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Do you support Quebec’s charter of values?


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Do you support Quebec’s charter of values?

  1. They should separate!

    • We would like to, but the ROC stops us.

      • It’s more like do no not have the guts and waiting for Canada to throw you out. This is not 1995.

      • After the battle on the Plains of Abraham, we let the French stay in Canada instead of sending them back to France. Look at the “accommodations” that are costing us billions of dollars now.

        “Official Bilingualism”, disfunctional country, a whiny spoiled brat province that is given more tax money than it contributes, politians that bend over backwards to accommodate the whiny brat. A province that wants to separate from a country that let them stay after they were defeated in a war? All this to “accommodate” 34% of Canada’s population?

        Give an inch and they will demand a mile.

        • What about the whiny Alberta brat?

          • There was no Alberta at the time of the war.

      • BS, the sooner Quebecers stop whining, and actually gets their act together and leave the better off we all will be!

    • That’s somewhat of a cowardly act wouldn’t you say,you should have been saying so when it mattered for the majority of Canadians spoke ” T H E N “,come to Quebec and make your statement rather than hide where you feel safe !!

  2. I’m not sure I support the Quebec Government on this Bill as I do believe in religious freedom but I also support a lot of the cultural aspects of a secular society.
    Let’s face it; the Dukaboors of Western Canada, the Mormen history of multiple marriages, and now the cultural impact of Islam does in fact go against the 200 year cultural history of not only Quebec but Canada as a whole.
    As people are aware most Muslims like most religious groups are fine and good working people but the large and different groups in the Muslim population that are moving here might have too much impact on the existing cultural of Canada and much of that change is not in the interest of Canadians as a whole.
    All to often we have a number of Muslim Imans and mosque groups that are openly hostile to the Canadian way of life and its’ freedoms. Within numerous Muslim groups we have significant practises such as support for Sharia laws, Female Genital Mutilation (as high as 70% in many Islamic Groups) and subordination of females generally.
    Also the carry over of old country hatreds of allies of Canada like Israel and hatreds within Muslim groups between Sunni and Shia muslims have spilled over into western societies such as France, Holland, Denmark and England to name just a few.
    These Islamic values are not historically Canadian values and as a Canadian I do not want them to become a part of Canadian values.
    Maybe Quebec has it right; ‘nip it in the bud’ and assert the existing Canadian values as the values of this country.
    At the end of the day I do support this impingment on Islamic values ( along with any similar groups) within Quebec and Canada and now say yes, I support Quebec’s Charter of Values and I would support a similar Bill in Canada to protect both Muslims in their internal community and naturalized Canadians in their broader community. The positives in having the Islamic community change their ways will create many fewer problems for all Quebecers or Canadians now and especially into the future.
    When any group of people move here then our traditions, our laws and our culture should should reign supreme and we should protect them.
    If any single group want changes then it should be done over time through our democratic mechanisims in order to change these laws by the majority of Quebecers and Canadians. The alternative is just strife, disention and trouble.

    • “These Islamic values are not historically Canadian values.” So? There are many Canadian immigrants whose values are not historically Canadian values. Why should they be prevented from holding to their values, if they are not interfering with the rights of other people?

      • My point is that some of these values (Sharia Law for instance) are interfering with the rights of other people even within their own community. Or how about physical violence on spouses?They are breaking Canadian laws and hopefully the overwhelming majority of Canadian values.
        How about the Female Genital Mutilation; this obscene practise is a huge fact in many Muslim societies (Egypt has a rate of over 80% FGM). These values cannot be accepted in Canada along with a mile long list of more.

        • Female genital mutilation is against the law in Canada. Stopping provincial government employees from wearing religious paraphernalia has nothing to do with female genital mutilation, given that they are going to stop Sheikh men from binding their long hair in a turban as well.

        • I agree with not accepting Sharia Law. A lot of times Sharia Law goes against Canadian law.
          But what Quebec wants to do is ban cultural freedom. With the Charter of Values it won’t be the murderer that’s unaccepted, it’ll be the how a person wants to appear

      • The crux of the matter is that they are interfering with the rights of other Canadians. If their cultural practices, Honor killings, genital mutilation, exclusion of females from education, etc are so vital to their “identity” then they should remain in, or return to their county of origin, because those are not “Canadian: values.

