Do you support the extension of Canada’s military mission in Libya?


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Do you support the extension of Canada’s military mission in Libya?

  1. There is no such thing as “humanitarian bombing”, especially with depleted uranium weapons which pollute for centuries.

  2. I find it amazing that so many Canadians have no problem at all with a government slaughtering it’s own people.

    • We don’t seem to have a problem with Syria slaughtering its people or Bahrain slaughtering thier’s or Yemen the same do we.

  3. Lybia’s “revolutionary uprising” is a CIA covert operation aimed at deposing Ghadaffi due not only to his socialist values, but because he’s been making moves to establish a common gold-backed currency to be used for the benefit of the entire African continent. That has riled established western banking interests that commonly enslave entire nations, who, like us are tied to our predominant western debt-based currency practices. Lybian oil is really just he gravy over the meat… or should I say, “money”. 

    • I think you’re right, there are attempts being made to come up with alternate currencies, that bypass the banking est. the pitfall is that it is dependant on the internet. If a successful digital currency was conceived, I’m sure it would mean a total internet shutdown. I had read about the false media reports out of Libya showing violent uprisings, in order to justify NATO going in there. The lies and corruption in government, seem to stem from the oil elite such as Queen Beatrix of Royal Dutch Shell. I am so sick of these blood sucking leaches. And when Canadians hand a majority to Harper,.. I hope the sheeple wake up soon, so we can bring on the public lynchings, can’t wait…

    • Great comment David. I couldn’t agree more. So what does that make our current federal government’s ideology?

  4. For the past 20 years we kissed this dictator’s ass. SNC Lavalin and Suncor had major operations there. Suddenly we are going to back the rebels in a civil war. A group we know very little about. Maybe infiltrated by Islamics or Al Qaeda. Who knows. Who are their leaders? Do we even know? No this is all about the possible loss of SNC’s and Suncor’s operations in Libya and of course 1.6 million barrels of oil daily of the sweetest lightest crude.

  5. Wars are never started for the reasons we think. You can bet you’re being lied to by your government. 

  6. Isn’t this a perfect distraction from getting on with the moratorium vote on Monsanto GMO alfalpha into Canada? Our government has been hijacked by the corporate oil elite…

  7. Interesting comments posted here. Depleted uranium is exactly that depleted, not radioactive. CIA operation – give me a break, and who really gives a darn what they do to each other over there. Afghanistan lite anyone?

    • As any search engine can tell you, “depleted” uranium is 60% as radioactive as natural uranium, with a longer half-life. The only reason they call it “depleted” is because it doesn’t have the right “flavour” to use in a reactor. It’s still a toxic metal and harmfully radioactive and not something you want to have exploded in your city (or farmland).

      If you don’t “give a darn what they do to each other over there”, then do you support sending Canadian troops to fight, kill, and possibly die “over there”?

      The internet can be amazingly informative if you take a few minutes to read about things before commenting on them.

      • In answer to your letter. I will stand corrected on the depleted uranium. I
        supported and still support sending our troops to Afghanistan. I do not
        support involvement in Libya or any other Mideast ‘dung hole’.

  8. We should be bringing the troops home ASAP, because obviously, we have our own rioters and terrorists to take care of. But perhaps safeguarding the Canadian public has no priority with our elected Government. Criminals have rights, too, you know…

  9. there are other ways to use money….turn the war machine off…it belittles smart people…war is against the human psyche..

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