Harper should share blame for Keystone delays: Joe Clark

The Harper government made a big mistake by picking fights with environmentalists, says Clark


WASHINGTON – Joe Clark is telling a Washington audience that the Harper government deserves some of the blame if the Keystone XL pipeline is stalled.

The former prime minister and foreign-affairs minister is in the U.S. for a panel discussion on his new book about foreign policy.

The book is deeply critical of the Harper Tories for a “megaphone” approach to foreign policy — marked by loud grandstanding and little constructive engagement with the world.

The Harper government made a big mistake, he says, by picking fights with environmentalists over the last few years.

He says that was an unwise thing to do while promoting the expansion of oil pipelines into the U.S.

Clark is taking questions about his book, “How We Lead,” during a discussion at the Wilson Center.

He was also asked about the Parti Quebecois’ values charter and he called the plan alarming.

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Harper should share blame for Keystone delays: Joe Clark

  1. “a “megaphone” approach to foreign policy — marked by loud grandstanding and little constructive engagement with the world.”

    Yup….and picking fights with environmentalists…..and Joe didn’t mention FN but I will, and of course telling Obama it’s a ‘no-brainer’……

    • C’mon Emily, Joe Clarke is a numb skull. The fact of that wacko sucking away on the taxpayers for his entire life is the greatest disgrace in Canadian history

      • John! I thought an alligator gotcha!

        • Emily, it’s chilly down here today at around 70F.

          You should slip into a Dream Catcher swim suit and come on down

          • LOL no I never visit the States, John. Crazy country!

          • That’s too bad. I have a very high comfort level with the place going back to my first visit to Greenfield Village, as a child, and seeing the Logan County Court House where Lincoln practised law and and the blood stains on the chair that he was sitting in when he was shot.

            I value the American’s appreciation of their history and their generosity in sharing it.

          • LOL Water seeks it’s own level, John.

          • Maybe that’s why I think Joe Clark is a ghink!

          • You think that of everyone except yourself.

          • No, Clark is a dweeb.

          • Listen Emily, I hear your buddy Justinian has popped a new whelp to further the Trudeau Dynasty. This one he’s named “Hadrian” and I’m LMAO.

            I see a few internet wags have already nicknamed the kid “Wally” in recognition of his historical antecedents.

            It’s a bit too early for me to figure out whether Wally is a “ghink” or not. Time will tell eh?

          • snowbirds are traitors and should be charged to cross the border, both ways.

          • Would the Yanks let you in?

          • me either EmilyOne, not since the patriot act became law. I never enter countries where human rights are suspended at the whim of any official.

          • Dangerous to be around when empires crash!

          • Well you’ve been badly misled. There’s no problem going down there, the biggest pain in the neck is coming back.

      • Clark is sucking away on the taxpayers as much as Harper. I see no difference. What has Harper done apart from politicking?

        • Well, Harper and McKay and a few other confused neo-con wackos passed a law allowing “gay” marriages. Shouldn’t the left wing flakes give him some credit for that?

    • Anything to sell the book.
      Just another low life politician milking politics for personal gain.

      Makes one think of Junior (Double the Fee) Trudeau and the senators he criticized

      • Harpo is selling a book….or trying to. LOL

        You want everything for free.

        • You’re just disappointed that Harper’s book doesn’t involve colouring.

          • she couldn`t keep inside the lines

          • Wanna bet she’d eat the pages?

        • All the proceeds from Harper’s book go to charity.

    • Keystone is a no-brainer. Calling it like it is is a positive.

      • Harpo is a no-brainer you mean

        • You’d know all about the life of a no-brainer, right, emilynone?

        • EmilyOne, where did this Harpo nickname come from, wasn’t he the Marx brother that didn’t speak???

          • I thought it was due to him playing harpsichord.

  2. Hmmm, the guy who’s government barely lasted 9 months has written a book about how to lead. Instant bestseller no doubt.

    • Arrgh….’whose’…obviously I won’t be writing any books in the near future

    • Anybody remember what province Clark was from?

      Anybody remember what party Clark was?

      Anybody remember we had SoCreds then….later known as Reform?

      Anybody remember that Trudeau was hated at the time, and people wanted a change?

      Clarks only mistake was believing them

      • Well his next mistake was taking the helm of the PCs again, and pretty much singly-handedly ending any chance of a PC revival.

        • Do you remember anyone else volunteering?

          • Don’t know about volunteering but it was a proper race: Hugh Segal, Michael Fortier, David Orchard, Brian Pallister….could it possibly have been worse with any of them?

          • There were reasons none of them were acceptable….they needed someone new….eventually it was Mackay and he promptly sold everyone out.

      • “Anybody remember what province Clark was from?”

        Alberta. The riding was High River.

        “Anybody remember what party Clark was?”

        Progressive Conservatives.

        Anybody remember we had SoCreds then….later known as Reform?

        Your Alzheimers is showing EmilyOne.

        “Anybody remember that Trudeau was hated at the time, and people wanted a change?”

        Yes. 1981, Marc Lalonde, Pierre Trudeau, the Liberals and the National Energy Program. They created Petro Canada and devastated the the economy of Alberta. Thought they knew best. That worked out well.

        Now Harper thinks he knows best. Oilsands. An extractive commodity based economy. Overpriced real estate. Record high debt. History is destined to repeat itself, both times as farce.

