Does Stephen Harper have a plan for Canada? -

Does Stephen Harper have a plan for Canada?

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Does Stephen Harper have a plan for Canada?

  1. How about adding 'yes, and I don't like it'.

    • Well, I like it. The ship of state is turned exceedingly slowly and the superficially small "Harper" changes are beginning to have an effect which will intensify aimed at curbing the alarming growth and acceptance of corporatism in Canada.

      • What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

        • One short sentence is not rambling, and since you don't understand what I said anyway, keep your prayers to yourself.

          • Pretty sure he was referring to ex-canuck. Also he was quoting Billy Madison.

          • LOL well in that case, I agree with him.

            Apologies to Horatio!

      • a) you don't know what it is

        b) worry about corporatism is leftwing

        c) you don't live here

        • "b)worry about corporatism is leftwing"

          Actually, I'm pretty sure that's not entirely accurate. I know plenty of people who would qualify as libertarian who oppose corporate personhood and influence. It's actually one of those issues that unite people rather than divide. Here is some evidence from the states:

          The poll reveals:

          [85% of voters say that corporations have too much influence over the political system today while 93% say that average citizens have too little influence.
          95% agree that “Corporations spend money on politics mainly to buy influence in government and elect people who are favorable to their financial interests.” (74% strongly agree)
          85% disagree that “Corporations should be able to spend as much as they want to influence the outcome of elections because the Constitution protects freedom of speech.” (63% strongly disagree)
          93% agree that “There should be clear limits on how much money corporations can spend to influence the outcome of an election.” (74% strongly agree)
          77% think Congress should support an amendment to limit the amount U.S. corporations can spend to influence elections.
          74% say that they would be more likely to vote for a candidate for Congress who pledged to support a Constitutional Amendment limiting corporate spending in elections.]

      • lol how true.

      • But pirates are coming!

  2. I voted yes. Had it been a small c "conservative imprint", I would not have been able to.

  3. You're asking the wrong question… of COURSE he has a plan for Canada… The question should be, do you agree with his
    plan for Canada… Who in the hell is coming up with this crap??? … Are you people all imbeciles???

    • Exactly! Thank you!

  4. I think Macleans is getting carried away with their importance in the political spectrum. Everything they write lately is either imbecilic or fabricated. Very little truth to anything they write. It's dangerous to make assumptions and speculations about other individuals just like that book "HARPERLAND" which all you journalists are quoting like a bible and its written from quotes from people who hate Harper as much as he says Harper hates the Liberals. It's all B….S..T. These ravings contain very little factual information. Your just annoyed that Harper hasn't recognized your important roll in his universe so lets try to bring him down. The media has become a dangerous entity.

    • Well said Roberta!

    • Yes Roberta I totally agree .. the media is unbelievable and yes dangerous no wonder Harper does not want to speak to them no matter what he says or how he says it THE MEDIA puts a fabricated spin on it ..

  5. Small changes in the right direction, it's too bad the Conservatives don't have a majority, Canada would be much better off today if that were the case. The Opposition if full of International Socialists, Separatists and effete Liberals – they would destroy Canada if given the chance.

    • Liberals were in power for 75% of the 20th century, and golly, look….we're still here.

      • A lot poorer, with many Liberal mistakes to deal with, but, yes, we're still here!

        • NEITHER the Libs or the Cons deserve a majority They are both scandal plagued, self-serving, arrogant, and ant-democratic parties who have eroded our Canadian democratic tradition. Minority parliaments protect Canada by denying whoever the PM is with the power to run roughshod over the country with their extremist left or right idologies.

          • And unfortunately any other party that might ever get elected (not much chance there) will be the same! It's called the human race…

          • Good comment Pablo77

    • Harper is the best Prime Minister we have had in a few generations. He is best when it comes to supporting a principled foreign policy. I would prefer that he rein in spending though.

  6. For the last four years our country is on a downward slope. This government is taking us in the wrong direction.The fact that it is a minority government is the only constraint to a much steeper decline.

  7. Harper's plan for Canada resembles the plan employed by somebody playing the Risk board game: do whatever he can to ensure that the Blue Team triumphs over the Red Team and the Orange Team.

    He also seems to have some sort of need to restrict the flow of information. His plan for Canada includes greater secrecy and centralized control.

    As for implementing a more conservative vision – sure, whatever. Or throwing money at a hockey rink in Quebec – that works too. Whatever it takes to get the Blue Team to win.

  8. Harper's plan is to dismantle Canadian institutions so there will be no safety net left for anyone who needs help. Say good bye to Health Care, Employment Insurance, etc. Why else would he so urgently want to destroy the census? That's the obvious starting point…. if there is no data then it isn't happening.

    Canada has always been unique because of the humane treatment of its citizens. Not like our neighbours to the south who could care less about who lives or dies, with or without dignity.

    • Ah, always the need to bash our neighbours to the south. Too bad you cannot reconize the benefits that have come our way from our friendly neighbours.

