How closely are you following the international climate change negotiations in Cancun?



How closely are you following the international climate change negotiations in Cancun?

  1. I care very deeply for the environment and do everything I can to live with little footprint. However, with climate change in full swing, what do they expect to accomplish with these talks? The media is giving it poor coverage. I was ashamed to have to cast my vote in the "what talks?" category, but not because I don't care.

  2. The agenda of these charlatans is based on lies and fraud, everyone knows that, but many still refuse to believe because they don't like to admit they've been suckered. Government funding of this corruption is coming to an end, too slowly for sure, but at least it is ending.

    The global warming, climate change, climate disuption agenda was the biggest scam in history, it has cost Western countries well over $100 Billion dollars and countless lost economic opportunities – all based on lies and fear mongering, let's hope we can avoid the next evil plan to steal from hard working people.

    • What a pack of lies. Shame on you.

      • You misunderstand, I'm not advocating the lies and fraud, just pointing them out. Climate change activists like Al Gore and David Suzuki should be ashamed, but they've become very wealthy men from this scam, and bank accounts stuffed with cash have a way of overcoming shame.

        • You are telling lies. $100 billion? BS! Liar.

    • Hi Philanthropist … can you supply some hard evidence that climate change is a scam. And I am not looking for evidence that some scientists tell lies. I'm talking about climate.

      • Evidence that climate change is a scam is overwhelming Jimbo, research 'hockey stick graph' for just one example. Climate change activists use the lies made up by the activist 'scientists' as the basis for continuing the lies and extracting money from the public.

        • Congratulations on providing exactly the type of evidence Jimbo57 was not looking for.

          Incidentally, you should consider taking your own advice. Actually research "hockey stick graph" — you can start here:

    • You sound like a hot head spouting off with little to back your prejudices. I would suggest you get informed on the subject! Seems like those who know the least cry the loudest.

      • You go study heat transfer in the climatology of high latitudes and get back to me.

        • You start. Provide any evidence you know what the hell you're talking about..


      • yes and who exactly has been crying the loudest for the past 10 years? it wasn't the skeptics thats for sure. in fact many people i know had not even heard of climate skeptics until recently. this mockery of science and journalism must end.

    • The misinformation spread by mainstream media (MSM), politicians and functionaries regarding Climate Change/Global Warming/Climate Disruption is staggering, a monumental tragedy. In other words, I agree with Philanthropist in principle. However, his polarizing stance will not help correcting the current travesty, the self-destructive mood of the developed world because of perceived environmental guilt. We need to take the high-road – working smarter toward the goal of approaching true understanding of complex Earth systems science. Foremost, we need to accept that we humans are an intrinsic part of natural realms.

      Back to Cancun: Resource- and knowledge-rich Canada should be proud about its many Fossil awards – yes, we understand energy and we are getting better and better at harnessing and exporting it wisely. We are among the world leaders in reducing true pollution (the life gas CO2 is certainly not a pollutant!) and improving energy efficiency. The fallacies of "let's fight global warming" and "let's demand government action to keep global warming to under 2 degrees C" have long been exposed as nonsense, but the deeply anchored momentum based on institutional science (billions wasted on climate models and spin-off activist science…) and NGO mantra (save planet earth) will be hard to turn around. However: the blogo/Wiki-sphere is getting more important than the established MSM channels – it's simply a sign of evolution.

      Let's stand up for truth against the manipulations by Orwellian megalomaniacs…

    • Try telling the Inuit. Try telling the arctic seals. Try telling it to the Polar bears. Go up to our own sub-Arctic and Arctic and see for yourself. Canada is the first to be hit by it and the last to respond. Never mind hockey sticks and stuff. Al Gore was wrong in his DVD but so what.

      However you are into denial, do you want to wait until it comes up behind you and hits you in the behind?

      However, I believe the Harper gov's approach is correct. There is little point in us (Canada) doing that which is economically harmful as long as the US does not move toward solutions. If we do we are wasting our breath and causing our own people more economic pain. We are intertwined economically, climatically and in cause and effect. We should concentrate on convincing US not to build more coal power plants. We also have to get China and India off their coal consumption for power – the China is building a new coal plant every month. The enviros also have to get off their position on nuclear energy. Wind, tide, solar etc won't do it.

      But do pull your head out of the sand. This is no time for a doctrinaire approach, for or con.

      • it seems some people will never accept that they were wrong no matter how much evidence you shove in their faces.

    • Don't people remember the last big disaster marketing scam. It was called Y2K . The end of the world with power plants shutting down and planes falling out of the sky! Multi billions were spent on new computers, software, and the many consultants who haven't needed to work since!

