F-35 price cut in offing with new deal inked between Pentagon and aircraft-maker


OTTAWA – The maker of the controversial F-35 is touting the new lower cost of the stealth fighter in a new agreement signed with the Pentagon.

Officials at Lockheed Martin say the price tag for the next two batches of the radar-evading jet built for the U.S., Australia, Italy, Norway and Britain will see successive price cuts of four per cent each year, and increased production.

The agreement will allow the U.S. Defence Department to purchase all 71 aircraft originally planned for those production phases, including those that were in jeopardy of being cut due to Washington’s sequestration budget impacts.

The average price tag for the current batch of F-35s is pegged at US$120 million, and Lockheed Martin officials say by mid-2015 the eight per cent price cut will be fully in effect.

Sticker shock and conflicting estimates have made the purchase of 65 F-35s a political lightning rod in Canada, where National Defence was accused of low-balling the liability to taxpayers.

The Harper government had put the purchase on hold while it evaluates whether to go to a full-blown competition to replace the air force’s CF-18 fleet.

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F-35 price cut in offing with new deal inked between Pentagon and aircraft-maker

  1. It’s still expensive I think. Because F-35’s specs does not exess the abilities of other contemporary planes such as T-50 Pak Fa from Russia and F-22 Raptor . Anyway, If you’d like to see some cool F-35 photos :

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Pictures

    • Mithat,

      Correct. You’re exactly correct, the F-35 Joke Still Flying (JSF) is the most expensive and its specifications doesn’t excess the abilities of other contemporary planes such as T-50 PAK-FA, J-20 Mighty Dragon, J-31 Falcon Eagle and as well as the Su-27/30 Flanker family which makes the F-35 a failed project of all time.

    • Mithat,
      I saw the photos of the F-35, it really looks like a “Fat Pregnant Pig”.

  2. My colleagues and myself (from the defence industry) have made very clear that the service will do all it can to scrap the failed F-35 for a pretty compelling reason:

    The F-35 JSF aircraft designs will not meet specification nor the operational requirements laid down in the JSF JORD (Joint Operational Requirements Document) by significant degrees, noting that these operational requirements and resulting specifications, themselves, were predicated on the capabilities of reference threats from an era past and subsequently subjected to the illogical and deeply flawed process known as CAIV (Cost As and Independent Variable).

    The designs of all three JSF variants are presenting with critical single points of failure while even the most basic elements of aircraft design (e.g. weight, volume, aerodynamics, structures, thermal management, electrical power, etc.) will almost certainly end up in what Engineers call “Coffin Corner”.

    In essence, the unethical Thana Marketing strategy is using to sell the JSF, along with the acquisition malpractice of concurrency in not only development, the production and testing but the actual designs of the JSF variants, themselves, have resulted in the JSF marketeers writing cheques that the aircraft designs and JSF Program cannot honour.

    “We must be able to project power in contested environments (A2/AD) and the Joint Strike Fighter is that machine.” Is a load of bullshit by drinking too much Kool-Aid.

    We have rolled up our sleeves and found our way to get rid of this lemon for good. But all the comments from the critics have made it very clear that will be a good idea in the estimation of the Air Force.

    “The average price tag for the current batch of F-35s is pegged at US$120 million”. No, it physically cannot be pegged at US$120 million. The price tag will keep continuing to increase more than $130+ million for the current batch of these aircraft, it will never be reduced, despite the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin have agreed on the terms of a deal for the Defence Department to buy two lots of F-35s for $7 billion.

    Only a mindless idiot would sign up to buy the failed F-35 which is a massively overpriced jet with full of junk that flies like an elephant.

    The more you trying to protect the F-35 and speeding the process of the failed programme the worse off the United States and the allies are by eroding the air power which will make the western nations totally ineffective in the next 30 to 40 years.

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