, but…..!!!

  5. This Budget is another excellent help to destroy the Quebec Social-Democrat economy that was build since 1960. It was a good model to help small business, create jobs locally, but with the good Help of Conservatives there will be not much left .. After that they will complaint that they pay too much perequation or unemployment for Quebec. The only solution they offer … move to Alberta … No way …

    • Quebec has been living off the avails of Alberta, BC and Ontario for the past 40 years with billions of $$$ of transfer payments (well over half).
      Canada should not be continually paying for Quebec’s Social-Democrat economy while the rest of the country have to pay for these privately. It’s a rip off pure and simple.
      Want a job–move!

      • Quebec has jobs….far better ones than Alberta.

        And Alberta never minded transfer payments when they got them

        • Emily; Is that so?
          Maybe construction jobs in Montreal which cost 30% above the National Average for obvious and investgational reasons–but hey, the transfer payments from Alberta and others help pay for that.
          Alberta never did receive Transfer payments in the past 40+ years in fact they are +$165,000,000,000.00 to other provinces and over half of this money has gone to Quebec.Talk about a one way street!!

          • Wasn’t talking about construction….but the fiddling occurs in every province.

            Alberta was helped during the Depression when it went broke and tried to create its own money. Looks like it’s gonna do that again.

            Ont….first time since Confederation…..is getting a rebate …..so don’t tell us about a ‘one-way street’. Even so we kick in far more than Alberta…..and would be quite happy to end equalization.

          • The Depression was 80 years ago and it was a depression. Quebec gets $$billions every year in good times and in bad.
            “happy to end equalization” that’s a new one–ask any Quebec premier!

          • All provinces have benefited from equalization. Even before it was formalized in the constitution.

            PEI has benefitted more than anybody….you are simply on another anti-French kick.

            I said Ont would be happy to end equalization….

          • You have had to drag this discussion in the gutter by accusing me of being “anti-French” –shame on you for spreading such lies.

          • LOL gosh, do you think you’ll survive?

          • So witty; insults follow when your logic bank is empty. cheers

          • Wuss.

          • Yup; really empty!

          • First, Alberta doesn’t pay transfer payments.
            No province pays transfer payments.

            Provinces can only receive transfer payments, they don’t pay them. And they receive them only to the degree that would allow each province to afford the same types of social services/capita.

            But exactly *what* services they receive are their own business. Quebec, Ontario, the maritimes, all of them could cut their social programs down to absolutely nothing if they wanted.. they’d get no more in transfer payments.. and no less. Or they could spike them even higher through the roof. They’d still get no more.. or no less.

            What we pay.. are taxes. It’s true we pay more/capita in taxes than most other provinces, but that’s because our pay-scales are so much higher than most other provinces.

            The only way in which we can affect transfer payments is to stop making so much money per person. Wages in Alberta are hugely inflated..as are our prices.. because we give our primary industry ridiculous amounts of tax breaks, and they use that money to compete with the other resource companies for scarce workers up north. Unfortunately, this means that every other company in Alberta also has to compete with those tax-payer fueled wages the resource companies give.. which is why our economy remains so undiversified.. other players simply can’t afford to work here.

            Reduce the tax breaks to the oil industries, watch wages in Alberta decline, watch other industries have a chance in our province, and, perhaps most important to you, watch our balance of transfer go down because a lowering of wages in our provinces serves to equalize the provinces just as well as transfer payments.

            Would it hurt? For a while, sure.. until prices started to drop in response and other industries started to make a go of it here. But we promised not to piss away the next boom.. that means that sooner or later we’ve got to zip up.

          • Well said Thwim;

            Your research (understanding) is well said and important in the ongoing debate.Saying that your comment “Provinces can only receive transfer payments, they don’t pay them”. In effect (whether it is good or not) there is a net transfer of $$billions to areas of the country i.e. certain provinces produce more wealth and other provinces consume it.
            Since Quebec is by far the biggest consumer every year of equalization they benefit more than any other province.
            With $5.00-$10.00 Daycare, excemption of the massive Hydro Quebec from the formula etc. one has to wonder if this whole system isn’t in fact a huge welfare scheme that Canadians as a whole should pay much more attention to.