    • Amen to that!

  3. I have been following it as closely as is possible this year, but there is much less coverage. The media is not interested or they have been shut out of the talks I don't know which. I think it is the latter because of the huge coverge last year actually interfered and disrupted the outcome. Last year the climate treaty was posted online, I have not seen that happen this year. It is much more secretive this time around.

    Here's my position; I do not want a global climate treaty, I do not want the UN to begin governing the world, I do not want cap&trade in N america, I do not want a price on carbon, I do not want solar and wind turbines shoved down my throat. I would like to see the corrupt EU carbon exchange collapse like the Chicago climate exchange did, I would like to see these climate frauds spend some time in jail. How's that.

    • You are the fraud. The world has left you ignorant rightwingers behind because we have reality to deal with.

      • the usual smear and then a link to a typical activist site. how boring.

      • Pembina institute? Are you kidding? Everyone knows what a left-wing propaganda machine is going to say – don't believe your own lying eyes and hand over the money.

      • you actually believe anything that comes from the pembina institute

        • Wow, look at all the lying rightwing denialists. Or are you all one liar's sock puppets?

      • Global warming, er…climate change, er….cyclical variations in global weather patterns, er…what else can we call it to keep sucking money into our coffers????

    • klem – I am with you!

    • Well said!!

  4. It all comes down to the science. It does not hold up to scrutiny. End of story. Time will show that a huge fraud has been foisted upon us. Sorry folks that is just the way it is. The sloppy methodology has been uncovered. It will just take a while before alarmists move onto another crisis. This one has a lot invested in it and will take a period of time to die. Many realize this. Even our politicians have figured it out. They are just paying lip service as that is currently the politically correct thing to do. Even the media is coming to their senses, but they are still reluctant to come out against the alarmists as most of them are part of that camp.

    • Every major scientific organization in the world has agreed that the science is robust. The opinions of ignorant rightwing bloggers do not count.

      • "Robust"; that's pretty hilarious. Oh, you mean "robust" as in "fraudlulent." And, oh, by the way, opinions of ignorant left wing bloggers do count, right?

        • left wing bloggers tend to be less ignorant and less stupid.

  5. You left wing crackpots are the same mindless Sheeple that little squirt in 1930's Germany convinced Jews were rats. The largest fraud in the history of mankind is going down, Gore, Suzuki, etc. are getting rich beyond their wildest dreams and in the meantime western society comes grinding to a halt. You dummies will only wake up long after it is far too late. Time to move to Russia or Germany whre freedom is now appreciated. Western society has had its day.

    • Suzuki, May and the rest of the climate clowns just can't get enough of China. It is hilarious

    • This is not a left-wing issue, except to right-wing fanatics. You just can't understand it because there are few pictures and too many big words.

  6. evolution of the earth is continuing as it always will,remember Southern ON> eons ago was like Florida to-day, hence the Carolina Forest of this area

  7. i am amazed that the pro pollution lobby with their dislike of science and nature, have enough intelligence to write, albeit poorly.

    • i have debated this topic hotly for many years but today i have literally run out of things to say besides this. in the end the sheeple like you will triumph.

  8. Boy has Suzuki and Gore and May still got you poor lefties believing their bull s–t? Twenty thousand years ago one third of the earth was covered in ice. The oceans were 125 meters lower than they are today and at some time in the past they were 20 meters higher than they are tiday. How many SUVs were there around then,how many coal burning power plants were around twenty thousand years ago because that is when "GLOBAL WARMING" began when the glaciers began to melt and and they are still melting today.Climate change began the same day the earth began and as long as the Sun keeps shining climate will keep changing and no matter how much money we waste building useless wind mills and solar panels it won't make any difference. We will still need power when the wind don't blow and the sun don't shine. When all you Liberal, NDP and Green Harper haters can take some time off from your hate-fest type in "Sea Level And Climate" in your computers and click on "USGS FS 002-00:SEA LEVEL AND CLIMATE" and get an education about real climate change.

    • Amen John!!!!! Excellent post!!!!

  9. Centuries ago we had snake oil charlitans, it must has been their decendents that have been promoting Global Warming ….. we're sort of lucky in North America that enough of our senior politicans were knowledeable and well educated enough to see through this charade.

  10. With this whole debate about Climate Change there are three possible conclusions:
    1) An overwhelming majority of international climate experts agree about much of the tenets of Climate Change and are honest.
    2) An overwhelming majority of international climate experts are ignorant about their own expertise in a sudden and collective manner.
    3) These scientists have all agreed to conspire to delude the billions of folks on the planet and just a very tiny percentage of them (and mostly unpublished) are trying to save us all from this mass hoax.

