Have the allegations the Conservatives violated campaign spending limits in 2006 changed your view of the government?



Have the allegations the Conservatives violated campaign spending limits in 2006 changed your view of the government?

  1. Nice choice of options….wouldn't expect anything less from a Red Rag.

    • seems like you like reading a "red rag" isn't it?

      • your grammar is bad it should be doesn't it not isn't it fool

  2. Could this poll be any more biased to the left?

    • Actually it was biased to the right. The poll didn't even consider the answer: "Yes, I voted for them before but recent events have changed my mind."

      • For both of you, a non-partisan translation:
        Option 1 is what they care most about in this poll: gauging the electoral impact of the ruling for CPC polling numbers.
        Option 2 is the CPC party line on this issue.
        Option 3 is everyone else's party line on this issue.
        Option 4 is the "don't know/don't care response", seeing that there is none. (It should also be the rational response to unfinished litigation. Which is precisely why it's the least popular option.)

        • First of all, thank you for that non-partisan translation, although I'm pretty sure option 3 doesn't support PC (Lose the extra C, we all know it's Canadian…) and clearly states you never supported them; that kinda makes you look like a tool, but well move on.. How is don't know/don't care the rational choice? All that says is after 7 years of being under Conservative Rule, and not to mention a re-election in 2008, you have learned nothing and your intuitive ability is seriously lacking any sort of logic. And lastly- well not really, that post is just one of the dumbest piece of bs anyone has tried to sound smart with, but anyways- trying to tell everyone your rational, because the fewest people picked what you would have chosen, is so far from rational and only means your a little over a quarter retarded. And are you even Canadian!? There is no fixed term for the Prime Minister, a vote of no confidence is what triggers a new federal election, but it's cool you could just wait for Harper to finish his "litigation".

  3. The second and last question are for the benefit of the Tories. The other two are legit questions… though I would word #3 differently.

    On #2 there is nothing administrative about illegal activity and related charges for breaking the Election Act. While these are not criminal code violations they are no less serious. To offer up that they are administrative is to suggest they are trivial. Phony invoices and claims for a rebate are not trivial they constitute fraud.

    On question #4 the allegations have been proven in court. The Federal Court of Appeal ruled yesterday March 2, 2011 decided on behalf of Elections Canada (representing Canadians and defending our tax dollars) that the Tory In-and-Out Scheme was indeed a violation of the Elections Act.

    • Since the Liberals have done the same thing in the past why is it now that the left complains? One court has now over ruled another court; does one not count?

      • Another Conservative lie. This government is the first time this scheme was used by a national party.

      • At least wiki it or something before you post

  4. Red rag–nice touch. Oh so true.
    No coincidence the bulk indicate they have always hated the Conservatives. That is their audience.
    Those who support the right are too busy trying to earn a living to sit on their computer all day. Only the parasites the private sector are supporting can do that.

    • I think you meant " too busy watching American Idol"
      See I can ridiculously absurd too. Isn't it fun?

    • Nice myth, unfortunately, the facts tend to run the other way. For example, in the US, the states that receive the most money from the government are the red ones, the ones that give the most money to the gov't are the blue ones.

      Which really isn't that surprising when you consider that the more likely you are to lean left in your politics, the more likely you are to complete a post-secondary education, and people who've completed post-secondary education are less likely to be unemployed and tend to be unemployed for less time when they are.

  5. A scandal-free government is tough to take for the Liberal media, especially since their guys were such crooks when they had power.

    • Lucky that they don't have to deal with a scandal-free government, then.

    • I was a Liberal and I agree…but that does not mean that this now makes it right. Maybe it is time to leave room for others. They sure can't do worst!

  6. Questions 2 and 4 bear a striking resemblance to Conservative talking points.

    • That's why they were included: this poll, among other things, tests how well the CPC brainwashing machine is working.

  7. The poll choices do not allow for an opinion like mine. It wasn't an administrative error (sure it was deliberate). The issue has been to court (more than once). The Conservatives are the only choice for me. The other parties are lame or shouldn't even be on my ballot (the Bloc). My answer is, "No. Given the same amount of money to spend on getting elected, the Liberals and NDP would have done the same thing". Politics is a "dog eat dog" world.

    • Suze of the right. the fake conservatives would be my absolute last choice. Anyone you votes for them are either (brain dead, washed or both. Not a grain of common sense to speak off whatsoever. Harper the king of fraud and his parrot supporters who do not comprehend truth from fiction.

      I think Harper is having a great laugh over you blinded parrots. Probably boasting to his caucus saying, I can pretty well do anything I please even screw my supporters and they would still be giving me their votes.

      • i don't like the tories but none of the other parties are viable alternatives so i guess i hold my nose and vote tory.

        • Well that's just one of the dumbest things I've heard. You vote for a party you don't like…?

          …Or do you just want to feel like you belong?

          Why don't you tell me 1 basic fundamental change Harper wanted to make to our political-economic institutions?..
          …Then you can think that your vote matters

    • You do realize that "If given the opportunity, someone else would have done what I did" is not actually a defence.

    • Suze, do us all a favor and vote Family Coalition Party so we can write your vote off


  8. "Have the most recently contrived, co-ordinated, hysterical smear jobs manufactured by the coalition party and regurgitated by their agents and activists within the lefty media changed your view of the Government"? No.

