Edmonton police go to bull pen to help corral carousing calf

EDMONTON – This bull wasn’t in a china shop, but it did do some damage when it charged an Edmonton police cruiser and climbed over it.

The cattle caper began when a calf on its way to a slaughtering plant escaped from a pen and decided to make a run for it.

Someone decided to let out a bull in an attempt to lure the young ‘un back — but the bull took off too.

Police spokeswoman Clair Seyler (SEAL’-ehr) says the bull rammed the vehicle several times before officers could chase it into a fenced-off field in an industrial area.

The calf was eventually cornered and put in a trailer.

But the bigger bovine is still in the field while the city’s animal bylaw officials decide how to take this bull by the horns.


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