Foreign Affairs Minister will travel to Kyiv for first-hand look

John Baird will travel with a delegation including Ukrainian-Canadian leaders


OTTAWA – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is going to Ukraine to get a first-hand look at the situation in the troubled country.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Baird and a delegation of Ukrainian-Canadian leaders and parliamentarians will travel to Kyiv, the capital and the epicentre of the political unrest that has rocked Ukraine for months.

Harper says Baird will offer Canada’s support for efforts to restore democracy in Ukraine.

News of the trip comes as Russia’s ambassador to Canada says talk about the possibility of Russian troops invading Ukraine is nonsense.

Georgiy Mamedov says it’s an insult to the intelligence of Canadians even to suggest that might happen in light of recent events in Kyiv.

Tensions between the West and Russia continue to run high after Ukrainian authorities ousted their Russian-leaning President Viktor Yanukovych.



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Foreign Affairs Minister will travel to Kyiv for first-hand look

  1. Another wasted Baird trip so he can moralize

    Ukraine will likely split into 2 countries anyway.

    • right, now ur a geo expert too!!!

      • Hard for you to follow news is it?

        • …— (Home more info)

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    • If there is a bloody spilt into two countries, we can be sure JT will be making jokes about that too.

      • LOL you guys are sooooo scared……

  2. So “Baird will offer Canada’s support for efforts to restore democracy in Ukraine” while here at home Polievre is pushing a Fair Elections Act that will strike a blow at the heart of our democracy. Funny.

    • Why do you Liberals continue to think that Ukrainian democracy is some joke? Did you learn nothing from Trudeau’s stupidity yesterday?

      • I don’t think that Ukrainian democracy is a joke, I think that Baird and Poilievre are the joke.

        • It took Trudeaus comment to get a fire under bairds ass to get this government to move on something with Ukraine.

          • Of course. Justin Trudeau’s “joke” was so friggin’ hilarious it got Baird to get on a plain to the Ukraine. I guess I just didn’t get the joke, or I’d be on my way too?

          • Do you get any of those free lunches that harper gives out once a week, because you deserve it, your are a true stalwart. Are you sure you don’t work straight out of harpers office ? Personally I think you should be more concerned about steves band members.

          • You make it sound like Trudeau’s comment was something sage, rather than the ill-advised comment that it was.

      • yeah they dont get it.. its them not you so dont get to mad about it.

      • The joke was about Putin’s post Olympic mood and how it might influence his breaching of the Ukraine’s borders. Seems to have gotten a rise out of the Russian ambassador.

          • The one the government will not talk to?

          • Same one

          • Well, I’m not sure what your point is about the government not talking to the Ukrainian ambassador. Can you spell it out?

            Also wouldn’t mind a reference for the statement that the government is not talking to the Ukrainian ambassador, as I can’t find one.

          • Well, he was appointed by the now vanished war criminal – and the ambassador himself said he has not heard from the government since the crisis.

          • It’s quite a leap to say that the government will not talk to him based on that. It’s quite *possible* (note the emphasis) that the government considers him a friendly, or at least not a foe, and is in semi-regular communication with him re the events in Ukraine. Note also that Trudeau obviously considers him a friendly, since he went to the trouble of going to him to apologize.

          • Well, then you can attempt to explain why the government hasn’t engaged with him. Trudeau went to apologize to the ambassador because he said on CBC that he thought the comment wasn’t appropriate.

          • How do you know for a fact that the government is not engaging with him? The government has made no statements that it is not engaging with him, so anything is possible.

    • real funny i know, soo funny ur delinquent leader made a joke about them…

  3. No one in the Ukraine cares what you think Baird … you have nothing to teach them. Why not try your luck in Uganda?

  4. And Justin Trudeau will travel to Kyiv to do his comedy routine.

  5. So, I’m confused.
    Does this gov’t support the right of all Ukrainians to decide their own fate or just the ones who support ties with the EU? Clearly this is a very divided country and they must be allowed to make their own choices.
    Bairds trip is all about optics and getting votes here.

    • Yeah, the Ukrainian leader was legally elected and so we supported democracy and him…..then a mob took to the streets so now we support mob rule. Then Trudeau made a joke about the Russians, and the Cons being this confused, got more upset thinking it was about Ukrainians….and finally Baird has gone there to do more damage.

    • I just hope he reads the briefing notes before he gets there, so he doesn’t inflame the situation.

  6. Please John stay at home.
    You are in over your head and you will only embarrass Canada especially if you open your mouth.