Elbowgate's traumatized victims need your support

Elbowgate’s traumatized victims need your support

Elbowgate may be behind us, but please give in memory of 5/18



Good evening once again, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to the second annual national telethon in support of victims of JTE—Justin Trudeau’s Elbow. I’m your host, Tom Mulcair.

It has been two years now since the Prime Minister stormed recklessly across the House of Commons, uttered a profanity and struck the chest of New Democrat MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau. Two long years—yet peace and justice continue to elude many who witnessed the traumatic event. This telethon is for them.

May 18 has become one of our nation’s most solemn days of remembrance. Over the past week, I’m sure you’ve noticed news coverage of the approaching anniversary. You’ve heard the songs on the radio, including Neil Young’s protest anthem from the summer of 2016, A Sharp Elbow to the Heart of Democracy. And we’ve all seen opposition MPs wearing their burgundy ribbons—a colour chosen to match the hue of my face that day when I kept hollering at Trudeau, “You’re pathetic.”

The wounds are still fresh. Canadians remember watching as members of Parliament stood on 5/18—it will forever be known as 5/18—and with halting voices described the “assault,” “physical molestation” and “manhandling” they had witnessed. Conservative MP Peter Van Loan called it an “extraordinary example of physical intimidation.”

In retrospect, we now understand that many of us were showing the first symptoms of PTSD—Post-Trudeau Skirmish Disorder. This is a relentless affliction. It’s not uncommon for PTSD sufferers to wake up three or four times a night from a nightmare in which Justin Trudeau butts in front of them in line at the grocery store checkout.

Over the past two years, a number of attempts have been made to help members of Parliament find closure. Debates in the House. An investigation by a Commons committee. Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai’s one-man show, The Elbow Monologues. But serenity continues to elude.

That’s why your support is vitally important. We did so much good with the millions raised during last year’s telethon. We bought blankets for affected MPs to huddle under. We paid the salaries of trauma counsellors who remain on call 24/7. And we commissioned a five-metre bronze statue that depicts Peter Van Loan losing his innocence.

Of course, I can talk and talk—heck, I’ve been talking for nine straight hours now! But I wasn’t as up close as some on 5/18. Let me introduce you to Niki Ashton. Thank you for being here, Niki, and thank you for your bravery.

Folks, I invite you—I dare you—to put yourself in Niki’s shoes. Imagine what this New Democrat hero went through two years ago. To see the Prime Minister of Canada striding briskly—briskly!—into your field of view. Then a cuss word. A cuss word from a politician on Parliament Hill! Surely a first.

And finally—I’m sorry I have to talk about this, Niki—amid the blur of blazers and pantsuits, Niki saw it: inadvertent physical contact. It scarred her psyche. No wonder she called the incident “disgusting” and “deeply traumatic.” No wonder she says she no longer feels safe in the House of Commons.

Niki has been travelling a rough road. Today, the mere glimpse of an elbow will prompt her to collapse into sobs. In solidarity, several members of the NDP caucus have had their arms surgically fused to ensure they never bend again. Still, she struggles. But there’s good news for Niki tonight.

With the money we’ve already raised this evening, we are going to change Niki’s life. Come Monday morning, she is going to stride confidently into the House of Commons and go to work in the safety and dignity of an impenetrable Plexiglas cube. She will be literally encased for her own protection.

And it’s just in time. Justin Trudeau continues to ignore the plight of helpless victims. In the month that followed his heinous act, the Prime Minister apologized only 47 times —including three times in the first 24 hours, twice at the candlelight vigil and four times when I stopped his motorcade by throwing myself on the hood of his car.

Our nation will never fully heal from the events of 5/18. But with your generous support we can get a few more MPs encased in Plexiglas cubes.

Won’t you please give?


Elbowgate’s traumatized victims need your support

  1. Good sir,

    You jest and yet, you totally get it (the trauma).

    In appreciation,
    One of the Traumatized Victims

  2. Too funny. I wonder if people like Mulcair, Ashton, Peter Van Loan, Jason Kenney and especially Brosseau have finally clued in as to how silly they have looked through this overblown non-event. Last I saw Brosseau was still saying that she was just chatting with fellow MPs before Trudeau walked over.

    Yes, of course.

    Well, we are still waiting for apologies from the people who precipitated this whole thing in the first place.

  3. Marvellous piece, Mr. Feschuk.
    I hope that one day soon the whole House apologizes to the all Canadians who have actually suffered from a real tragedy.

  4. Yeah, funny. How about you (the media) move along and report other things instead of rehashing this old ‘news’. I’m sure there is stupid sh*t that happens every.single.day in QP/Parliament, yet we don’t hear about that, do we? I’d read that column. I’d read “P’s & Q’s in QP Today”. And not the official transcript, either. I’d read Scott’s version.

    • You’re missing the point, mary. Mr Feschuk’s job is satire not news reporting, and a damn fine job he does.

  5. Best one yet Scott!

  6. The most traumatizing thing about this for New Democrats will be that Tom Mulcair is still speaking for them 2 years from now…

  7. All that grandstanding make the NDP look very weak. No wonder they are falling apart as a party. They are more concerned with theatrics than legislation. Maybe they always were. After all they are responsible for the Stephen Harper government when they brought the Martin government down with similar theatrics.

  8. Still leaves a big question unanswered: how many of the CPC and NDP MPs that spouted twaddle in the incident’s aftermath actually believed what they were saying?

    My money is on Niki Ashton actually believing what she was saying.

