Former RCMP officer who kicked a man in the face to be sentenced Thursday


KELOWNA, B.C. – A former Kelowna RCMP officer who admitted to kicking a man in the face two years ago will be sentenced Thursday.

At a court hearing Tuesday, Geoff Mantler, who has since resigned from the force, read a letter of apology, saying he was deeply sorry for and regretted his actions.

Mantler pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm last year after he was caught on video kicking Buddy Tavares in the face while Tavares was on his hands and knees on a street.

During a victim-impact statement, Tavares told the court he relives the incident every time he has a headache or panic attack.

The Crown has called for a suspended sentence, a firearms ban and 18 months probation, while Mantler’s lawyer has asked for a conditional discharge.

Outside court, Tavares said he was pleased Mantler had quit the RCMP.

“My biggest fear was he was going to get his job back. I honestly believe it was just a matter of time ’till he killed somebody.”

Tavares was asked how he felt about the fact that it’s unlikely Mantler will serve time behind bars.

“I’m just a little bewildered by everything right now. I didn’t think he’d do time — ever,” he said.

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Former RCMP officer who kicked a man in the face to be sentenced Thursday

  1. I saw the video , it is frightening.
    Godd Luck to Mr. Tavares

  2. This sentencing joke his friends in the “justice system” are handing Geoff Mantler is just more proof that the RCMP are above the law, yet his lawyer and he think getting away with a crime is too harsh and want no record of the crime to exist at all. Must be nice.

  3. In BC at least, the Mounties seem out of control.

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