  3. I find it ironic how if the majority of Canadians would attempt to become part of a country if they moved there, but many of the immigrants coming to Canada want to keep their customs and religious symbols when they arrive here and expect Canadians to adapt to their demands. Not only that, but tax money is requested (and provided) to religions to assist in building mosques, and religion based schools. (and as a taxpaying teacher, I would not be allowed to teach in these schools)

    I live in Manitoba and have traveled and lived in much of the world, and like many Canadians, am getting closer to the saturation point of Canada’s one way accommodation. I want to keep my “Christmas Holidays” and Halloween. They have been part of my famlies’ life for hundreds of years. I don’t wish to celebrate “the Holiday Season” or not dress up for halloween. I don’t wish to buy my driver’s license from a face hidden behind a Hijab. I want my Mounties to be wearing a cap as part of a uniform. (Check the dictionary’s definition of “uniform”) When in other countries, I gladly participated in their celebrations and festivities. I accepted the morning and evening “call to prayer” when in Muslum countries. I am puzzled as to why Canadian immigrants can’t celebrate and accommodate those of their new – chosen country who has opened their door to them?

    Isn’t it about time that immigrants started accommodating the customs and beliefs of Canada? The Hijab,Yarmulke, Kirpan, and Turban are NOT a requirement of their respective religions. They are a symbol that they MAY chose to wear. We all know, work with and see on a daily basis many people who are not less of a Jew, Muslum, or Sikh because they do not wear these religious symbols. ( We also don’t seem to have to address “accommodations” to the Jews.)

    I believe the reaction in Quebec is just the beginning of the revolt to these accommodations that are being forced on regular “Canadians”. One can only be pushed so far before feeling they must push back. The pendulum can only swing so far in one direction before it begins its return stroke.

    And as the Australian Prime Minister said, (along the lines of): New immigrants are welcome to exercise the rights, freedoms, customs and beliefs that we fought and died for, and it they chose not to follow our beliefs, they can exercise their right to choose to return to the country they came from.

    Are be being too spineless of a Canadian people and being pushed to “accommodate” too much?

    • Once a person becomes a Canadian, he should have the freedom to follow his customs and practice his religion. Of course you can keep your Christmas and hallowe’en. So why not allow Muslim Canadians to keep their religious holidays and head coverings for women?

      • Because like he said he doesn’t want to be served by someone who’s face is covered by a Hijab etc. and neither do I. My right to see your face when I deal with you is more important than you desire to cover it up. By showing your face you are being accountable and part of the society in which you live.

        • Perhaps you should look up the word Hijab. A Hijab does not cover one’s face.

      • Nothing was said about not allowing religious freedom – but the drain on taxes to pay for mosques, muslum schools, festivities to promote segregation as opposed to integration is too much. A turban as part of a RCMP uniform? – How about if an immigrant wishes to become an RCMP they “accommodate” the uniform expectations and wear a RCMP hat? “Christmas Holidays” is now “Holiday season”, Christmas trees are being taken out of malls and department stores. All for accommodation?

        Canadians ARE being pushed too far. And perhaps it is the accommodating nature of Canadians that has been taken advantage of for too long and too often which is creating this backlash.

        How about accommodating the other way around? Immigrants accept and participate in the holidays that have been in this country for centuries. Speak out for them to remain as they were. Insist that they are not changed for the sake of accommodating immigrants. Do not speak of sharia law or attempt to have Canada accommodate this oppression.

        This is the crux: oppression = head coverings = a symbol of oppression. Similar to Female genital mutilation which is a hidden oppression that is not open to public view. But . . . if there is a visible symbol of oppression ( burka, hijab) , then what else is being forced upon these ladies that isn’t visible? (If you are an embarrassment to dad and the brothers by wearing lipstick and not a hijab, we’ll stick you in the car and drown you?) And the Burka? How can anyone say that a woman wearing one of these is being treated as an equal?
        These abhorant pieces of cloth DO NOT BELONG IN ANY FREE COUNTRY!

