Do you think the PM knew about the $90K cheque made out to Sen. Mike Duffy? -

Do you think the PM knew about the $90K cheque made out to Sen. Mike Duffy?


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Do you think the PM knew about the $90K cheque made out to Sen. Mike Duffy?

  1. I think there’s a very good chance the PM didn’t know about it. Everything I’ve read to date seems to imply that this was a personal favour from Nigel Wright, and it was his own money (I’d love to have $90K kicking around I could just write a check to a friend for, but that’s a whole other topic).

    • You must be believing the PM’s untrue words then. Only the PM and his inner circle claim that it was a personal favour from Nigel Wright, which it probably was, except it took place with a person from the PMO, in which case the PM must have known about it.

      • I actually haven’t read much of the news surrounding this… (Most of my political attention is being taken up by the Transit funding issue and the PM’s less-than-transparent dealings with the public on environmental issues.) Do I think the Wright should have lent (or gave) this money to Duffy? No. It was a boneheaded move on his part, especially considering his position in government. And while my initial reaction to this was: “wow, don’t we all wish we had enough money lying around that we could just cut a personal cheque to a friend for $90K?” I also would have been more offended by this if the $90K had been taken from public funds and not a private account.

  2. How on earth do 60% of the poll respondents think Harper didn’t know anything?

    I guess they’re all admitting Harper is incompetent and unable to control his own office.

    • don’t be fooled by the results, 100% of the people that I’ve spoken to think he did. Remember, Harper is also the man who pays an army of “media monitors” to control the message about Harperland.

      • And what’s more, no partisans or operatives from any other political party act as “media monitors”.
        I’m not making this up.

        • Except the other parties don’t have the resources of the Canadian taxpayer to fund their “armies” and yes, you are making this up.

        • Other parties have far fewer resources at their disposal than the Conservative Party.

          The Conservatives out fundraise every other party because they use high pressure sales tactics and appeal to the wealthy by claiming to be “fiscally responsible” and in favour of “lower taxes,” and they also have the resources of the Canadian government at their disposal, so they can carpet bomb the airwaves with Economic Action Plan ads and hire 1500 social media monitoring staff in the Privy Council Office.

          The NDP does have some public money at their disposal as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, and the Liberals have a bit of fundraising clout with Justin Trudeau in the driver’s seat, but despite that the Conservatives can still outspend both parties by a very wide margin.

      • Good Lord. What a bunch of non-sense.

        • Nonsense? Really? $20 million of our hard earned tax dollars being wasted by Harper to promote his ideology is nonsense? Even North Korea or Germany in the 1940s didn’t spend that much on propaganda. You think it is ok for the government to use your money to tell you lies? Their EAP ads are advertising programs that don’t even exist. Good lord, why don’t you go bury your head in the sand.

          • Try $26 million in just under 3 months.

            By the time its “winter ad blitz” is done, the federal government will
            have spent $26-million in taxpayer dollars to promote the Economic Action Plan. The three-month media buy targeted televised events with high viewership, such as the Super Bowl and the Oscars, between January 11 and March 31.

          • It is amazing that the same people who buy the propaganda are also the least likely for Harper to actually represent. Ms. Lemire apparently has not figured out that Francophones are the next on Harper’s list. Another thing those Northern Foundation types hate is bilingualism.

          • How much did Chretien spend during ad scam to “promote his ideology” in Quebec….hundreds of millions of dollars and we know how THAT TURNED OUT. You are right to be concerned but you don’t have to go to North Korea or “Germany in the 40’s” for examples of political parties spending Canadian taxpayer money on propaganda. You can go back…say 7 years…and find it here in Canada. How convenient is that!

    • Other than a few conspiracy theorists why would anyone think Harper knew? There is nothing illegal about loaning someone money and it has zero effect on taxpayers except that Duffy paid all the taxes he owes.

      • cause we think with logic, and common sense. It’s you that have the conspiracy theory that don’t make sense. “everyone is making everything up with all fake evidence against the Con governemnt” or that we have yet another government that hasn’t answered a single question honestly and clearly with out deflecting it and trying to make the person asking look worse then them. How you cold support such corruption so blindly i’ll never know. I used to vote Lib till Adscam now i vote NDP cause they haven’t had the shot yet and the rest have fumbled it up. the Con’s are the most corrupt Government Canada has ever seen. If you can’t see that then their obviously something wrong with you.

