Are you worried by the downturn in global financial markets? -

Are you worried by the downturn in global financial markets?



Are you worried by the downturn in global financial markets?

  1. I find Harper’s comments hypocritical – not too long ago, Harper himself was rallying separatists in Alberta, “It is to take the bricks and begin building another home — a stronger and much more autonomous Alberta. It is time to look at Quebec and to learn. What Albertans should take from this example is to become ‘maitres chez nous.'” You can find the Macleans article here:

    His disappointment in Turmel is a political cheap shot which he has flip-flopped on when it is convenient for him.  I do wish his disappointment would be directed towards something of some importantance: famine? global warming? declining crime rates and new jails? sustainable development? poverty?

    Guess we’ll just have to wait while Harper continues driving wedges though the Canadian electorate.  I am disappointed in separatist Harper, and I think a majority of Canadians are disappointed as well.

    • I pray that the ‘majority of Canadians who are disappointed in Harper’,continue to be so; because it was this majority, that gave him a majority Government.
      Face it; The New DP’s are just that; New DP’s. They can never represent Canada.

      • A majority government does not mean a majority of the voting public supports Harper at all. To do that he would have had to have won an outright majority of which he did not accomplish, on top of that you need to factor in the voter participation rates. Given all that he most likely only has around 25% support. 

        • If you factor in the voters who didn’t vote, you would of had an outright majority for Harper. All those who were against him voted in mass and total; while those who were for him knew that they were the majority, and that he would be re-elected no matter if they voted or not.
          Be a man, and stop your whining; you are embarassing the ROC by calling yourself Canadian;or are you not a Canadian – but a quebecer ?

          • Right, so in your world, most of the older demographic that votes almost all the time didn’t show up to vote Conservative in their usual numbers, and the younger more progressive voters who usually don’t vote very much did so ‘en masse’ this time. No polling that was done showed the Conservatives getting 50+% support of eligible voters. Dream on.

            Clearly, facts that run contrary to your feelings of how things are disturb you so much that you feel you have to try to insult me. Your attempt at polarization is pitiful. You have much in common with the hard-line separatists – They are loving this story as well. ;)

          • How many elections do you have to lose before you will accept the fact that the Conservative party is the democratically elected government of Canada.
            It is Quebec who has, once again, polarized the nation by voting in bloc for the NewDP’s.
            Accept the ROC’ continued welfare, that some french-canadian Prime minister called redistribution, or something; but redistribution is just an euphemism for stealing!
            How is it possible that after decades, you can’t take care of yourselves; but rely on farmers (over 1000 miles
            away ) to keep sending you welfare money, so you can continue to live where you want.

          • (in reply to lower thread)

            The Conservative party was democratically elected, but do not represent the majority of voters. That’s all I was saying – Just a point of clarification. You can draw your own conclusions about our electoral system from that. No, polarization was the norm for the last 20 years. That voters in the West as well as rural Ontario and Quebec voted for the same party is, by definition, the opposite.In regards to redistribution, without it, farmers today in large part wouldn’t survive, sadly. However, I do think it’s a worthy goal to encourage migration back to rural communities, it’s just that the Conservatives and Liberal support for agribusiness for the purpose of creating a cheap food supply has largely contributed in the destruction of the family farm and by extension rural life, so that won’t happen unless there is a fundamental change in government or in policy or a huge shortage in the world’s supply of oil. I fail to see how Quebec is to blame for those problems, myself, but it’s certainly a useful scapegoat for people who would want to con you into voting against your own interests. 

          • I see the high degree of reason you have applied to your last post, and I respect you for it; and thank you for your comments.  Orest Goyan

  2. I’m happy to see separatist politicians trolling for English Canadian votes – its a nice change from the usual setup. 

  3. the NDP shoot themselves in the foot everytime. Other political parties do not even have to campain against them.

  4. There are separatists in every party, that is just a fact. And she is only the temp leader , there is no way they would like her run as leader in the next election , just like the Liberals had a temp leader in Bill Graham a few years back.