    • Hello Very Afraid .. I see things so differently and therefore I am not afraid Harper is a good person .. So exactly how accurate do you think think that long form census is .. or do think that politicians are the only ones that lie

      As if the Americans are with out compassion … I ask you which country is first in line when a nature disaster occurs in another country … hmmmmmmmmm

  9. What plan??

  10. Of course he has a plan, but the only way for him to truly implement it is for liberals wake up to the reality that conservatism is reality based and give Harper the majority he deserves.

    • Which reality is that then? The one in Andromeda?

    • What does that even mean? Is that a bad Google translation or something?

    • I agree however the Liberal Senate is holding us back .. I think it is hilarious when the Liberals say look what The Conservative promised and have not delivered .. then went it pass through the Senate ..

  11. Yes, Harper most definitely has a plan for Canada. Whether it is distinctly Conservative or not, I think is a bit limiting. Much of what he does I disagree with. However, he definitely is trying to make Canada have more of a sense of itself and that I agree with.

  12. Yes he has a plan, but its not clear whether it is distinctly conservative or whether it's a bit of everything. At the end of the day, he is the best leader we have among all the candidates. I don't agree with everything he is doing, but he is building a quiet sense of pride in Canada and I support that.

    • OH Yes I agree

  13. 1.3 Billion and counting on the Summit, that's A LOT of health care money down the toilet just to do the global grandstanding.

    • You said it right! Much more money down the drain with further mission in Afgan, his fancy around the world trips wile at home debating where to cut expenses for health care and education, etc. Look at poverty of our First Nation people! Harper, charity starts at home!!!!!

  14. Of course he has a plan! He canot implement it– as long a he does not have a majority! MInority Governments can not work–as- no matter what U say or do-or plan–the oppositions will be against– just 2 cause friction– so they can have an election–& hope they win!!! the public should have more interest in what Goverment is willing 2 achieve–& stop dragging it down!! Same applies 2 the media's!!!

  15. The Conservative government could do better if it had a majority and the Media was a little more responsible for what it says. As a member of CARP I notice that that the Conservatives get the most votes, by far.

  16. Heaven help our country if Harper ever does get a majority. He is supposed to be an economist but has never held a real job in business. Unfortunately, Canada suffers as he tries out his theories on our government.

  17. It's amazing how many Liberals and their ilk like to blame all our country's woes on Harper and Co. Why do all these morons with their media pets forget who ran this country for the majority of the last 40 years. Starting with Chairman Trudeau and the rest of the misfits that followed, its startling that the Conservatives have managed to salvage this great Nation.

    • Dennis – everyone is entitled to an opinion and I think yours is a POS. As soon as an election is over, politicians start working on staying in office – They just don't care about us, they want that 6 years and a pension. So, if you think the Cons are doing such a good job with their secrecy and the other two wanting to stay at the trough for as long as possible you need to pay more attention!

    • You misspelled salvage it is spelled (DESTROY)

  18. I do believe that Stephen Harper does have a plan for Canada and he is implementing it as he best can under a minority government environment in a global economy. The intent is to bring the Federal Government back to core interests, as defined by our Constitution. The best definition of conservatism that I've ever heard of came from the humorist PJ O'Rourke: "Mind your own business, and keep your hands to yourself." It is the implementation of the fundamental conservative principle of subsidiarity: an organizing principle that matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, subsidiarity is that idea that a central authority should have a subsidiary function, performing only those tasks which cannot be performed effectively at a more immediate or local level. Step one in implementing this plan involves removing surplus taxes from the Government's revenues and opening the books for the public to see. It involves challenging politicians and the federal public service to focus on their core responsibilities, instead of freelancing policy and pursuing vanity programs all over the governance map. In doing so, this brings discipline to the operation of public money. Once that discipline is implemented, the federal government looks at how it can improve the operation of these core responsibilities. Finally, the federal government has to incite good economic and social practices only in the other levels of government and the private sector. That is Harper's plan.

    • Interesting. I hope you're right, thanks for posting.

    • You are right on removing the surplus, to bad it has nothing to do with taxed Government revenues you are also correct on freelancing policy, this current conservative government has the worst transparency of any party in Canada for the last 50 years, there is only one reason for scraping the census and that is having something to hide. You have a lot of big words placed very well to make sence but that is not this governments plan for Canada I realy wish it was. God help us if these people get a majority.

  19. It seems there is a plan for everything else but to protect and look after our citizens in Canada. Watch the program Compassionate Eye on CBC, how foreign spouses marry Canadians for an easy entry into Canada. It is unbelievable to listen to the minister of immigration answer to this big problem. Rules should be introduced like in the States, Canadian citizen could bring foreign spouses and have 2 years to see if marriage works before the foreign spouses be allowed to participate in all Canadian citizen benefits as landed immigrants. Of course, there should be exception if our Citizens abuse their spouses.