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Eyes on Toronto city hall for latest response from Rob Ford camp in video scandal


TORONTO – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continued to hold his tongue Tuesday regarding allegations that he was recorded on video appearing to smoke crack cocaine.

But he didn’t keep quiet when it came to a controversial proposal to build a casino in the city.

When the mayor stood to speak during a special council meeting on the matter, many hoped he would address the latest scandal to plague his tenure.

Instead, he delivered a six-minute speech on the casino issue, then left the room without taking questions.

Earlier, Ford ignored a crush of reporters waiting outside his city hall office on the chance he might comment on the alleged video.

It was unclear whether the mayor planned to discuss the allegations later in the day, as many allies and rivals have urged him to do.

Ford’s silence over the long weekend did not quiet the controversy after the Toronto Star and the U.S.-based website Gawker.com reported staff had separately viewed cellphone footage which they said appears to show Ford smoking crack.

On Friday, Ford slammed the Toronto Star report on the video as a smear job and called it “ridiculous,” while his lawyer Dennis Morris called the reports “false and defamatory.”

Morris told The Canadian Press on Sunday that he had not received any instructions from Ford about launching legal action against the Star and Gawker, saying the matter was in “pause” until it’s known whether a video will become public.

The media outlets reported the video was shown to them by an alleged drug dealer who has been reportedly trying to sell it for at least $100,000.

Gawker has been trying to crowdsource $200,000 to buy and publicly post the footage and had raised $84,839 by early Tuesday.

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Eyes on Toronto city hall for latest response from Rob Ford camp in video scandal

  1. I find it odd that the only 2 Canadians to have seen this video work at the Star. How did they find these drug dealers with a video for sale… did Gawker provide them with a name, or phone number? If so, why them…why not CBC or CTV. Why have all other media outlets not made any attempt to view this video…any one of them could afford to buy it including the Star. I guess it is much easier to quote others without seeing any evidence. Whether a video exists seems irrelevant because the damage to Ford has been done without any real proof up to now.

    • If I remember correctly (you can always go to the Star’s story) the reporters were approached by someone representing the dealers with an offer to sell. They were likely chosen because the Star seems the most interested in digging up dirt on Ford.

  2. I thought the star was offered cit fr 20,000 and didnt buy it! If it turns out to be fake then an american station cannot be charged where as if the star purchased it and allegations were false they cannot show videos unless can be proven true i guess the star got what they want by having american station do this! I can t believe it it seems people will go to any length to destroy this person who is working fr no salary. I still remember the photo they put of mayor naked, Women accusing him, I believe guy has torontos best interest at heart. call me niaeve, I can t believe everyone is so threatened by him. My kids could make a picture like you have posted, my husband and I laughed, I m sure he didnt pose fr that picture with looks like teenagers.

  3. If Rob Ford was filmed smoking crack he really needs to admit to this publicly as soon as possible or this Gawker rag will be paying $200,000 to drug dealers who will spend it on guns and drugs. Do the right thing for once Robby boy.