  5. Only in Canada could it be regarded as nothing of consequence that a separatist would be the leader of the official opposition.
    Turmel is an opportunist, perhaps thinking that as BLOCiste, there was nothing to be gained, but as the offical opposition, perhaps even more could be gained for the French cause (more for the tyranny of the minority).
    Why be an independent country when you have already gained all of the benefits of so being while maintaining and strengthening a parasitical relationship with Canada?
    How may Quebecers do I have to carry on my back as a citizen of Canada?
    Time to let the separatists separate, I say, and get on with taking our rightful place among the English speaking countries of the world. The NDP-Q (New Democratic Parti Quebecois) is just the BLOC, renamed.

  6. Maybe that should be left up to the NDP.  The rest of us can just sit back and plan accordingly.

  7. Bad question: “She’s a New Democrat NOW . . .” Actually she always was, for the past 20 years. Her mistake was holding a second card, rather than just making a donation to Carole Lavallee’s riding association.

  8. NOTHING makes one unfit to lead the NewDP’s;but it does make her unfit to be the official opposition of Canada’s government!

    • Democracy at work under Anglo-Monarch!
      USSR and Adolf’s Germany also had rules regarding fit and unfit participants in political arena.

  9. Not only did Turmoil have a bloc card; she also has a Quebec Solidaire card!  This provincial group is stock full of communists, marxists and separatists.  Turmoil just gave this card up when it was exposed that she belonged to it apparently.  Where is urban farmer’s disgust with Rae’s attitude toward Turmoil?  Only with the conservatives does he have a problem!  Strange that this seems to be the case.  Mr. Harper only expressed disappointment; Mr. Rae has called for her to declare which way she really is–a separatist or a nationalist!!

    • QS is the only viable choice for social democrats in Quebec. There is no provincial NPD. They have to take what they can get.

      Similarly, the Conservative Party is full of racists, Alberta separatists, woman haters, fascists, Apartheid supporters, and people who think the Apocalypse will occur as described in a collection of appropriated pagan legends and mysticisms from the Bronze Age. And BC’s only viable right-wing party is full of Liberals. Libertarians are forced to take what they can get.

      • If it wasn’t for Alberta and Western Canada, who provide you with welfare through schemes like Equalization (extortion ) payments; and outright theft by a
        french-Canadian Prime Minister who called it theNEP (New extortion Plan); you probably would not of had the money to buy your computer, and post your regurgitated poutine !

  10. As for Jack–what cancer does he now have?  Why is this not being made public?  The people who voted for him need to know.

    • I’m sure if you live in his riding, it’s not that hard to ask around and find out.

  11. Yeah yeah. Dion was a nerd, and Iggy was “just visiting” and Turmel is a “separatist.”   Do you have anything useful to tell us, Steve, or are you just going to keep trying to cling to power by calling your opponents names and making fun of them like a child?  Why are you wasting billions on prisons when crime rates are dropping?  Why are you selling us up the creek with the EU free trade agreement?  If you’re so fiscally prudent, why did you piss away a 13 billion dollar Liberal surplus, and why did you seem so surprised by the economic downtown?  I guess it’s easier to play juvenile games than answer real questions eh?

  12. I have one name for all you Turmel bashers…Denis Lebel! 
    But I’m sure you have a perfectly reasonable explanation for his membership in the Bloc… 

  13. The majority that Steveo Harper  enjoys right now is because of the turn coat Canadians that don’t stand behind their political stripe to the bitter end, Now you have him for 4 years of hell, He will put you back 40 years but thats okay were becoming gullible fools

  14. The fact that so many people are voting anything other than the first choice tells you that they don’t understand money, financial markets, or how they relate to Canada’s economy and our future.

    There is a reason they don’t teach about money, markets, finances in grade school…we aren’t SUPPOSED to understand what they’re doing.

    Most people don’t.  Seems like cutting education budgets works quite well…for the government.