        There is no problem accepting religious symbols being worn in a place of worship ( yarmulka = synagogue) that the religion has built without taxpayer’s money or grants. No problem at all. Most people just don’t appreciate symbols of oppression (or brainwashed participants) being waved around in a FREE country.

        • first of all mosques aren’t payed for by taxpayers so get your facts straight.
          nobody said anything about the hijab being a symbol of oppression; your argument is so one-sided, Canadians should be able to wear whatever religious symbols we want BECAUSE canada is a “free country” and actually research what the hijab is and the reason women wear it instead of taking all your information from CNN (which by the way only shows the extremists in third world countries.)
          your saying that the yarmulka should be allowed in their synagogues yet hijabs should be banned all together?
          i think the only “brainwashed participants” are the people who refuse to learn about popular religions then going online and spewing their inaccurate information thinking they have a PHD in philosophy.
          yes canada is a free country, but it should also be free of ignorant thinking like yours

          • You need to read a little closer.

            1. Many of the mosques and muslum schools have received grants and tax forgiveness for their partial construction and operation. This takes money out of taxpayers pockets and away from infrastructure which in turn increases all of our taxes.

            2. The yarmulka is used as an example that is worn in a place of worship and is not creating any problems for the wearer or pubic. They are worn by CHOICE and do not make a jew any less jewish when he takes it off. So go ahead and wear your oppressive religious symbols in your place of worship. Just don’t flaunt them or insist on wearing them in public or in government offices. NO ONE HAS EVER SAID TO BAN THE HIJAB TOTALLY. Not wearing a turban, hijab, or burka doesn’t make the person any less sikh or muslum.
            3. Where is the hijab for men to hide their faces and bodies from the lustful leers of the opposite sex and homosexuals? Oh . . . there isn’t any. Is there free schooling for every boy and girl in the world? It only seems to be available for boys in the same parts of the world that the Hijab and burka are worn. The interpretation of the Koran by a male immam to force these on women makes this a symbol of oppression. If you do not agree, then you are either twisted as well, or are brainwashed into believing this “requirement of Allah”.

            4. The ignorant thinking comes into play when a person comes to another country and expects that country to bend to their ways of thinking.
            5. The only ignorance I see are those of the ones who arrive in a free country and expect the country to conform to their beliefs.
            6. Go ahead, dispel any of this “inaccurate information”.

            ps. do you really think the burka has its place in this world? If so, you are really twisted.

          • another well said post, ppl need to listen!! thank you.

      • Y is it that if we go to there country we have to cover our faces etc and abide by there rules so if they decide to come to Canada they should follow our rules.

    • nicely and well said!! 100% agree, more ppl need to read and listen to your post. Thank you.

    • It works both ways. Canada’s unique. It says “Our culture is your culture because we’ve accepted we’re a multicultural land of immigrants”.
      Quebec shouldn’t do this.
      But at the same time immigrants who come to Canada need to accept that they’ve come to a new land and not force their culture.
      They can still practice culture in moderation – wearing a hijab but taking it off for passport and driver’s license, but not call to prayer because Canada and Turkey are two different societies

      And resident Canadians should respect them too, let them crack firecrackers on Diwali as long as they stop by 10:00pm if it’s a weeknight (they’ve done that in my neighbourhood)

  4. Religion should be a private affair. Not pushed down anybodies throat, nor overly displayed or promoted. Keep you symbols to yourself and do not set one religion above another – none of them is right and none of them is wrong. They are between you and your god or deity. If you have come to Canada fleeing oppression, religious, political or otherwise, do not bring your prejudices here or keep them private. Worship as you please but do not involve those who are now your neighbours.

    • So you would have religious people be so private that no one else notices that they have a religion? Well… I guess then they would be no threat to you. But that also might be contrary to their convictions. If Muslims believe they ought always to display their religious symbols, what problem does that create for you? Who’s trying to push anything down your throat? Is anyone trying to force you to wear Muslim symbols?

  5. I’m a not sure simply because the PQ wanted to ban the burka but skated around the issue and as a result bungled it. Oh well, what do we expect?