    • Love your moniker ! " Enslaved" is apt for a conbot.

      • Love you're moniker ! "auntie-em-m " is a perfect moniker for a unicorn riding Adscam party follower living in the land of Oz, searching for a heart, courage and a brain.

  9. i think the main difference between what happened with the previous Liberal government and what is happening with the present Conservative government is that the Conservatives came to power after condemning the Liberals and preaching how good and saintly they would be if in power… it seems that when in power they seem to have forgotten their good intentions.

  10. Why don't these polls have another option? Something like:

    O None of the above.


    O Who gives a hoot?


    O There's an issue worth discussing here?

    • i'll take who gives a hoot

    • Hmm.. it occurs that if that's your viewpoint, you could probably simply avoid answering the poll and refrain from commenting in here. You save time, and we don't have to read something pointless.


  11. Perhaps if our politicians left or right, spent the time and resources into working together, improving the way of life and making our country better instead of self-advertising, mudslinging and secrets, taxpayers money wouldn't be wasted.

    • So make that clear to them with your vote.

      No Incumbents!

    • You said it! I also do not understand why we don't give that third party a chance. There is a third party,no?

  12. Typical neo-Tory behaviour. They're crooked, and have been all along.

    And such it has been since his fairy Godmother morphed Steve Harper from a fat doofus into a "statesman". He, along with the economic banty, big mouth Baird, fatso Kenney, and the rest of the neo-con circus evoke the assoholic worst in some Canucks.

    We get the government we deserve.

    • OMG what have we done to deserve this lot?

    • the second paragraph was entirely unnecessary. or worse.

  13. And your point is? You really have no defense for this illegal activity, just insults. Please try harder.

  14. For how many years has the "progressive" media turned a blind eye to where the Adscam money went?

    FORTY MILLION DOLLARS still in the culprits hands.

    Still possessed.


    To this day.

    A continuing scandal of epic proportions. And the media's response:

    • Got proof?

      Why not give it to the RCMP?

      Got nothing?

      Why not give it a rest?

    • Well, the Conservatives … no scratch that … the Harper Party has been in power for five years now … why haven't they done anything about it?

  15. … wouldn't it be refreshing to find a politican who tells the truth, is removed from petty arguments, doesn't read from a prepared speach, is capable of changing his/her mind in the light of a more compelling rational, isn't swayed by pressure groups tactics, doesn't chase the buck … as near as I can tell we've only had one in the last few years …

  16. 60% against the Tories, 28% for them, and 12% unsure.

    Hey, look, it's the same as almost every poll that's been conducted in Canada since 2006!

  17. This poll is obsolete, the courts have decided – guilty. How embarrassing!

    • The courts haven't actually decided they're guilty yet, though it has gotten worse for the Tories since the poll first went up.

  18. Bravo to the Liberal bureaucrats at EC for their criminality, duplicity, hypocrisy and double standards. Bravo to EC for changing the rules and going after the Cons after the fact, while ignoring the Separatists, who invented "in @ out" schemes and most importantly thank you EC for not going after us Liberals for the money we stole during Adscam. Bravo to the Liberals in the media for the hysteria and the one sided indignation, I hope that throwing our feces at the Cons while ignoring Liberal criminality will "get us back to power'!

    • Sounds like an irrational radical

      • I love Trudeau, and every radical, warped, destructive thing he did, just like you do…. So, if that makes me and you "irrational radicals", I think you and I can live with that.

    • Just for the record, the charges were brought by the Office for Public Prosecutions, an office established by the Harper Government and currently occupied by a Harper appointee.

      Furthermore, Marc Mayrand, the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada was ALSO appointed under the Harper Government, in 2007.

      Before blaming the Liberals you should check if the people involved are actually Liberal appointees, because pretty much everyone involved in this case was appointed after the Tories took power.

  19. The Conservaties rely on voters who believe that the world was created 5000 years ago and that man and dynosaur walked side by side. Unfortunately aboud 40% of Canadians believe this or similar story and also unfortunately in Canada this is sufficient to elect at least a minority government. As Scott Feschuk nicely said in the last edition of Maclean's "It's your stupidity, stupid".

    • The Tories rely on uneducated individuals who believe when Harper says he wants to make Canada a better place by trying to model our policies after the United States. Last time I checked I'm pretty sure the privatization of health care and elimination of nation welfare isn't included in the UN's proclamation of inalienable human rights; and definitely isn't beneficial or even consisting of the slightest contribution to improving quality of life in Canada and reducing poverty.

      • Yeah!!! Everyone who doesn't think like us, and doesn't vote for the Liberals or NDP or Separatists is stupid!!!! Now pass that bong… bogart.

    • That's dinosaur, stupid…

  20. So, demanding transparency and accountability from an elected government is now only something a communist would do?

  21. What on earth would one have to do with the other?

  22. “Have the allegations the Conservatives violated campaign spending limits in 2006 changed your view of the government?”

    How about,

    Yes. I voted for them before, and I am not sure how i will cast my vote next election.

    what a useless poll, it completely leaves out the most logical response.

  23. I want another option …

    – I hated the Harper Party (and, I must be clear, not the Conservative Party) before and now I hate them more …

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