Government will build on established foundations in new Parliament: Harper -

Government will build on established foundations in new Parliament: Harper


OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper says his government will stay the course and focus on jobs, trade and public safety as it heads into a new session of Parliament.

And he’s hinting that an agreement on a long-awaited trade deal with the European Union may be on the horizon.

Harper turned to Twitter to release excerpts from the address he delivered today to members of the Conservative caucus in the hours before the throne speech.

He said his government won’t rest on its accomplishments.

“We know – and Canadians know – that we face new competition from a host of rising economic powers,” he tweeted. “That’s why, despite our accomplishments, we will not rest here. We must go further and we must go faster.”

Harper said it’s important to stay focused and keep an eye on the long term. The country’s resources, skills and a widening net of trade relationships are working in Canada’s favour, and the government intends to capitalize, he said.

“These assets are all aligned,” he said. “This is Canada’s moment, and our job as a government is to seize it for the benefit of all Canadians.”

Harper said the government “will soon complete negotiations” on its oft-delayed and long-anticipated trade deal with the EU.

He also hinted, as has been widely reported, that the throne speech will include measures to close the gap between consumer prices in Canada and those in the U.S. and rein in cell phone roaming charges.

“Canadians deserve choice, fair treatment, competitive prices.”

Harper also managed a dig at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who has talked about legalizing marijuana.

“Legalizing drugs is not on our agenda,” he tweeted.


Government will build on established foundations in new Parliament: Harper

  1. What a wonderful time to be a Tory !!! these last few years have been a gas and I can’t wait to enjoy the next few years watching the poor opposition parties run around in circles complaining about the Senate while in the meantime Harper keeps on trucking and burying them in bills. I hope Harper does decide to lead the party into the next election as when he wins the usual haters on web forums will have a collective epileptic shock that will result in heads exploding everywhere. Who would have thougth – in 2005 when I left the Liberal Party and started donating my time and money to the CPC I never would have imagined this NOT in a thousand years – but – here we are – Harper is on track to becoming the longest serving PM ever and the guy just doesn’t slow down he is like some sort of ever ready political bunny who just keeps on ticking and giving a kickin :) – The guy has outmanouvered. outfoxed and outplayed all comers so far and aint slowing down yet – in fact I think he is just getting started !!!

    • WY I hope your optimism and self serving monologue will help to alleviate the disappointment coming your way and those who continue to support this Gov. If you must know, you guys were in the minority then and still very much in minority. This election is going to make tghose of us in the silent majority be very vigilant for the simple reason that, Harper and his gangs will do anytjinh abd everything to win including stealing, cheating, diverting, spending illegally to win. No one is going to listen to Robocalls again, majority Canadians and opposition parties are more aware of the IN/OUT scheme, overspending limits, harrassment of individuals at the polls and will be ready to fight back. One very important thing going on right noew among the left/center voters , majority of Canadians are not going to split the vote again because we want HARPER and his bunch of nonentities gone, so are and will be willing to vote anybody but Harper and the Cons.

      • the only question remains is who will it be? – who do you think will replace harper? – we non haters get it – we know you hate harper it gets so boring hearing this from you and other of your ilk – what would be far more enlightening and informative is who do you want to replace him with and why – until this discussion is settled harper wins – it’s that simple!!!