Federal contracting watchdog digs deeper, finds more cooked deals


OTTAWA – A federal watchdog is blowing the whistle again on a series of cooked contracts.

Frank Brunetta, the procurement ombudsman, says he found more evidence that the Canada School of Public Service rigged contracts to make sure they went to favoured suppliers.

Today’s report looked into the way contracts were awarded to six consultants, altogether worth more than a million dollars.

Last summer, Brunetta reported on other cooked contracts at the school that favoured one supplier, and then dug deeper to see how serious the problem is.

The school reports to Treasury Board Minister Tony Clement, who said today that the conduct was “unacceptable.”

Clement said the government will be seeking sanctions against those responsible.

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Federal contracting watchdog digs deeper, finds more cooked deals

  1. You know when Tony ‘the bagman’ Clement says that the matter would be looked into it means that he simply missed siphoning more money out of Canadian taxpayers pockets to keep his constituents happy. And God knows that they just don’t have enough gazebos and brick outhouses to go around the Parry Sound/Muskoka riding. Crooking the books? You bet!

  2. Unacceptable? That they got caught, or that Tony didn’t get his cut?

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