Five ways the federal budget may affect you -

Five ways the federal budget may affect you


1. If you play sports, equipment might be cheaper.

The government is eliminating the tariff on imported sports equipment. That could save you anywhere from 2.5 per cent to 20 per cent of the cost of golf clubs, snowboards, hockey equipment and exercise devices. Provided, of course, the retailer passes those cost savings on to you.

2. If you’re a new parent, baby clothes might be cheaper.

That same tariff reduction could also see a reduction of 18 per cent off the price of imported baby clothes.

3. If you require or use home care services, you’ll save money.

The government is broadening its GST/HST exemption to include homemaker services like bathing, feeding and other personal care. A potential boon for people with disabilities and families caring for aging parents.

4. If you roll your own cigarettes, be prepared to pay more.

The special duty rate attached to tobacco used for chewing and in roll-your-own cigarettes is gone. That means a near-doubling of the duty costs, from $2.89 per 50 grams to $5.31.

5. If you want to adopt, the process might be cheaper.

Some expenses related to adoption already get tax breaks; the government is extending those breaks to items like mandatory adoption courses. And it applies to all adoptions finalized after 2012.

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Five ways the federal budget may affect you

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