Finley says Conservatives have set dollar 'targets' for EI fraud but not quotas -

Finley says Conservatives have set dollar ‘targets’ for EI fraud but not quotas


OTTAWA – The federal government denies it has given civil servants quotas for catching employment insurance fraud — but now says there are performance objectives in place.

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley had flatly denied previous reports that EI investigators have been given monthly dollar quotas.

However government documents obtained by Montreal newspaper Le Devoir show civil servants are expected to find $485,000 each in fraudulent EI claims each year — a total that corresponds to the previously reported $40,000 monthly quota.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says the Conservatives are treating the unemployed like criminals and contrasts their pursuit of EI claimants with the expense scandal swirling around Conservative appointees in the Senate.

Finley told Mulcair that EI investigators do have performance objectives but she says there’s a big difference between targets and quotas.

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Finley says Conservatives have set dollar ‘targets’ for EI fraud but not quotas

  1. How can their be this much fraud? They screen the sh*t out of people; and tax season collects all of the data anyways? Look through payment periods, and auto check for matching dates per recipient. They have software which will do this automatically! (What do the agents do if there ISNT much fraud in their departments; make some, in order to make quotas?)

    Stupid idea…..promise.

  2. Finley sending investigators into the homes of seasonal workers, is part of
    a cold-blooded political strategy to deflect blame away from the
    Harper Conservatives.

    Harper is launching a class-war on the unemployed and the poor, because soon
    there will be more of both. His economy is tanking and his Economic
    Action Plan is exposed as a ‘No-Action’ Plan.

    The flow of Toxic-tar from Alberta is coagulating, Dutch disease is
    pandemic, and all those tax-break eggs that Harper placed into the
    nest of his bank & oil industry friends, are failing to hatch

    Harper therefore finds it useful to deflect responsibility for his failing
    economy, onto the poor and the unemployed. If the victims of rising
    unemployment can’t find work, Harper is prepared to use the apparatus
    of the state to try and make it their failure.

    The Unemployment Cops will come knocking on doors, because Harper wants
    us to believe that All Canadians who receive Employment Insurance,
    are potentially morally defective.

    Randomly violating the sanctity of the home of ANYONE receiving EI, plays an
    important role in Harper’s a state-funded propaganda campaign, to
    smear the unemployed as lazy crooks who are responsible for their own

    As Avishai Margalit wrote in the ‘Decent Society’:

    “When the accusation of failure is baseless, it is especially cruel and
    wicked since it is also humiliating.”

    Harper’s Class War: “cruel and wicked”, indeed.

  3. I am from vancouver and i supports the working class in Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces who are fighting against the reactionary,brutal changes to Employment Insurance.This shows the contempt and hatred the canadian for the working class.The workers are been gradually brought back to slavery.Labour and Capital got nothing in common and the working class always had to fight for their rights.All unions and progressive people in canada should fight against these changes.We have nothing to lose with the way things sre now.

  4. There is zero difference between targets and quotas. This system needs to be retired and re-engineered with the beneficiary’s situation being the highest importance. Finding employment after losing your job is tough enough (especially in this economy) without having to negotiate with bill collectors and/or wait hours to talk to someone at Service Canada about something that should take no more than 24 hours to process after filing a claim. It’s a lovely idea that everyone should have three months or more savings in the bank for a rainy day but the reality is that many people are only a couple of pay cheques away from living on the street. Honor needs to be restored to this system. The government is the servant NOT the people.