  6. By the way it’s – yes or no.

  7. There is no stopping you from packing your bags and heading to France. – oh, that’s right, France doesn’t consider Quebecois to be French and won’t provide you with the same accommodations or tax benefits that Canada does. In Canada you are the spoiled child but in France you would be the embarrassment child.

    • Must make you feel big,you ought to have gotten rid of your mama’s crystal ball or could it be that’s the only ball you have!! Don’t forget it’s because of people like you that Quebecers considered leaving Canada and that your slaming the majority who decided to stay with Canada,definitely not bright !!

      • Not bright has nothing to do with it. Fed up is what
        is. The ROC (gee Quebec even has a name for us – sort of like
        “infidels”) would like to see you go – but on your own – no apron
        strings and currency etc. – and let the Inuit and aboriginals secede from the Province as the province would like to secede from Canada. Then when you come crying back when you can’t survive, it will be by our Rules.

        “ROC” has been catering to the Spoiled brat for decades and what has it got us; Bill 101, Unilingual French signs where they used to be bilingual, the bilingual police, a constant drain on the equalization payments from the have provinces. Seems that all Quebec does is take take take while offering NOTHING in return.

        I find it very hypocritical that after being accommodated for so long, the province will not consider accommodations to others. Now that is not bright.

    • Quebec would starve to death if it were not for the $9 billlion per annum we pay them in the form of transfer payments. A bribe to keep Quebec in confederation.

  8. The bill should ratchet back our country’s obsession with multiculturalism

  9. Would you trust impartial service from a judge looking at you through the eye slits of her burqua when dealing with spousal infidelity? Would you trust an RCMP officer with a turban, settling a domestic fight? Would you send your daughter to get abortion counseling from a nun with big cross?

    Government employees are the service arm of the government. The Government has to serve all citizens without prejudice, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Hindu, in equal and impartial manner. You don’t wear your own religious affiliation symbols serving the public on behalf of the government.
    No religious symbols suggests religious impartiality for the government and religious freedom for the citizens. Amen Quebec.

    • Would you trust a govenment employee who wears a necktie? Some people object to that. But no one has a right to force him to take it off.

    • Totally agree, don’t know about the rest of Canada but in BC if you work for the prov. government you can’t wear any items of political allegiance eg. a Liberal or Conservative badge and the same should apply to religious items – displaying association to any ideological affiliation compromises the impartially you are supposed to represent.

    • No government employee can wear a niqab in Quebec (facial covering) because they ban them from public buildings several years ago when they ejected a woman for wearing one while attended evening classes. As for the comment about a mountie wearing a turban…..are you that bigoted? Do you really not trust people of different religions and nationalities to protect you? How do you know a white person in modern clothing isn’t a wife abuser? Your rationale and generalizations are absurd. Do you really think the bad guys all wear black?

      • No, but damned if he doesn’t think there should be legislation that makes them.

    • Man in a turban…domestic abuse???? Ohhhhh…’re a stereotyping racist! Riiighhht…..How IGNORANT can you be?

  10. Quebec would not survive as a totally independent nation – no velvet divorce, either! Currently a ‘have-not province’ but having a lot of skilled people. Create your own security/armed forces? No more payments from Ottawa. Get your own passports and currency. No more legislated representation. Your population will decline relative to the ROC. Your older French is not recognised by other nations and must be subtitled (films) in France. English is the business, travel, banking, and aviation language in the world and your electronics industry will require English as it is the language of the Internet. If you try to separate, be prepared to do battle with the Cree and other First Nations up north who speak Cree and English and they control most of your energy sources. If their territory secedes, Quebec will be even smaller.
    There is much to admire about what Quebec has accomplished but you will have greater representation and protection for your culture if you remain part of Canada: The USA with it’s English and Spanish languages, will overwhelm your numbers and you’ll probably have to deal with them in English. I understand your feelings regarding losing your culture – try following the Welsh example as there was no coercion or punitive legislation used. Also, some individuals are being puerile without the requisite political power. Many petulant people don’t really understand the situation… which might explain all the noise! It’s time to behave in a more adult manner and to employ more critical thinking.
    I was born in Quebec City in 1943 and have visited Montreal and environs in 1962 and 1965. I met some wonderful people who made up for the anti-Anglo hotheads we also met.

