Harper piles on NDP after Claude Patry crosses floor to join Bloc


OTTAWA – Stephen Harper is rubbing salt in the wounds of the NDP, which is smarting from the defection of one of its caucus members to the Bloc Quebecois.

The prime minister says it’s long been a “concern” that there are members of the NDP’s Quebec caucus with strong links to the sovereignty movement.

He says the defection today of Claude Patry, now the fifth member of the pro-independence Bloc to hold a seat in the House of Commons, is further evidence of the problem.

Harper says the “Bloc orange” phenomenon should give everyone “considerable pause.”

Patry, who is the MP for Jonquiere-Alma in Quebec’s Saguenay region, says he no longer feels comfortable in the NDP.

He says that when he sees New Democrats talk about the federal Clarity Act, he doesn’t feel at home in the party.

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Harper piles on NDP after Claude Patry crosses floor to join Bloc

  1. gotta love it – the best trait that stevie boy has is his ability to politely threaten his opponent with a poking in the eye and warning him not to look down at the rug he is pulling out from under him or her :)

    • Huh? “Stevie boy” may be your hero (and I have no love for either the Bloc or NDP) but this has nothing whatsoever to do with the PM- it’s about soft-sovereigntists in the ranks of the NDP caucus and that’s it.

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