    Common sense and a sense of probability should lead one to the likely correct choice (#1) above.

    • ever wonder why that "tiny percentage" have gone unpublished? its because they cant get published. the second one goes against the church of gore their careers are effectively over. their reputations are tarnished and their image is discredited, and they are shouted down by their peers.

  11. Each ton of carbon emissions increases the earth's temperature by
    .000000000000065 degrees (scientific peer review Concordia University 2009) that naturally cannot disipate for up to 100 years.
    With the billions of tons of carbon emitted yearly temperature increases.
    Whether good or bad the Canadian Reviewed Science does say the atmosphere is warming up. Love it or leave it!

  12. When this hoax finally draws its last breath, we will still be stuck with all of the draconian laws, by-laws, fees, penalties and taxes due to it. And that has been the plan all along. Politicians of all parties have played their part, some more hysterically than others. Their corporate friends will still be stuffing their pockets & politicos will have their nicely padded retirement incomes rolling in, in the usual form of all the boards that they 'sit' on. Hang in there folks, as the next crisis is being prepped in the wings!

  13. Cancun was not as disastrous as Copenhagen, and they did reach an agreement:

    However, Canada embarrassed itself and all Canadians by receiving the Fossil of the Year award again:

    Our lying denialist Harper government again betrayed all Canadians by refusing to face reality. The world holds the current government of Canada in contempt.

    • Shamefull for Canada. But, We have to stop pining blame just on Harper. It has been the Canadian people (thats us ) that are letting our Government act this way for years now. Politicians are rarely leaders, We are too apathetic (and tired) to fight the wealthy corporate influences . Personally I'm particularly disappointed with students for being predominately absent from any political views. The use of www will eventually get some big movements together, national and or global, that will be able to mobilize the masses , and have real clout , towards democracy. Thats why the freedom of the press ,even wikileaks, must be monitored closely. Big government like U.S. and China are going to do their best to curtail those freedoms. (all in the name of security, or terror, or drug inforcement, or diplomacy….), and Canada will of course tow the line if the whimp Harper and the Conservatives are still in.

  14. Harper is right when he stands for climate change policy to apply to all nations equally. Transferring rich nation wealth will do little to solve the problem if there really is a problem. The fact that delegates to these conferences have to fly all over the world to attend these grand events does not set a very good example as this practice must add coutless needless tons of carbon to the already overburdened planet. If you as an individual truly believes in climate change then you as an individual must change your lifestyle drastically. Lead by example. Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about. In our part of the world winters are getting longer and colder and summers are shorter and wetter. Everything seems to be in order.

    • By your logic you want the poorer countries to pay a disproportionate amount to mitigate climate problems caused primarily by richer countries over the last 5 decades.

      Harper is simply pandering to his base while ignoring the majority of Canadians on this issue. This is not logic, it's selfishness. A thinking man would re-evaluate his support for such a "leader".

  15. Climate change is b/s. The only thing it wants to accomplish is distribution of wealth from rich countries to poor, just like communism. The world had a warmer climate in the 1500's and Greenland had inhabitants; how come no one talks about that?

    • Bewcause it is BS. Can you prove that it was warmer in the 1500s? No, because it was not warmer in the 1500s when Europe was undergoing the Litle Ice Age. And was it warmer than today during the earlier Medieval Warm Period in Europe? Probably not, but you are too lazy to go and find out, aren't you.

      Greenland has inhabitants now and has had inhabitants since 2500 BC. Why don't you ignorant rightwingers ever look anything up? Too cowardly to face facts?

  16. Holly Stick….for God's sake, put a sock in it will ya? Quit the hysteria and drama. The only people who give a thinker's d**m about this are suckers like you and the Gores of the world making out like bandits. Canada's rep is just fine. So is the planet. Because of the economic collapse Canada's emissions went down 2% last year. China's went up 8%. But no one will talk about that. China has a new coal fired generator coming on line weekly and have told the world to shove it. Japan has announced it will not under any circumstance extend Kyoto and they are walking away. The media didn't cover it but the Chicago Carbon Exchange Stock Market shut it's door last week. A lot of fools holding worthless paper I would guess. The guy who started it walked away with 100 million however. Also not reported much was that the Denmark Cap and Trade Stock market admitted most of the players were con artists and 2 billion dollars has vanished. Most of the 1100 participants had to be kicked out. Fake names, non existent addresses. What a den of thieves