      • It is illegal to offer a gift over $500.00 to a sitting Senator. This is ^NOT a tax situation, it is filing fraudulent expense claims. Pay attention.

      • Duffy also had more than $200,000 worth of “expenses” which you and I have to pay. These are being investigated, and some of them appear to be fudged. Does that change your opinion of him?

      • apparently the concept of possible bribery is not understood by you

    • It’s spelled “how”

      • Thanks, I fixed it.

  3. Stephen Harper “Please fix this Mr Wright, you are chief of staff. And please keep me at arms length so it doesn’t involve me.”

    Mr Wright: ” Hmmm… if I write a personal cheque the debt is gone, and I’ll get my money back one way or the other.”

    • it’s call plausible deniability. Bear in mind also that Haprer is a follower of Leo Straus who was a great believer in th efficacy and usefulness of lies in politics.

      • Straus believed that if the public didn’t agree with your ideological/political position, then you just needed to market the ideas to them, even if it involved lies and deceit.

    • This is so silly. Because people that actually knows Stephen Harper knows he doesn’t talk like that. So little theory out the window.

      • Well some of us who do know Harper actually know that while he may not use those exact words, it is entirely feasible that he would try the plausible deniability route, even though it is so, so weak.

        Funny that you would support him, since his feelings on anyone who is not a wasp have been pretty clear since his days at the Northern Foundation, but then again anyone still supporting the man at this point in time obviously has a thing for being lied to and insulted behind your back.

  4. There is a simple reality here that because Duffy didn’t resign as a senator from the Senate, that indicates that he is well aware of who authorized the 90 large. Simply put, Nigel Wright was just a bag man. Perhaps if he wore a fedora and trench coat it would be easier for certain folks to grasp.

    • “Fedora and trench coat” like Pierre Trudeau?

    • 13% are sure he didn’t know; 42% are sure he knew and 44% aren’t sure if he knew…..For now he goes to work on the 44%. Then onto the 42%.

  5. This poll has obviously been mob-bombed by Con-Bots.

    • don’t worry real people know better. Conbot’s aren’t people, their manipulated numbers. double pun intended.

  6. Just proves that the Canadian public is as gullible as expected after all Harper was elected.

    • May we aren’t all lib-smacked.

  7. Harper is a wll known micro-manager.He knew even if it was at arms length in order to give him some degree of deniability. This is a PM who stood on the steps of Parliament after being found in contempt of Parliament and lied as to what that involved. Why on earth would anyone expect him to tell the truth now? As to the arrogant Mr. Duffy who smirked and laughed after being asked if he would resign; that should tell you he has something up his sleeve, besides a lot of tax payers money. It also tells you he has an overblown sense of entitlement, no shame and no pity for the people who lost their jobs while trying to cover for this theft. He and Harper deserve each other but unfortunately they make Canada look like a cesspool of corruption which isn’t too far off the mark when you look at recent events on the municipal, provincial and federal levels. They all need to be fired with no golden handshakes.

  8. I bet the results of this poll really surprised Macleans and the rest of the media who have done everything they could to bring down Harper.

    • Maclean’s is pro-Harper. You are lying.

  9. Nigel Wright sat at every important policy meeting. He was definitely involved in the design of the spin Harper put on the Duffy affair “Duffy paid his debt” he is an honourable man! This spin went on for weeks and Nigel never mentioned to Steve “hey this may blow up in your face?” I admire the naivete of the 66% who think he is innocent. Please reply if you need a bridge.

  10. No way did Mr. Harper know about it; that just is not his MO. Besides he’s not a liar.
    Nigel Wright screwed up–and there are lots of people who can scratch a cheque for $90,000.

    • then your naive.

    • You are, of course, being facetious, or as Jason suggests, really, really naive.

    • Read up on Strausian philosophy/politics. Harper is a follower. Straus believed and preached the need for secrecy and the necessity of lies as the right of the superior to rule over the inferior.

    • Then you fully admit that Harper is inept and incompetent and unable to control his own office.

      Do we really want an incompetent prime minister?

  11. Of course Harper knew!

  12. A control person such as the PM.! He knew.

  13. Here we have one of the most controlling PMs in history so how can one think that he didn’t know about this. If he really didn’t know it was willful blindness in my opinion

  14. By the time the next federal elections ballots are all counted the left will be yet again crying in their corn flakes.

    • Well!! We already know that the Conservatives know how to cook elections, don’t we?