        I do recall Joe Clarke accusing Israel of being an apartheid state and calling for the establishment of an embassy in East Jerusalem.

        Joe Clarke also managed to win elections EmilyOne. I don’t recall that you have. Here is a heads up lady — there is no election happening right now. You can stop making speeches.

        Joe Clarke was a progressive conservative. They are almost extinct now.

      • I don’t think Joe Clark could answer those questions today.

  3. Joe Clarke was an excellent secretary od state for external affairs. He new how to be a diplomat. Our current government does not deal with diplomacies. Everything is black or white. If we want the pipeline that is white. If you do not want the pipeline that is black.
    Other countries do not like it when you tell them things that they should do.
    It has most definitely hurt the pipeline and has hurt Canada’s reputation.
    Nothing will change until there is a change in government that believes that the world is not black and white and sometimes there needs to be some give with the take.

    • Maybe….but one hardly ever hears the phrase: “wish Joe Clark was here to deal with this”

      • Joe Clark needs to be lead out to the pasture.

        • At least his daughter was cute…

          • She still is.

      • I would have taken Joe Clarke over Stephen Harper any day on the pipeline diplomacy. With Steve it was going to fail as with Joe there was a chance that it could have succeeded.

        • Sure, go on believing that.

          It’s Obummer that’s the problem.

          • No it is not. they laid it out very carefully how they wanted the pipeline economics to be tied in with their environmental targets. Canada ignored that and said they would not take no for an answer.

          • Where’d they say that?

          • You should read the link in your post.

            You’re still wrong.

            “TransCanada, the Calgary-based company that has proposed the pipeline, said in a statement Tuesday it was pleased with Obama’s comments setting out criteria for pipeline approval.”

            “”The almost five-year review of the project has already repeatedly found that these criteria are satisfied,” said Russ Girling, TransCanada’s president and CEO.”

            “Canada’s natural resources minister, Joe Oliver, said Tuesday the proposed pipeline meets Obama’s requirement that it not lead to a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions.”

            Where does it say, as you put it, “Canada ignored that and said they would not take no for an answer.”?


          • Nice try.

            You’re too late to change articles.

    • A diplomat is just someone who will not state the obvious.

  4. Joe really does have an unhealthy obsession for Stephen Harper. I’d much rather have watched Joe vs. Stephen, rather than Justin vs. Patrick.

    • Hmm…. Tough call.
      Bad, or worse.

  5. Joe who?

    • Joe McTeer.

      • Joe McTeer?
        Oh, THAT Joe!

        Great guy. Known him for years.

  6. Because Joe Clark was always in total control when he was PM. :)

  7. Obama is to blame for the Keystone delays. Thousands of jobs have been lost because of those delays. Now Obama wants to waste a billion taxpayer dollars on his climate ‘protection’ fund which is just cash to grease the palms of his Democratic supporters.

    • Obama for president, yehhh!!!!

  8. Harper’s shoulders do not have the room to carry the blame for this considering the blame he is going to have placed on them when the real history of his political career is made known.

  9. Very sad….seeing Joe Clark still hanging around trying to be relevant.
    sorry Joe….you were past your “best before date” even before you became an accidental Prime Minister.
    In fact….your tenure was SO BAD….you made Jimmy Carter look competent.
    Joe Who?……remains just as true today.

    • Well said James. What other reason would he have to come out of his political exile?

  10. Joe Clark has made his dislike of Harper known. Mulroney has casually mentioned not to underestimate Justin Trudeau. Cabinet ministers are strangely quiet. For that matter, the entire caucus is quiet. Occasionally, a cabinet minister will say something but it’s like.. sensory depravation with one speaker in the room, that being Jason Macdonald of the PMO. Mulcair and Trudeau have put up feeble public displays of any wrong doing by the Harper gov’t. Jenni Byrne is head of the PMO, and Jason Macdonald who used to live in the suite above the garage at 24 Sussex is now the spokesperson for the PM. The gov’t is run out of the PMO with little asked and accounted for by the Cabinet. The whole setup is just freakin weird. And what of Harper, photo ops up the ying-yang, disengagement from Canadians, hyper partisanship, jumping up on the stage to play Beatle songs, questionable remarks and behaviour while abroad and scripted and isolated appearances. For a while, we were told, almost apologetically, that Harper is an introvert. Yeah, Right!! Could our PM be suffering from something a little more sinister than being introverted?

    • What are you hinting at?

    • Yeah…
      His credentials would be much better if they matched the Liberal Party’s record.
      How many millions were stolen again?
      La Familia Liberal…..just as true today as when MacKay said it.

      • 3.1 billion dollars are unaccounted for under Harper gov.

    • I Harper is suffering from something it can’t be any worse than the filthy, nation destroying disease that Pierre Trudeau was walking around with.

  11. I like Joe Clark, Brad Wall, Mulroo who all say Harper is a bad conservative

    Oct 2015 – JT wins by a landslide.

  12. Clark may be shilling but he’s still right. Reading the comments here, here seems to have hit a nerve.

    • My favourite Joe Clarke event was the time in 2007 when the guy punched him out on the street and ran away.

      “A fellow called my name and said: ‘Are you Joe Clark, the former prime minister?'” Clark told the news service on Friday.

      “My initial response was to say: ‘Hi’ and off I went. He then came along beside me and repeated it. And I said: ‘Yes.’ And he then hit me once on the face.”

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