          • sully99, you may want to read this before making any more outlandish statements. http://thoughtundermined.com/2012/04/24/equalization-misconceptions/

            “Federal equalization and other wealth transfer programs were ostensibly intended to balance the quality of social programs across the country. Instead, what has happened is that the provinces benefiting most from these programs are now able to offer significantly more generous services to their citizens than the two or three provinces who are the actual net contributors (primarily Alberta and Ontario). It is no small irony that the biggest single beneficiary of such transfers, Quebec, provides cheap university tuition and inexpensive provincial day care, while Albertans pay high prices for, and have severe shortages of both in their own province. These annual wealth transfers also create the perverse incentive for ‘have-not’ provinces to retain fiscally irresponsible taxation and spending levels thereby remaining on the transfer dole in perpetuity.”

            Everything in that passage is simply incorrect (as will be explained in the rest of this post) and it is worrying that the party does not understand how equalization actually works. While some talk about money being transferred from one province to another, in fact, all the money for equalization comes from Canadian taxpayers across the country and is shared among the less wealthy provinces. Equalization is paid by the federal government to provincial governments and does not include any sharing of provincial revenues among provincial governments. Equalization funding is paid out from the federal government’s general revenues. The general revenues are the revenues the federal government collects from a wide variety of sources including: the federal personal income tax paid by all taxpayers in the country, the federal corporate income tax paid by all businesses in the country, GST revenue, revenue from customs and duties, resource revenue from federal sources, the federal portion of gasoline, alcohol and other taxes, etc. Provinces keep all the money they raise from resources and all their other tax bases. No provincial government funds go to support equalization. There is no special “equalization tax” or levy paid to the federal government by richer provinces such as Alberta, and even if the equalization program were cancelled tomorrow, this would not affect how much money the federal government collects from individuals and businesses in the forms of taxes, duties, etc. This can’t be stressed enough: no province “pays into equalization” – all individual taxpayers and businesses pay into the federal government’s general revenue fund, from which equalization is just one of many programs funded.

            ****So in answer to questions such as, how much money does Alberta transfer to Quebec or how much money does Alberta pay to equalization, the answer is simply “$0.00″.**** No province transfers any money to any other province. Individuals and corporations transfer money to the federal government.

          • Hi Nikki North;

            Thank-you for this well researched piece in describing equalization payments.
            The whole insinuation in your desciption is that $0.00 are paid by provinces to other provinces–OK Alberta does not send a cheque to Quebec but these $$billions are sent to Quebec and other provinces from General Reveues which are collected from all Canadians. So the $0.00 transfers in reality translate into $$billions of General Revenue cost transfered every year. If this was not the case why wouldn’t we double or triple the payments to every province since it costs nothing? This is just Trudeau Economics where the right hand passes money to the left hand and costs no one anything. Pure nonsense.
            The measurment of equalization is how much per capita is paid to various provinces out of Federal General Revenues. One must remember that provinces like Alberta, Ontario (historically) BC etc. contribute more per capita into the general revenues which allow the Federal Government to transfer these $$$ to Quebec and other provinces. In effect it is a huge ‘Welfare program’ to transfer $$ from some areas of the country to others.Call a spade a spade.

            The comment in the body of your memo above is just untruthful:
            “if the equalization program were cancelled tomorrow, this would not affect how much money the federal government collects from individuals and businesses in the forms of taxes, duties, etc.”