  15. The PM is a well known control freak, everything he does he manages , so you cannot tell me he didn’t know what was going on and if he Didn’t why didn’t he?

  16. I see Harper’s trusty little Keyboard Kommandos have attacked this poll. Of course Harper knew. He is the world’s biggest control freak.

  17. 72.98% seem to feel the PM did not know ? It is amazing how kind we Canadians are to think so highly of this PM. After all, in the end we are kind to the last conservative PM too.
    Either we are totally brainwashed by the conservative machine, or we have given up to think.

    • It’s conbot’s logging in in multiple accounts. they did it a few times. the comments are were you should be judging on how many people feel insulted by Harper’s actions.

      • I want to ask you a question. If a “conbot” is logging in on multiple accounts, presumably under multiple e-mail addresses, to skew the poll, why wouldn’t the person just enter into the comments section and put in some comments in support of Harper under different monikers? This conspiracy theory of yours has a few holes in it.

    • I don’t think that Canadians are being particularly kind and I certainly don’t think they think very highly of this PM. However, I do think they are fairly numb to scandal. After all, the last party before this one left mired in scandal and it wasn’t a conservative party. Only 7 years ago, the Liberal party left office amid ad scam. Now every scandal gets measured against that one.
      As for whether or not Stephen Harper knew. Nigel Wright was the chief of staff for an office of 120 people. That is how many people work in the PMO. Certainly, Harper is controlling but it is the job of the chief of staff is to look after problems that come up so that Harper can do his job. Harper approached Nigel Wright in private practice and offered him a job that was always only going to be of a 2 year duration and I am certain Wright proved himself so capable, he found it unnecessary to bring “little problems” to Harper to deal with. A man who has been the CEO of a major corporation is used to making decisions on his own and he knew all about the need to keep the PM out of the loop on “delicate matters”. He also has deep pockets and a very good reputation. He is well known for giving lots of money to charitable endeavors and it is very involved in the Anglican Church.

  18. outside of the McLeans poll 13% think Harper didn’t know about the deal here it is the opposite. The same conbot playing with this poll will be very busy fudging responses to every other poll as we draw nearer to election times. The conservatives are not to proud to cheat to win yet again. We are in for an ugly ride

    • Didn’t the results of the pre-election polls done in BC and Alberta teach us anything? Polls are notoriously inaccurate.

    • Yes 13% were sure he didn’t know and 44% were not sure if he knew. Only 42% are sure he knew.

  19. wow — proof that at least 76.53% of Canadians are idiots.

  20. Chances are the PM knew about it but he has scapegoats willing to take the fall and blame like in all religious sectes. If the PM admitted to handing off 90K, he would have had to resign and that would have affected his fragile ego. To paraphrase René Girard, that is the purpose of scapegoats to sacrifice themselves for the leader and the pseudo-pretend greater good that many delude themselve with as a mantra. If it works, why not? One can always fool all of the people all of the time contrary to the saying. The PM got elected didn’t he?

  21. Folks, you’ve got to to start watching CPAC ( and actually listen and even watch Harper’s reaction to the questions he is facing from the opposition. There are ways to spot liars.

  22. Gosh, there are a lot of gullible people on here. Do you all believe everything the media and/or the CBC feed you? And from what I gather, the cheques was from a personal account by one friend for another, so why in the world is everyone up in arms about this? Is Canada not still a free country where we can choose to help whom we like and want? And what if this was just a personal loan? I am not sure I understand what all the stink is about. All I can say is we certainly must be lacking for news that an incident of this type (a molehill) has to be made into such a travesty.

    • talk about gullible- you should look in the mirror

      • Because I choose to wait for concrete facts about things before I make any judgements, you think that makes me gullible? Because I choose not to throw around accusations based on pretty wobbly information, that makes me gullible? Hmmm… wonder what would have happened if I would have had an actual opinion one way or another? Strange that questioning the media/CBC brings out these types of posts by people.

  23. I have lived in other countries and can tell you that this would be considered a non event compared with what goes on in Mexico, South America, France, Russia, The Middle East, or Japan etc. My only concern is the inappropriate use by a politician of tax dollars for apparent expenses or lavish trips that have nothing to do with a politician’s position or duties. Mr. Wright might have advised Mr Harper of Mr Duffy’s predicament and told to deal with it. He should probably have told Mr. Duffy to get a loan from a bank, but he probably had no credit. Place this situation in context of world events and this world has more important topics that are worthy of discussion, the media should move on with this story.