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Has the Canadian government failed in its duty to fight terrorism?


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Has the Canadian government failed in its duty to fight terrorism?

  1. Terrorism is the result of the mind of hateful individuals. And there are billions of hateful individuals in the world.

  2. The best things we could do to prevent being “terrorist targets” in the future:

    1) Leave the “united nations.”
    2) Recall all Canadian troops around the world, including “UN troops.”
    3) Stop blindly following foreign nations’/federations’ policies which are counter to the best interests of Canada, and Canadians.
    4) Restore sound money in Canada, and 3-5 years down the road, once Canada is no longer indebted to foreign bankers, help other countries do the same for themselves.

  3. Obviously, we are being well protected. How many successful terrorist attacks have we suffered?

    • If a bomb goes off and levels the parliament building in two days.. was the government successful up until the moment the bomb went off? Or did the failure happen earlier?

      • If you exercise regularly and eat healthy food, and you die of a stroke while jogging, as happened to a friend of mine, was your health well protected or . . . .?

        • Because terrorist acts, planned and enacted by groups of people, are exactly the same as a completely random stroke? Is that what you’re getting at? That terrorist attacks are a force of nature and all we can do to prevent them is pray?

          • What I’m getting at is the fact that it does not matter how well protected we are, and I believe we are well protected, a determined terrorist will always find a way.

        • Were you 35 or 85 years old? How often were your checkups? What were your risk factors?

  4. We’re obviously doing better than the USA and many other countries, but we must never, ever let our guard down. Terrorists are everywhere and something horrific could happen if we are not diligent.

  5. you have to remember the Liberals approved the majority of bills that the current Conservative govt. has to work with.

    • What is your point?

      • my point being people are blaming the Conservatives for terrorists when its the Liberals who brought in the lax immigration laws and soft on crime sentences . so put the blame on Liberals

        • The Cons have been in power for 7 years now. If they haven’t changed the law it’s safe to say they support it.

  6. Nothing blowed up yet…

  7. There are only two possible answers for this question: “Yes” and “I don’t know yet.”

  8. Seriously? We pay good tax dollars to terrorize people. Who the hell want’s to stop that?

  9. Lax Immigration policies from Terrorist countries will lead to problems down the road..especially as Canada becomes another jumping off point to the USA