            The high taxation rates of incomes/personal etc. and the Federal Debt are all effected by any Federal expenses which includes Equalization Payments.
            Money is not free—huge numbers of countries such as Greece and the USA and Britain etc. are in debt and will pass this down to their children.
            This to me is irresponsible bordering on immorality.
            In closing ‘the net benefit of $$billions of Canadians’ money goes to citizens of the have not provinces and Quebec year in and year out. Quebec receives well over half of these general revenues in good times and in bad’. This is the reality, this is the cost, these are real extra $$ produced by the have provinces and then flow into Quebec etc.
            Quebec and other have nots benefit from this welfare every year.

  6. The economy is the envy of most other countries.
    Paying down the deficit and paying down the debt are two hallmarks of this government.
    Mr Flaherty/Harper in the big picture are doing a good job. Although always room for improvement this budget looks solid and moving in the correct direction.
    Good job boys.

    • We didn’t have a deficit before Harper was elected, now we have the largest one in our history.

      We were paying down the debt before Harper was elected….he has instead added billlions to it.

      • But Emily; you’re whole thesis is that debt is good (Keynesian and your kitchen table economic nonsense) from past posts.

        Me thinks you are more politically driven; in fact the last sentence where debt is now high on your agenda shows it.

        • WHAT whole thesis? I’ve said nothing of the sort.

          Debt is debt…neither good nor bad. It depends on how you use it.

          People who use kitchen table economics are terrified about it…..but the kitchen table is not a country, and isn’t run the same way. Ron is the Keynesian not me….I never mention it.

          I don’t belong to a political party, and what I said in the last sentence of the previous post is factual.

          • Debt can be bad–ask the Americans, eurozone, individual countries like Greece, Spain etc.
            Don’t know Ron but you did mention Keynesian and kitchen tables.
            Agreed $$billions were spent during the last 5 years (recession?) time to pay it off.

          • Is there something wrong with your eyesight?

            I JUST SAID: ‘Debt is debt…neither good nor bad. It depends on how you use it.’

            Yes, we have too many people trying to run a country from a kitchen table perspective….ma and pa get scared by debt

          • You didn’t read my last answer–‘Debt can be bad”–ask the majority of the G7 countries’ economic leaders.
            Surely an educated person like youself must have at least run into these ‘headlines’ over the past several years.
            PS-Eyesight is perfect.

          • Reading something is not the same as understanding it….and that you’re not good at.

          • Emily;
            Out of ideas are we?
            Too bad, you had a good start but faded quickly!

          • You were reduced to nyah, nyah posts ago. Run along now.

          • OK Mommy!

    • Paying down the deficit and paying down the debt are two hallmarks of this government.

      It seems to me that TALKING about paying down the deficit and debt are hallmarks of this government. Actually doing it is something else.

      And even then, eliminating a deficit that YOU CREATED is hardly some praise-worthy accomplishment.

      • I believe it is responsible and the right thing to do and I give credit to anyone who pays off their debits–that keeps personal, societal and government economy strong. Canada’s economy is the envy of the G8 during these past 5 to 6 years of turbulence.

        • You say that as if it’s some sort of endorsement.

          • It is!

          • Then you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • At least it’s an opinion.

        • Imagine how well we’d have weathered the recession if the Tories hadn’t taken us back in to deficit BEFORE the recession started!

  7. “Does nothing for me, for youth, for the unemployed, Aboriginals, or for future generations in this country”.This typical socialist comment is an indicatiion of how a lot of Canadians think that the Government should take care of them. Maybe the above noted groups would do well to begin to take care of themselves.

    • Then what’s a govt for?

  8. need to freeze public service entitlements and wages for at least two years and remember what position we are in NOW;when negotiating future contracts…..good times do not last forever….contracts are not guaranteed in the “constitutioon”they can be renegotiated when times are not favorable.

  9. Sort of hard to “support” a secret document with many half truths and omissions.

  10. As long as this Conservative government, is in power, the working man, will not , have a change, just look at EI.. our money and they spend it, and they make sure we can get it..

  11. Because it did not begin the long-overdue process of putting an end to “supply management” – several decades of theft from all Canadian families, driving up the costs of vital basic foods – the 2013 budget was a flop.

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