Environmentalists say Alberta government keeping them out of oilsands hearing


EDMONTON – Environmentalists are arguing that the Alberta government is keeping them out of hearings on an oilsands development in part because of their stand on the industry.

The Oilsands Environmental Coalition has filed court documents about a decision to exclude the coalition from a hearing on a proposed project along the MacKay River in northeastern Alberta.

The documents include a briefing note to Alberta Environment’s deputy minister explaining the decision.

That note says the coalition doesn’t meet the test of being directly affected by the project.

It also says the group is becoming less inclined to work co-operatively with the government.

The coalition wants a Queen’s Bench judge to allow it to file statements of concern about the proposal by Southern Pacific Resource Corp. (TSX:STP).


Environmentalists say Alberta government keeping them out of oilsands hearing

  1. How long before it becomes… you didn’t vote for us. Sorry you don’t meet the directly affected criteria. Dangerous stuff allowing partisan ministers decide who gets a hearing and who doesn’t.

  2. Their submissions never change, and add nothing to any discussions or hearings anyway.

    • Right on! Organizations like Pembina institute just add an extra burden to government and corporate human resources evaluating environmental impacts of development projects. An additional layer of unneeded bureaucracy.

      • and what do you think is the right way to proceed in order to profit from oilsands while safeguarding the environment? Canada needs solutions, and postive/constructive criticism – we need to exploit oilsands but we have to do it in the right way!

        • Pembina Institute isn’t the right way.

          • What is the right way then? Apparently, no Canadian environmental or scientific organization seems suitable to propose anything in this regard. Such pity! Should we call in World Resources Institute? Max Planck Society? UFZ?

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