  11. As for the “Charter”, when it comes to clothing and religious artifacts, I really don’t care what people wear as long as it doesn’t interfere with “objectivity / neutrality”, or the performance of their duties. When it comes to public spaces, I do, however, reserve judgement on three items: the burqa, the niqab, and the veil, for reasons of good manners, personal comfort, and security. We wear sunglasses (when sunny) and scarves around our faces when cold, but as soon as we enter a sheltered space, they are removed, allowing people to see our faces. The three aforementioned garments are not religious, but cultural. Try walking into a bank or an airport wearing a ski mask, balaclava, face scarf, or dark sunglasses and see how long it takes to be watched or challenged. When crossing the border, we take off our sunglasses. Why do security details wear mirrored glasses – so you can’t see where they’re looking and maybe to cover up any facial language re: their own anxiety in certain situations – but we understand the reasons for the glasses.
    Don’t come to Canada and expect everything to change for you. Go to a country where you will be comfortable. If Canada changes for everyone, there won’t be a Canada, as we know it. Truthfully, I never thought I’d be having to write things like this in my 70-year life here.

  12. The PQ has no understanding of traditional Quebec/Canadian history. The Church, not the government, has been the source of Quebec identity throughout history. It also is responsible for the current Quebec’s position of power. Without it, the French fact in North America would be a footnote.
    The current campaign of anti-religion and racism is anti-Quebec and anti-Canadian in every respect. It ignores history, heritage and common sense.

  13. The charter of values instills and encourages ignorance and disinformation concerning cultural differences. It’s another of the many monkey traps that concentrates people on cultural prejudices instead of the real issues at hand that are destroying our quality of life and happiness. Another political strategy to keep people divided and bickering among each other while politicians have the run of our country and the economy.

  14. One of the worst things to ever happen to Canada was make french an official language. It has created many layers of division and conflict over the years. People from Quebec now feel they have a special right to trod on other people’s rights of religious freedom. My father fought for those freedoms, how dare anyone try to take them away! I am ashamed of the Quebec province and people for such narrow minded vIews. Some complain about people’s belief’s being shoved in your face and down your throat, isn’t that what the Quebec language laws do? I’m reminded every time I go shopping as it’s labeled on every product in both languages. Get over yourselves you arrogant bunch of jerks. You’ll be the demise of our country!

    • Lighten up, Les! I dont agree with what the PQ are trying to do either, however, dont forget that the PQ only represent about 25% of Quebecois (the hard-line separatists)…the rest of Quebec are perfectly fine being Canadian. The many anglo morons in this comment stream who rant how they’d be happy if Quebec separated instead of focusing specifically on the PQ (separatist) minority, are playing right into the PQ’s hands! Fools – the PQ want the non-separatists in Quebec to say ‘Look, the ROC doesn’t want us!’ So PLEASE shut your cakeholes; your stupidity is only aiding Canada’s disintegration! Moreover, the nation we know today would not include much west of Manitoba if our French Canadian brothers (esp. through the NW Company) were not courageously out there in the vast Canadian wilderness engaging with the First Nations & exploring widely, while the British were mostly content to just sit in the HBC outpost on the Red River and at York Factory on Hudson Bay. Indeed, Canada would be very diminished, in so many ways, without our vibrant French-Canadian culture. Clearly, all you anglo fools who push for Quebec separation are as bad as the PQ wrt intolerance! OMG…do you really suffer seeing french on your corn flakes box! Oh, you poor babies!

      • The #Charter is having its desired effect.

      • If the PQ ever decided to separate from Canada the Quebecois would all starve to death without the $9 billion per annum they receive through the transfer of payments from the federal government as a bribe to stay in confederation. Whatever would they do without the seven-dollar-a-day daycare? I think the Quebec provincial government act like fascists when implementing their French language laws in not allowing English to be put on signs in stores, on highways, and in public in general.