  9. Ah, yes — “Elbowgate.” Let’s think, two victims: Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Justin Trudeau. The “enabler”: Tomas Mulcair, who was blocking the Conservative whip from getting back to his seat. Mr. Trudeau came to rescue the poor whip, and got tangled in the NDP blockade, accidentally striking Ms. Brosseau, who had snuck up behind the PM.

    Maybe we need a bit more decorum from everyone.

  10. Ha … too funny. I laughed so hard I accidentally elbowed the person sitting next to me.

    • You now will be in for five hours of listening to people who witnessed the act and were traumatized.

  11. Too funny, it was such a non-incident but you would think they actually do have everlasting trauma from nothing really happening. Even a two yr old would be less traumatized from an elbow. She is probably one of those women who is so distraught after someone dumps her that she cannot function and drowns her sorrows in a few bottles of wine while bumping into people and walls and then yells at them for doing the bumping .

    • I hope she never takes the subway in Toronto at rush hour.
      Or the streetcars, for that matter.

  12. So many people wonder why true leaders steer clear of politics and public service. Aside from the obvious danger to life and limb, the real reason is because “serious” people like to get the job done, instead of involving themselves in endless political posturing/debate/inquiries/referendums, childish name-calling and petty spats, etc.
    Climate change is real. An exorbitant amount of hot air accumulating in the nation’s capital is all the proof I need!

    • Quite frankly the PM may have elbowed himself into another term, I personally have more respect for Trudeau then pre elbowgate. The longer this plays out the worse it looks for the opposition as I am sure they have been made aware.

  13. It would appear the only rational person in the HOC that day was Elizabth May.

    • I hope that she is remembered at the next general election.

  14. Canada is becoming a nation of grievance and hurt feeling collectors; along with social media: whining and complaining and victimization is now the zeitgeist of our age.

  15. Install boards and a penalty box in the House. Trudeau gets two minutes in the box for minor elbowing. Problem solved.

    • Boxing could be a better analogy.

  16. That’s really nasty, Scott, but it is also dead on target. Well done.

  17. Where’s the cry for support for the poor paddy roughed-up by Canada’s goon of an Ambassador to the emerald isle. While there could have been any sort of threat imaginable, in real world actuality there was, after all, no threat at all. Just some Irishman trying to obfuscate a political happening in Ireland where he belonged, like the NDP whip and others trying to obfuscate a political happening in the House by holding the Tory Whip, against his will,, in a place he did not belong.

    If Canadians are being asked to empathize with the lady member who had here personal parts elbowed by a somewhat rude politico, why aren’t we being asked to soothe the hurts of some patriot who was danced across a public event by an ex-mounted gargantua?

    • More to the point; why did the many uniformed military/police in attendance just … stand there. Could it be that they were without ammunition?

      • Sir,

        Are you aware that you are pulling a maneuver that could be called “seasoned with salt”?

        Discovering the various flavours of trauma

  18. Yeah, watching a woman who doesn’t even see it coming, get hit by an elbow in the boob is always hysterical. Then it got even better. Weren’t we all just elated to see her get attacked for a week on social media calling her every filthy name good Canadians could think of and even telling her that she is a liar. Gotta love that kind of fun. Of course she didn’t have much help from her colleagues who couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie but wasn’t it great adding insult to injury by ignoring the fact that the PM broke every protocol by marching unannounced across the room to lay hands on a member of the opposition who apparently didn’t want him to. Another great surprise!! Oh well, let’s focus back on the fun we had attacking everyone other than the person who started it in the first place. Remember the old days when Canadians cared about things like acting decently to one another? Hell, thank God those days are gone. The important thing is that we are all so proud to be Canadian.

    • “Oh well, let’s focus back on the fun we had attacking everyone other than the person who started it in the first place.”

      The people who started this were the NDP including Ms Brosseau. We still have not heard an apology from any of them. And when she was bumped she had a choice of going to her seat where she should have been in the first place and voting or trying to milk if for political gain. She chose the latter and Canadians showed their displeasure with her (I don’t agree with the vulgar, threatening, hateful comments, but I do agree that she deserved to hear about it as did Mulcair).

      “Remember the old days when Canadians cared about things like acting decently to one another?” Like when the MPs actually went to their seats to vote like they were supposed to and not block another from getting to his seat.

      I think that you probably realize that the one who came out of this looking the best was Trudeau.

      • The NDP started it? Like the Prime Minister of Canada hasn’t got the smarts to know that leaving his seat and grabbing a MP is against all the rules. He didn’t need to do it. His own Whip just needs to put his rear end in his chair and the vote would have started. So the PM didn’t know the Parliamentary rules (but hey- you work at it and come back with a way to blame that on the NDP too). So that’s two members of government (the PM and the MP Whip) who could have saved all this grief by just sitting down or staying in their chair. NEVER is it appropriate for anyone in Parliament to lay hands on another person and that is why Justin apologized many times. He gets it but apparently his supporters who keep blaming others are quite a smart as he is.

      • This whole affair is nothing but milk and honey.

    • There is a big difference between Trudeau and the NDP on this.

      Trudeau immediately took responsibility for the role he played and apologized. The NDP…. didn’t.

      Pretty hard to attack someone who has already admitted responsibility for his wrongdoings.

  19. If you are traumatized by the incident does this mean that you are entitled to some kind of compensation from the government. I can guarantee you if the NDP were running the country it would and everyone would be standing in line.