Hockey dad ‘sorry’ after verbal tirade at son’s game


WINNIPEG – A Winnipeg father has apologized for a verbal tirade at a minor hockey game that was caught on video and posted to the Internet.

The video from the Monday game shows Jason Boyd yelling his disapproval when a referee called a hit to one of his son’s opponents a head shot, calling the injured defenceman a “midget” who would not have been struck in the head if he was taller.

It shows Boyd — who was holding a baby — then get into a heated argument with the camera holder and with Chuck Kitson, whose 15-year-old son Emerson was on the receiving end of the hit.

In the footage, Kitson approaches Boyd over the midget comment. “I touched him with a single finger and said ‘excuse me,'” Kitson said.

The one-minute clip uploaded to YouTube then shows Boyd threatening to “cave his (expletive) glasses in” if Kitson touched him again.

“I was quite angry that somebody would be yelling when my son is lying on the ice, and calling him names,” Kitson said Friday.

“I mean he wasn’t moving, and this fellow was oblivious to everyone around him.”

Boyd said in a statement that he wishes to “sincerely apologize” to Kitson and his son for his “unacceptable behaviour” during the game.

“I cannot and will not try to justify or excuse my actions. I had a significant lapse in judgment and for that I am truly sorry,” Boyd said, adding he supports moves by minor hockey leagues to reduce “parent confrontations” at games.

In an email containing the statement, Boyd’s cousin Paul Boyd says the hockey dad is offering to make a personal apology to Kitson and his son.

But Kitson said he does not know what to make of the offer.

“I’m not quite sure how he can apologize. He threatened me, baited me, tried to incite physical violence, tried to entice me into more actions throughout the game — I’m not quite sure how he can apologize for that and have me put any faith in it.”

Kitson said the hit came within the first five minutes of the match, and that Boyd continued to berate players and the referees throughout the remainder of the game — even after Kitson’s son was hit again and had his arm broken.

Boyd’s statement says he is accepting a suspension from watching his son play in playoff games.

Reports say the Lord Selkirk Minor Hockey Association is seeking a suspension for Boyd, and that the request is in the hands of Hockey Winnipeg.

Hockey Winnipeg could not be reached for comment.

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Hockey dad ‘sorry’ after verbal tirade at son’s game

  1. Typical hockey-loving Neanderthal…
    Me love Don Cherry… Me call small players “midget” to make me feel good. Huh, Huh, Don Cherry funny…

  2. my hope is that this incident is a wake up call for hockey parents across canada… my son also plays hockey, and i had to stop going to his games years ago because the comments of the parents in the stands around me made me so angry i found myself getting ready to pull a ‘jason boyd’.
    in my opinion, its to the point here in winnipeg that there should be an extra referee in the arena for every game… one that patrols the stands. the cost for this ref should be added to the minor hockey fees that all parents pay. if the parents can’t behave, then they should have to pay out of their own pockets to hire a babysitter to keep them in line.

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