  15. Quebec wanted first “dibs’ at the immigrant arrivals and got them. Now they are saying that we have you but you can’t show that you have a different culture or religion. I grew up in a town full of Finns, Italians, Ukrainians and French-Canadians. We all hung out together and no one cared what religion we were, no one felt were we “special” and it was fun to be involved in the different traditions, taught the languages, and helpful as we went out into the world. It taught us tolerance which Quebec seems to have abandoned. I see this ridiculous, self serving, racially divisive law akin to “Crystal Night” and I am ashamed that it is happening in Canada. Marois looks awfully smug which makes me think she hasn’t been a student of history therefore will repeat the mistakes for which many will suffer. When it comes to a legal ability to identify a person then there should be no facial covering for the amount of time it requires identification to be made. But if a doctor is trying to save my life I could care less if they are wearing a turban, scarf, or a cross the size of Mount Everest.

  16. The damage is being done. Issues that need urgent attention have been pushed into and kept in the shadows by a government that sees its province as the single biggest financial supporter and Cousin Oliver of the nation.

  17. Can’t support it as it stands. Agree that any public employee or any other service industry employee that wants to do business with me, must have face uncovered when dealing with public. But, do not have a problem with other religious symbols.

    • There already is a law banning people from having their face covered in government buildings in Quebec.

  18. The PQ needs to wake up to the fact its “national” policies are outworn and irrelevant in today’s Quebec – it is creating artificial divisions in its society while clutching at straws to appeal to a hardcore margin.

  19. Quebec women have been fighting for equality between men and women such as the right to vote, equal salary, equal job opportunities as they were kept on clerical or low paying jobs,brainwashed by catholic church and considered as baby machines and they had no choice on the matter, no right to vote, etc, etc to just name a few Quebec has welcome immigrants of all nationalities whom were proud to come to a land of opportunities and some even kissed the ground when they arrive in this country.

    Religions had never been a problem so far. Then in the last 10 years, request for accomodations start to come in, such as on the RCMP uniform, wearing of the kirpan in school, special places for their prayers,etc,etc.
    Religions have been known to be a cause for wars,

    This charter has nothing racist and wish to unify everyone and every nationalities. Reading on the subject where there are problems in France,England,Holland,Belgium, Germany, etc would be more sensible than to bach french canadians. The purpose of the charter is to prevent these problems. I have travelled in many countries with different religions such as North Africa and Asia and although asians are very religious, they do not ask for special accomodation,

    If they choose to come to this country and they are welcome why not show some respect to the Canadians and their way of living.

    • The issue with the RCMP and the turbans was 25 years ago, not 10 years ago and whether you want to admit it or not, Shikh RCMP officers did not spell disaster for the force. In fact, Shikh police officers in places like New York are also wearing a turban with their uniform. Perhaps Canada won’t have the same problems the other countries you mentioned have encountered because we have invited different cultures to truly integrate on their own terms rather than to set up distinct and separate communities within our cities. We have tried not to treat them with suspicion and distrust, forcing them to isolate themselves…at least not until now. This ridiculous NON-issue is a way for Marois to try to divert the attention of voters away from the real problems of economics and joblessness. She is targeting educated immigrants, which is ridiculous. These people work in licensed professions where they have codes of professional conduct that prevent them from attempting to convert anyone to their religion. Given that she has a shortage of educated locals to take the place of the doctors and nurses that she is alienating, she is going to be in a crisis if these people decide to pick up and leave and go to the other provinces who are openly inviting them to come and make homes where they will not be persecuted. As for other religious cultures not asking for accommodation, people often wear religious jewelry and it has never been an issue. As for religions and wars, the Catholics and the Protestants in Northern Ireland had one of the longest standing wars in the world and yet the Quebec assembly has a very large Catholic crucifix. This isn’t about all religions…it is about any religion that isn’t Catholic.

  20. Does quebec have any values after decades of blatant discrimination against the English?

  21. I’m a Quebecer and I don’t support the Charter. The problem in Canada is that we generalize the French and the English too much. There’s more resemblance than we think…

  22. is there an English version of this quiz? we have two official languages, don’t you know?